Quality Prescription Drugs Review – The Online Store With Fake Testimonials And Unapproved Testimonials

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Quality Prescription Drugs Review – The Online Store With Fake Testimonials And Unapproved Testimonials

Quality prescription drugs is an online pharmacy that sells a range of medicines. They are mainly selling generic drugs at a cheap price, but they have also got creative in trying to market their brand-name drugs which are proving to be more expensive.

The domain was registered on the 6th of May 2018 and last updated on the 7th of May 2019. From our analysis, it seems that they have been operating for a little over a year.

This means that it is highly likely that the website has been in operation for less than four years.

The company name that they have used for their website is ‘Canadian Pharmacy-Online’. This company is based in the city of Ottawa in Canada.

To access the whole range of the drugs, you need to register with the company to be able to buy them.

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There are no testimonials on the website which are thought to be fake as they are placed there not to establish how good the services they offer but to suggest that the site is not reliable.

This drugstore is a scam and they are using fraudulent means to deceive customers, though we would not say they are the most trustworthy pharmacy on the Internet due to their lack of experience and lack of certifications from other regulatory agencies.

In addition, their claims of being affiliated with a Canadian pharmacy are just a sham as they are not licensed to do business in any other part of the world.

There is no doubt that this website is a scam linked to a high-risk country. Their business is not being transparent about the information that they collect from their users and their supply chain, which is why we like to think that they have been illegal and continue to operate.

The drugstore deals in a range of cheap generic drugs at low prices, which is not very competitive and is not in the best interest of the business.

Quality Prescription Drugs Reviews 2021

Quality Prescription Drugs Reviews 2021

They have failed to provide any information as to where they are located or how long they have been in business.

This online pharmacy uses the amazing design of Pixels Psychoactive (the website from which they are claiming to be affiliated). We are also seeing this store in so many other websites that we have seen. There is no mention of the domain on any of these other websites.

The web layout, including the design of the site, is incredibly clean and simple. The colors are vibrant and the fonts are legible. There are a number of features in the online pharmacy including but not limited to, anonymous review platforms, a wide range of products, a vast online forum, and a very low cost generic drugs.

The business that runs this online pharmacy is called NABP Verified Bank. There is no mention of the Chatham House Centre for Business and Policy in their website which implies that they do not have any regulation.

Each pill that a customer buys from this store has a unique active ingredient that makes it more effective. We have found that all of the medicines they use are generic as they were made in India.

This is a major problem since it means that the medicines they are selling are not as good as the doctors would expect.

The pills that a customer needs to take from this store do not require a prescription. They do however require that the customer provide a valid prescription to them.

We do not currently have a coupon for this pharmacy which shows that they do not get a large number of customers.

Quality Prescription Drugs Coupon Codes

When you place an order, you are given a discount coupon for a minimum purchase of 5% on the purchase price of your pharmacy.

The site is a Canadian pharmacy that is based in Canada. They are partnering with Care Pharmacy and Pharmacy Checker to offer discounts on their medications.

Drugs that this store markets are generic, or from certified pharmaceutical companies. Most of the drugs can be purchased without prescriptions, though they recommend that customers consult their doctors before using their products.

Quality Prescription Drugs Coupon Codes

They do not offer a discount coupon for their customers, but they are offering special discounts on all of their products.

This drugstore is a Canadian pharmacy that sells generic drugs and men’s health drugs. They have been approved by CIPA, and they are certified and insured by Pharmacy Checker.

They have a Testimonials page, where customers are able to see what others who have used the pharmacy are saying about them. This is the most popular feedback they are getting, and they have more positive testimonials on their site.

They say that they provide a 24/7 customer support team for customers who have queries and concerns. They can also be contacted via phone and email.

They have a live chat that you can use if you have problems with your order. They offer a range of other options if you want to get in contact with them if you live outside of Canada.

The drug store has a lot of promise. They say that they have over 400 pharmacist partners, and they have 3,000 pharmacies licensed to sell drugs online.

Company Profile

This pharmacy has a high trust rate that goes even above 90%. This is far from being an unreliable site as there is a huge amount of evidence to support their claims and their point of view.

This pharmacy does not have any regulatory approvals. However, they are not following any legal requirements either.

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Shipping is a standard airmail service that takes about 10 to 21 days once approved by the FDA. There is no express shipping service for this price and the first order free of charge includes a couple of months of Amazon Prime shipping.

This pharmacy has the correct security certificate as required by the Food and Drug Administration. They accept Visa and MasterCard payment options as well as debit card payments.

Quality Prescription Drugs Company Profile

No reviews are available for this pharmacy on any third-party sites. However, there are testimonials available on their website on Trustpilot.

Most of the reviews are positive with no complaints about their store. There are only a few complaints about the pharmacy's service.

There is not much information that we could find about this store that makes us believe they are reliable. However, there is a large amount of evidence that shows they are.

From all the information that we found about this site, one can conclude that they are probably a legit business. However, there is a large amount of evidence that shows they are a scam.

We do not recommend this drugstore to anyone who are not willing to put in the amount of time and effort that they normally spend on a drugstore.

Quality prescription drugs is a pharmacy that claims to operate from Canada. The pharmacy also claims to offer a wide range of products from A to Z. A number of reviews are available online from independent review websites such as Trustpilot and Yelp.


They don’t have allure that other online pharmacies do, as there are other drugstores with more offers. They also have a lot of customers, and it’s not surprising at all considering the fact that they started operating a very long time ago.

Reviews are divided into 3 or 4 star and 5 star reviews. The comments are all positive and say that the medicines they offer are the best they have.

I am very curious to know what other customers think about this drugstore. This is where I come across the sellers of fake reviews. This is a common practice of scam pharmacies, who create fake customer reviews just to scare you off. They are also used by counterfeiters to deceive you as well. I want to know the seller’s name and location, so I googled their full name.

I didn’t find the seller and their full details. It looked like they were making a fake, fraudulent claim, to try and convince you to buy their product when in reality, you should not order from them.

I really enjoy coupon offers, especially those that give a discount to you. For the drug store, you will get 5% on your purchase. This is a great way to save some money, especially on large orders.

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