Pills For All Reviews Have A Lot Of Interesting Facts And Information Which You Should Watch.

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Pills For All Reviews Have A Lot Of Interesting Facts And Information Which You Should Watch.

Pills for all is an online pharmacy which says they have been in business for seven years. Well, as expected, this online store was easy to navigate and easy to understand. Pillsforall.com offers a wide range of medicines which are cheaper than most of the generic alternatives.

Their best selling products are men’s health drugs with an average selling price of $0.77 per pill. These drugs are generic and are manufactured by the Indian pharmaceutical company Sandoz.

The pharmacy is not only easy to navigate and easy to understand but they also have some great offers that are guaranteed to be of great benefit to the consumers. What are some of these offers?

  1. Free shipping - This online store offers free shipping to every order that is shipped to the users. Shipping usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks depending on the destination address.
  2. Free pills - You can use your credit card for their shipping. They only cost $6.99 for each order that you make.

Their quality of drugs, their low prices and their live chat support team makes them one pharmacy that we recommend. Being in business for 7 years, they know how to use their low-cost products and they are also giving discounts to their consumers. With their high-quality drugs and effective products, the website is a pharmacy we would recommend to get certified by.

The store pills for all also offers standard shipping services to its consumers and also has a money back guarantee if the product is not delivered. However, I am unsure as to whether the accepted by this drugstore.

Pills For All Reviews 2021

It is good to know where the domain of the website was registered as well as it is to know if it has a valid SSL certificate. The domain was first registered in 2008 and is set to expire in 2003.

Although the domain registrant is not provided, we have found out that the owner is using a fake Ukrainian-based email address.

PillsForAll is a member of CIPA and has been green-lighted by LegitScript for online selling of medicines.

Despite it appearing to be a member of CIPA, the website does not have any regulatory approvals from how our searches run.

This online pharmacy offers different packs of different types of drugs. Instead of actually taking an offer, they are giving you 10 dollars off your first order.

In order to make things easy for you while shopping for medicines, they have gathered some popular ED drugs into one pill package. This way, you will be saving more to get the same effect with the 10 dollars off offer.

This Iranian-based website is likely a rogue, as they do not have any approvals from trusted websites.

The domain name record reveals that this pharmacy’s address is registered in 2012. This is believed to be a good sign considering how long they have been in business. However, the site has been around for 6 years already.

Pills For All Coupon Codes

The website is not an online pharmacy. It is a non-profit organization that promotes responsible shopping by covering their website with a care package. The care package includes a provision that states that consumers are guaranteed the truth and integrity of a vendor. This guarantee acts as a deterrent to fraudulent activities, as it suggests that the vendors are legitimate and that you might get what you paid for. The store has a disclaimer that some of the items may be used by the nutritionists but there is no evidence that this is true. A disclaimer also accompanies the product notes that allow you to confirm the medicine has been successfully used as intended.

Pills For All Coupon Codes

The domain name was first registered in 2017 and the store has been in business for close to seven years.

Brand‑wise, this is a relatively unknown pharmacy site. It has been verified by Scamadviser.com and Legit Script. The site is registered to a warehouse in Canada that is managed by a company called Canadian Pharmacy which also supplies medications to clients in Europe, Asia, and the US. This company is not responsive to our questions regarding its ownership and location.

Canadian Pharmacy is managed by a company called Eranet International Trading Ltd. That is a licensed Canadian pharmacy. The company also provides a license for online pharmacies that have a physical location in Canada.

This store is owned by Express Scripts which are a highly reputable Canadian pharmaceutical company. The company has been approved by CIPA and has a verified pharmacy store in Canada.

This pharmacy has been approved by the CIPA as a licensed Canadian pharmacy. They have a Pharmacy Checker profile that also guarantees the safe dispensing of drugs. The site also shares a verified Cadastre website and they have a verified trustpilot.

The issue of a license is just one of the reasons why this store is appealing. Another reason is the fact that they are operating with less regulation. This may be because they have a pilot program in place that is allowing them to sell generic drugs without a prescription.

Canadian Pharmacy has an impressive product range. They sell both generic and branded medications as well as their prescription products.

  1. Generic Propecia, an antibiotic that is used mainly by women to reduce the occurrence of impotence in men.
  2. Brand Viagra, this drug is used to treat erectile dysfunction and can treat a condition known as impotence for up to 96 hours. It is sold for as low as $199.

Canadian Pharmacy accepts payments by Credit Cards (VISA or AMEX) and also Money Orders (MoneyGifts).

  1. pillsforall.com ships to Canada from the United States using Airmail which takes between 15 and 21 days and also comes with tracking. It is delivered via Airmail which costs $14.95 on each delivery.

Medications / Pricing

Like any other e-shop, the drugstore are well aware of the value of customer health. Pills for all is not a doctor. It doesn’t have a licensed pharmacists who can help you to choose the right treatment for your health condition.

The online pharmacy doesn’t have any licensed pharmaceutical companies to make sure that you can trust their products and services. There are other online pharmacies that are far more reliable, with a better product and service.

Medicines include birth control pills, ED drugs, hair loss treatment, and erectile dysfunction treatment. They also have a list of healthy eating habits for your viewing pleasure.

To give you an idea of how cheap and generous it is, we will be giving a 10% discount on all qualified orders for all new customers.

This promotion is available to everyone and the discount amount is significant because of its duration.

Legal Approval

The pharmacy has a Testimonials page with more than 200 customer testimonials. The feedback is incredible and all are genuine.

  1. Andrew, who bought Viagra from the pharmacy and said it is the nicest thing he has ever seen. Andrew said that he has been treating for more than a year and he has already seen tremendous results.
  2. Orin, who said that the customer service was great as well. Orin was just happy that his order was finally delivered.

Legal Approval

The majority of the medications available for sale on this website are generic pills, these pills are dispensed from licensed pharmacies in the UK. The site furthermore provides a free email account for patients to manage their orders.

It is a requirement for all clients to have a prescription for the drugs being sold by the site. This is to protect both patients and healthcare professionals from the risk of poisoning from certain medications.

The cheapest way to view this website is to pay using a credit card from the leading providers. An email address and a live chat are both available as options for payments.

  1. Allergy
  2. Antibiotics
  3. Anti-Fungal
  4. Asthma
  5. Aesthetics

In addition to the reviews you can find on Facebook, you can also view reviews on TripAdvisor and Scamadviser. The TripAdvisor profile also shows that the drug store is rated highly despite its low rating.

To conclude, the website is not a genuine pharmacy website and it is not safe to use. There is a huge chance of risks associated with using this website. This can result in a tendency for you to possess a wide range of dangerous activities and this could lead to you becoming a victim of fraud.

Easy Ordering Online

Because online shopping services are now so easy to use, you can now order drugs and even make payments for them.

However, the records also show that the owner has been using this domain for a decade. This is a big accusation and we won’t rule it out.

There are many regulatory approvals out there and this site is one of them. This means that it is operating in a well regulated environment. We also know that this is a frequent online pharmacy.

A check with the CIPA shows that they are members and are allowed to use their member organization seal on the domain.

However, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of any of these links as we don’t know who is behind them.


In conclusion, I can say that this drugstore is a store with a good reputation amongst the clientele. Their prices are cheap and affordable, and the quality of their ingredients is great. The only problem is that they do not have enough reviews and testimonials. I would give them 3 out of 5 and would say that first time, I got scammed. If you are serious about getting your meds from this store, you need to be extra careful; there is a lot of scammers out there who are only taking advantage of the situation.

I am not sure if and when the pharmacy will close.

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