Pills For All Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy

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Pills For All Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy

Pills for all is a Canadian Internet Pharmacy that offers low- prices for its products. According to their home page, this online drugstore is a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and they are also approved by LegitScript. They have a secure website that they use to make their customers safe and secure online payment.

They appear in the most recent posts on 2018-09-27 and 2018-09-28, which is showing signs of a possible scam. This is also the same year as the testimonials are posted.

This drug store are offering discounts on all their products. Every first 100 pills of their Viagra 100 mg are giving you a discount of 1% which is a price of $90 and the same as the online pharmacy.

If that doesn’t work so well, they have got you covered with a coupon that is valid for a limited time. There is no specific coupon code that they are using, but you can use the word of the site and they will receive a share for every word that you share about them on social media.

The drug store have a lot going for them, so much that it makes me wonder if they are actually legit. They offer a huge range of products and are transparent about it so that customers will know the difference between the genuine and the fake.

They have a Canadian online pharmacy licence, and we are confident in saying that they are operating from a legit organization. There is also the possibility of the site being rogue but that is not our focus at this time.

Pills for all guarantees the delivery of all products and services and will provide you with a full refund within 30 days of ordering from them. However, payments are not accepted by the pharmacy. Their part of the site accepts Visa and MasterCard payments only.

From the reviews that I was able to gather about the pharmacy.

Pills For All Delivery

Last but not the least, there are other “online” and “unlimited” discounts and coupons that you can use.

Online shopping is very easy to use and you can use your smartphone, tablet or computer to purchase medicines.

The drugstore is a virtual pharmacy that claims to offer 24/7 customer support. But, we are highly skeptical about the testimonials they have on the site.

The site also claims to have a certified pharmacist on staff as well. So, if you need any assistance, they are very likely to be reluctant to assist you.

Pills for all is not a licensed Canadian pharmacy. Do not supply your prescriptions to this site.

This online drugstore is a subsidiary of the company behind the famous “Canadian Pharmacy Shop” brand of drugs. They provide a consistent stream of drugs from Canada and sell them at extremely low prices.

On Legit Script, there is no mention of the shop on their list of licensed online pharmacies. This is a good sign because it shows that this online seller is operating safely and legally.

The drug store has been listed as a rogue pharmacy on Legit Script. Rogue means that they do not have the necessary approvals or certification from any regulatory agency.

They are also associated with many other deceptive websites and some of the stocks they sell are imported, which increases your risk of medication poisoning.

The price of their generic drugs is very cheap, especially compared to their branded counterparts. They offer to give you a 10% discount on your purchase if you buy drugs worth $300 or more.

Drugs are very cheap at the drugstore. Their generic drugs are also cheap compared to their branded counterparts. They have a lot of incentives to deceive customers as they have a good reputation due to their testimonials on the website.

Even though the pharmacy claims to be internationally licensed, they are not approved by any regulatory agency. Testimonials are also fake and irrelevant, especially those that are posted on a pharmacy website where there are no customers present.

Pills For All

We highly doubt the authenticity of these testimonials, which shows how fraudulent this pharmacy really is. The drugs are not approved by any medical agency and there is no certification to support their claim of being correctly licensed.

Pills For All Reviews 2021

Since pillsforall.com has failed to have testimonials for its service from its former consumers, we tried to check what other client reviews for PillsForAll were available on the web. Here are some of the reviews we found:

Another customer also offers his Verified Online Pharmacy as an award for the “fast turn around time” the store gave them.

However, there was also a review from a customer with “100% positive feedback” from his experience with this store. He mentioned to be a satisfied customer and also thanked the company for “safe and effective products”.

Online businesses are now more common than ever before. This makes it a lot more convenient to order your medicines from this store, especially considering that most online pharmacies are now downloading and using the internet to their customer’s benefit.

The drugstore is operating from a country that is known for counterfeiting drugs, and its products are therefore not of great quality; it is therefore not safe to buy their drugs.

Pills For All Customer Support

Some of the online pharmacies that have good or terrible reviews are located in Canada and the United States. Pills for all has more than enough problems in its favor and have completely nothing on its side.

PillsForAll didn’t have coupon codes and special offers but it gave the customers the opportunity to save some more money by purchasing a few additional pills of Eriacta. They offer the retailers a variety of offers from medicines to services.

  • If the customer does not receive their order as promised, they will refund them a minimum amount of money and will replace the product for free.

Pills For All Coupon Codes

For example, one example was the sale of Viagra 100 pills for only $5.35. This was at a price of $17.35 for each pill. The rest of the prices of the pharmacies were $2.54, $3.79, $4.35, $4.74, $4.94, and $5.22.

Another good example was the sale of 10% discount coupons, who could only have them $3.99 per order. This is at a time when other online pharmacies are a lot cheaper.

PillsForAll is enjoying a great deal of popularity, especially among the younger crowd of online shoppers. They are opening up a lot more sales for their generic drugs to attract more customers.

They are also offering discounts and promotions for their customers, so this network is a mix of good and bad, which makes them hard to trust in the end.

They did not have a feedback form available for their customers to record their experience with pills for all, so I am thinking that they do not really care about their customers in the end. They just want people to buy their products and have a great experience with them.

I would, however, get a call from the shop if this network has lost a customer in the past and the company wishes to get another one back in the future.

Their customer support team would respond quickly to any inquiries they have, and update the clients with the status of the network and the newer drugs that they offer.

  • They are more than 30 km from each other

the pharmacy is closer to Canada than most online pharmacies and also has the stamp of approval from the CIPA.

  • They have been around for ten years and they have been operating for almost a decade
  • They have lots of customer reviews

Their reviews are almost unanimous, showing that they have received great customer feedback from their customers.

Pills For All Customer Support

The reviews for this shop show that there is no reason for them to keep their distance, especially given that they have reviews for their pharmacy network from their customers.

Prescription Policy

With no prescriptions required, the pharmacy is not required to provide any for their customers. This is a major problem as it means that anyone who wants to order from the pharmacy can order it without a prescription.

One of the main reasons why you should go with a reputable pharmacy is their customisation of their website for you. They are only making their site available in a very limited window of time and they have reserved the right to change it at any time.

They have a time limited offer where they give you 10% discounts on your whole order.

Special offers and discounts that you wouldn’t expect but which you should still be looking out for.

Order delivery is done from Canada with or without tracking and you can expect to receive your drugs from them in 3 to 7-7 days.

If you have a problem with your order, you can call them on their hotline at 1-800-237-8148 for help or you can go through their website for ordering help.

On Scamadviser, pills for all has a trust score of 21% and they have a low trust rating. They are trying to blame this on how new they are, but they should be more cautious about this as they are very new and it is very likely that they will be approved by the other two as well.

You can tell that this pharmacy has not been around for very long as this pharmacy was created just last year so there is a chance that they have been scamming people for a very long time.

They are using fake testimonials and testimonial pages which is just a lie that they are also using natural language.

They are making huge claims and they are not, in fact, providing any real information about where they are based and what they offer.

If you are buying drugs online, it is important to consider whether the legitimacy of the website you are dealing with is worth your consideration.


To conclude, pillsforall.com is a drug store with a lot of promise. It has- a customer service team that looks professional and works to resolve disputes fairly. They have an SSL certificate that ensures the privacy of their customers’ data and they offer high quality drugs for virtually any condition. We give them 3.2 stars out of 5.

The fact that this domain is registered in a company called CIPA does not mean that this pharmacy is a legit business. We have been able to verify this information through the publicly available records as well. The contact details they give are fake and are likely fake.

They do not provide much information about where they are based. They only provide the postal address and the phone number.

Most online pharmacies have a certification from CIPA. This is a good sign of a legit pharmacy. However, it is not perfect and it does not guarantee the reliability of the pharmacy.

The fact that this pharmacy is using a third party company to register makes them more likely to be a legit business.

The fact that they give false information about where they are located and the use of a fake contact details is also a sign of a dishonest business.

This site claims to offer all types of drugs. It is great to find a lot of products to choose from including some from the US. They also sell brand name drugs on the site.

The prices of the drugs seem very low and we are likely to believe them since they offer very cheap prices.

They claim that the drugs are FDA approved so there is a good chance that they are acting on the FDA. To find out more about this claim, please read our article on the subject.

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