Safe Generic Pharmacy Review - A Suspicious Online Pharmacy With No Customer Reviews

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Safe Generic Pharmacy Review - A Suspicious Online Pharmacy With No Customer Reviews

Safe generic pharmacy is one of the most trusted online pharmacies on the internet. They have been verified by Pharmacy Checker and have been approved by the NABP. They also have a 24/7 customer support team that can help you ensuring your safety and security when buying drugs online.

This 22-year-old site is based from Canada and has been in the internet business for more than 5 years. Despite this, they do not have any valid certifications to support their claims.

The domain was registered in 2004 and it was renewed in 2017. It is surprising to find so much information about this domain just in the first two years.

However, the domain was also updated in 2018 and it has not been mentioned if it was renewed or not.

The site uses "this drug store Canada’s Canada Business Center as its contact information. They also use the following numbers for their pharmacy: +1-416-479-5827, +1-866-242-9947, +1-647-424-2518 and +1-718-428-4971. This clinic also uses a live chat as well and they are offering training related to how to order.

It is not clear where Legit Script is getting their information from. They claim to provide FDA-approved medications for their customer. However, we don’t have any evidence that that this is true.

They offer different classes of drugs including all types of cholesterol-lowering drugs, antidepressants, antibiotics, birth control pills, blood pressure, erectile dysfunction pills, hair loss treatment, skin care products, herbal supplements, nutritional supplements, and steroids.

The majority of their drugs come from Canada and they source their drugs from the following countries; India, Pakistan, and the United States.

If you want to pay their drugs, they do accept Credit Card payment options; VISA card, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, and E-Check. They claim that you can get a discount of up to 50%.

  • Personal Checks and International Money Orders
  • Checks and International Money Orders
  • International Money Orders

However, they have testimonials from past customers that are posted on their website. They are positive and you can find a lot of happy people on their site.

Prescription Requirement

A valid prescription may be obtained from the appropriate physician or registered pharmacist for the patient’s address. A copy of the prescription must be provided to the company in question to fulfill this requirement.

Payment is easy with their online pharmacy since they accept all major Credit Cards. They also accept Echeck and accepted the payment by VISA cards. Shipping is via standard airmail only and usually arrives within 14-21 days.

Safe Generic Pharmacy

We don’t know who wrote these testimonials and they look fake. The feedbacks are similar but written very recently and probably written by the same person.

A cursory look at the claims made by this company clearly shows that the operations are legit, they sell genuine drugs, and the customer service is top notch. The company has a licensed pharmacist and employs a certified pharmacist to ensure the safety of their customers.

This drug store is an online pharmacy which says they deliver high-quality pills. They say that they offer the highest quality drugs from trusted manufacturers all over the world. We investigate this store to find out if they are actually as good as they claim.

On Scamadviser, this drugstore website has a trust score of 94% but it hasn’t been verified as it should be.

Safe Generic Pharmacy Bestsellers

Although the domain has a good record, the website’s age is not yet confirmed. Its age is around seven years so it is a bit premature to judge them. When a domain is new it does not have much information if its owner is using a reliable platform. It has only been around for a year and this probably means the business behind it is not legit.

The website itself looks clean and user-friendly with its design. It has a different layout than most other online pharmacies with its main page being a text-only website with no images.

There is no information on the availability of this pharmacy website on other websites which suggests they are not working.

The pharmacy is using the name Canadian Pharmacy Inc. As its business name. On Scamadviser, it is only one of the websites labeled as a Rogue Pharmacy.

The store is not doing too well financially at the moment and they say that they are not being financial friendly with this.

A valid prescription is required for all of their medication. They do not require a prescription when dispensing medication from this site.

Legal Approval

This online store is acting as a legit business and the quality of their products is above average. They are using a legit pharmacy which assures them of their security and reliability.

Also check how many secure server locations they have in the world. This shows they are following the rules and regulations which are required by LegitScript.

They have a wide range of generic and brand-name pills available for their patients to purchase. Each pill comes with a generous serving of side affects like side effects of calcium and vitamin D, all-igator gangrene, and a symptomatic pain relief effect.

Safe Generic Pharmacy

The prices of the pills are affordable with some expensive brands costing as much as $140 for a single pill. They have a full pill price of $75 but they give you a half-price voucher code for future use.

You can also apply for a free mobile phone consultation from this pharmacy which is a great sign for them.

This pharmacy is a Registered Independent Pharmacy with the NABP and LegitScript. They you can find their badge on the pharmacy site.

Delivery is free, all orders are insured, and you only need to pay $25 for delivery. Shipping is not guaranteed as there are unpredictable weather conditions and other reasons.

Since you can see their coverage on third party sites, we can also check the coverage on We can see that this pharmacy has received a lot of reviews and it shows.

We can also check the coverage on, which gives this store a low trust rating as well.

Safe Generic Pharmacy Coupon Codes

This pharmacy is a good store to shop from, given their good support team, excellent products and affordable prices. They are also providing a bonus pill for every order you make. However, we do not recommend this store to you unless you are completely confident that you will be getting the products you paid for.

All their drugs and selling them online. They do not disclose the real location of this pharmacy, but it seems that it is in the USA, which is a safe country for selling illegal drugs.

Safe generic pharmacy has a lot of reviews on both national and international pharmaceutical websites. They have a very wide array of feedback from different online platforms, with the majority of feedback being positive.

On Scamadviser, they give the pharmacy a rate of 90% that they call a safe site for buying drugs. However, they also notice a few issues in the company that makes them suspicious. The pharmacy has been warned several times for fake reviews.


I would say that my experience here was just disappointing as it involved a large number of suspicious transactions and suspicious websites that have been identified. I would not recommend this pharmacy to anyone as it doesn’t have any regulation and it is operating illegally.

The pharmacy accepts e-checks, money orders, personal and bank certified checks. They do not accept credit card payments.

The owner claims that they have over 500 reviews and are all positive. I find it strange that there are only so many customer feedback posts but then they do not have many customers. This may be a sign that they are using a scam business to deceive people.

I am surprised that the website does not offer any coupon codes. They give you free pills on every order you make except the prescription drug. If you buy them you are also given a discount of 5% on future purchases.

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