Via Medic Review - An Online Pharmacy With A Suspicious Record

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Via Medic Review - An Online Pharmacy With A Suspicious Record

Via medic is an online pharmacy which claims to have been in business for close to seven years. The store is not entirely clear on their website, although they say that they have been operating their business since 2002. They also say that their markets are located in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

In an age where the internet and social media are the main mediums of communication, it is strange that this pharmacy has not established any kind of offline presence since 2002. This today means that they are probably operating from a sub-standard platform.

To get a clearer idea of the customer reviews that this online pharmacy has been receiving from their customers, I have tried to investigate their site on Google. As I have said, there are so many online pharmacies on the web that it is hard to nail down the details of the store. In researching this site, I have come to discover that they are not as new as they might first appear.

The reviews I have found are also somewhat limited, as the store is not very keen to provide a lot of information about themselves. This affects their credibility, as other websites are just as likely to be scammy as this site.

I have also been trying to check if there are any recent customer reviews on websites such as Scamner and Scamadviser for this drugstore. See if they’re not listed.

Recently, there are reviews on Google for via medic which seem to be fake. Now, I would imagine that it must be a case of them being targeted by the government, as they have nothing to hide and are very open about their business.

ViaMedic already offers a number of discounts to their customers, with some of the better discounts being given away.

Their biggest deal is the promotion of Joint Ulcer (a disease which affects a large number of males) to help increase medication consumption. They also offer a free standard shipping by using a standard delivery service. These special offers are only available to new customers, so they will be increasing these offers with every new customer they receive.

Prescription Policy

This drug store is not a pharmacy that requires a prescription in order to receive payment. However, you are strongly advised to consult a licensed physician before using this store for the purchase of your prescription meds.

At the time of writing, the domain is now for sale and I only hope that it is renewed for more sales later on. Unfortunately, there are no external reviews available from any third party sites.

Since the domain is no longer up for sale, I decided to check on what external reviews say about via medic in the year 2010.

This drugstore website needs your payment details to be safe. They do not allow credit card parties to make transactions directly with the website.

You need to have a valid prescription and also show them the original prescription from your doctor. Their pharmacy is certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and also the FDA.

Shipping is available worldwide via Trackable Courier Service. The shipping fee is $14.95 for parcels within an address of 50 or more. A tracking number is also available for customers who spend over $200.

Via Medic

There are no external reviews on the internet. However, there are testimonial pages on the website. The reviews are all positive but you should still consider this website before you make transactions with them to avoid any fraud charges.

Personally, I am not sure if I will choose this pharmacy for my next prescription because of its huge competition in the market. I am highly doubtful that this business is really that scrupulous.

  • Direct Deposit Payments
  • Wire Transfers
  • Checks.
  • Checks & Insurance.

They also provide insurance through their website and they do not charge the customers for delivery of their drugs. They promise to reship products with no delivery fee. Their drugs are 100% safe and effective. The pharmacy has a live chat support if you have any queries or comments.

The drugstore is a pharmacy that believes that quality over quantity is the only way to price low-cost medicines.


These products are quite waterlogged, which is a risk when using them as you could get very lukewarm and wet.

This could be a precursor to the use of these products in the unnatural way that the makers have it in their country.

You are not entirely excluded from cashing a big discount for yourself with this website. They have a 6% on all their other web pharmacies, provide a 10% discount on every order through this drug store, and have great discounts for special offers and other events.

There is no specific information available on how to pay for your drugs, but it seems like you can pay using cards from banks like Visa, MasterCard, and JCB.

It is clear from the evidence we have that this drug store is a scam. There is not much information that is available on the web about this pharmacy online pharmacy, which is not sufficient to determine its credibility.

The lack of regulation makes it more likely to be a scam, although there is no evidence available to prove this. However, they have a low trust rating on

They do not have any regulation to ensure that they are operating with transparency and in line with their commitment to secure their customers information.

The pharmacy’s other popular product is a pill-based weight loss supplement that is sold at cheap prices. The company does not provide much information about the pharmacy, and it is not clear where they operate from.

Via Medic Coupon

I was curious as to how other online pharmacies stand out from the crowd in terms of authenticity. Well, the other day via medic was launched into the world. I had no idea where they were located or where the pharmacy was headquartered. This is odd as the online pharmacy has a physical address in Great London, Ontario, Canada.

Via Medic

All orders are cleared through ViaMedic and are shipped from their fulfillment centers worldwide. There is no shipping cost for international orders.

I searched for their best-selling products and found out that they had a total of 71 different products. There was also no information available on their website about if they have other drug categories such as ED drugs, allergy meds, antiviral meds and other medications. They have also not mentioned if or how much they charge for their medications.

I am looking for online pharmacies that offer prescription services. Since this drugstore is accepting online payments, there is no longer a problem with their payment. It has a 3% fee on all their orders. They also claim that they have been verified by the Pharmacy Checker Alliance and CIPA and that their website has been approved by the UK Governmental International Trade Department.

They also claim that they have been approved by Trusted Shops and that the site is safe to use. This is true so far but we will see if that claim is true in the next few months.

Looking for more reviews for a certain website, I have found the new site via medic. They claim to have been in existence for more than seven years. They have been reviewed by over 600 people and their site is very popular.

They are also notifying you when your order will arrive so it is a good sign that it is still working.


Somewhere in the world is a copy protection service that protects customers from looking at these failed stores and claims to be a safe platform for shopping. You should avoid this pharmacy if you are planning to carry out any transactions on their website.

This drug store is an online pharmacy operating from India. They say that they are a drugstore with years of experience and excellent service. They claim to offer high-quality generic and branded medicines, but we found out that most of their medicines are generic and sold for very low prices.

To make sure you have not missed them in the past, this website have provided these testimonials on their website, as well as on their Facebook page.

According to some customer reviews, the customer service representatives are very helpful and responsive. They even provide information about the product they are offering. The feedback we have seen are truly encouraging.

A potential customer had been seeking the pharmacy for over a year, so they were extremely happy that they found this store. They are able to save up to 40% on all products, and they promise discounts for new customers. They also offer a 30% discount for existing customers.

It seems like this is a great deal for the customers, considering the fact that the pharmacy is able to offer such great discounts and promotions for new customers.

A store that is able to provide them with high-quality generic medicines at very affordable prices is a good sign. Their customer reviews are very positive and although they do not have as many testimonials as they might have otherwise, they do have some good customer feedback too.

From all the information that we have seen about this pharmacy, we can easily say that they are a pretty reputable and trustworthy website.

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