You Drugstore: A Practical Online Pharmacy With A View To Expansion

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You Drugstore: A Practical Online Pharmacy With A View To Expansion

You drugstore is an online pharmacy that sells generic drugs at extremely low prices. Prescription is mandatory for all new customers and they need a valid prescription in order to order from this pharmacy website.

It is not possible to get a valid prescription from any licensed doctor for buying drugs. This means that you will have to rely on your own judgement while making purchases from this site.

The site offers two delivery options that are free of charge. They offer Express Shipping and Global Unregistered Mail which takes 5-9 days to arrive at your door.

All orders are completely controlled by the management team. No customer can access the internet and all communication related to orders are done through email.

A serious issue of drugs has been reported to you drugstore as it is a scam and not approved by any regulatory authority.

Several customers have left feedback on the website providing their opinions about this online drugstore, some of the feedback is as follows:

Andrew said that the drugs he has received are not counterfeit and that they are of great quality. He expressed his thanks to the management team for being able to handle the situation.

Mike said that the website offers very cheap prices and the drugs are indeed effective. He also thanked the customer service team and wished them success in the future.

Not only is the pharmacy a scam, it is also an illegal affiliate program and can be viewed as a rogue by many customers.

There are many negative comments about this e-commerce platform and the majority of these comments are written by faking positive reviews.

It is also important to note that the pharmacy website is not available on many other online platforms like social media.

You Drugstore

Adding this pharmacy to the list of rogue pharmacies is just the beginning of the problems they have.

If you buy 10mg of Viagra pills you are able to get free 2 pills of that drug. This is a pretty great deal for a store that prides itself on providing genuine and effective products.

If you buy 20mg of Cialis pills you also get free 2 pills of that drug. This is great value for a store that prides itself on selling quality products and services without asking too much for the store.

A complete rogue store that uses a common scam tactic of falsely claiming to be a Canadian pharmacy with a good reputation. They also have a bad online reputation, selling counterfeit drugs and using fake , fake and misleading customer reviews to try and convince people that they are a legitimate online store.

They are also using hidden, fake and misleading FTC and NSA reviews which is a major red flag for the store.

Payment Options

On this pharmacy website, there is no mention of a payment method. However, due to the large number of scam pharmacies that are not operating legally, you are advised to be more cautious when entering your card details on this website.

The company does not have reviews or testimonials for its customers on any online reviewing platform. This is because the people who do online reviews are so quick to post them on the internet.

However, there is a significant risk associated with using this pharmacy. We have found that the domain has been registered since 2018.

Customer Support

The support team is the least of the issues that you will face during your purchase of any medicines from this store.

Having issues including frequent cancelations, lost packages, and receiving expired or expired medicines can happen. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid this store at all costs.

The site is a well established pharmacy that offers quality generic and branded drugs. They also offer prescription medications for everyone regardless of their income, religion, or gender.

You Drugstore Coupon

They have a wide array of product categories, making it easy for the customer to choose from among their drugs for different applications.

They have a live chat feature as well. The chat support team opened up and answered all the questions that the customer had. The customer service representatives are good to deal with and will answer all the clients' queries regarding this store in the near future. I would recommend this store to all of their customers.

What makes this pharmacy especially attractive is that they provide the generic products, which are very cheap compared to the original brands, which feature enormous prices in local pharmacies. Another thing is that all the medicines available here are carefully screened and evaluated by the pharmacy before they are processed and shipped to their destinations.

For more affordable prices, they also offer OTC drugs such as ED pills, and they charge a flat price for their generic drugs.

Since you drugstore accepts credit card payments, they do not charge a fee for your transaction. They only ask for a minimum fee, and they also provide a few extra pills to their customers.

They also provide a live chat feature for their customers to use along with the product page, and they have toll-free numbers that can be reached through. The real toll-free number is +1-888-230-8762 for US customers.

You Drugstore Reviews 2021

This is another common reason for online pharmacies to be suspicious. A lot of pharmacies have turned to this site to receive some of their customers’ orders. This is a real issue as if this site was genuine then it would have been noticed to the health insurance companies. The fact that it is a member of a domain WHOIS for a potential scam is not a good sign. We have also seen fake reviews on the internet for this pharmacy. This could be the case, but we need more confirmation.

If this is their real location and not an alias, then we could conclude that this store is a scam. They need to contact the owner and get a legitimate license, otherwise their site is a risk to everyone. This site is not safe to buy from.

This website is not operating legally. They do not have a license to operate. The fact that they are a member of an association that is not approved is a red flag. It is also not a safe platform to buy your pills from.

This store offers an extremely cheap price but they do not protect your personal or card information. They do not have a valid SSL certificate either.

The company claiming to be from Canada does not have an online presence. The owner claims to be in Canada, however, but is actually based in Romania, in Eastern Europe.

You Drugstore Customer Support

You Drugstore Coupon

So, what if you have different rates or prices for different products than the typical rates? It’s a good idea to check what we can get for you to better your credit and savings.

However, if you pay $290 for your prescription from your local pharmacy, you will have to shell out $300 for your meds.

You drugstore is a pharmacy that claims to provide a wide range of health benefits to their customers. Although the site does have a contact form, which is very easy to fill out and part of their number of satisfied customers is only highlighted on their website. We investigate this store to find out if this is really the best pharmacy for you.

The domain of this drugstore was first registered on the 1st of April 2011, as they have since closed down. This means that this store has had a few years of experience when it comes to providing quality ED drugs. It is also worth noting that this domain is quite a new site with no previous customer reviews.

These fake online pharmacies are not unique in having a business contact information hidden. We have seen many pharmacy sites using different business names and this is just one of them.

Another common use for these fake pharmacies to get online client reviews is to impersonate legitimate drugstores on the internet. This is one of the most common fake pharmacy sites that we come across.

The result of this is that customers become credulous and fall for their fake business. Furthermore, this may be the reason why this store is not popular.

Even though this is their owner’s website, we can see that this is not a genuine regulation agency which should give you extra caution to use this site.

The business is not registered with the NABP, which means that they do not have the required medical certifications. The Australian Government seems to be an unregistered member of the organization which owns this store.

The pharmacy offers a good range of generic and brand-name ED medications. They offer to dispense drugs to almost all countries in the world except Australia.


From what we have already found out about the seller, we can say that they are not as safe and dependable as they might first appear.

Generic medicines are also available at the pharmacy online. It is easy to purchase generic and branded meds for only $8.95 USD. This is a good deal as it allows the customers to save more in purchasing prescription meds. However, another important factor is that the generic drugs come out of the manufacturer in the same amount of doses.

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