Pills For All Review – A Cheap Online Pharmacy With Unconfirmed Reputation

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Pills For All Review – A Cheap Online Pharmacy With Unconfirmed Reputation

Pills for all is a popular online pharmacy which is famous for giving cheap prices for its generic medicines. However, despite their low costs, all of the drugs are counterfeit and ineffective in treating any diseases or health conditions.

Fake drugs like these can cause a lot of problems especially those who purchase and take them orally because of their combination of ingredients. This is a major problem because orally taking medicines are supposed to be taken with water and other fluids. Hence, if a purchase is made with this site, the customer will be taking a known drug with them.

All of the drugs are also counterfeit as they are sourced from Asian countries like Pakistan and India. This means that all the drugs that are on sale are counterfeit.

In addition to the low prices, this drugstore has excellent deals for its customers. For many of their products, customers are only able to purchase them for very limited periods which is not explained and can be a major issue. They are also lacking in terms and conditions which makes them appear unreliable.

It is very difficult to judge if a website is safe and works when you will be taking prescribed medicines with them because they cannot be used for very long periods.

The reviews further emphasize that they are reliable and trustworthy and they also emphasized that their store is not a scam as the reviews shows that they have not been visited by anyone.

The website is a Canadian pharmacy that started its service in 2000, which shows the excellent reputation that the store has for the high prices they sell. They are also very helpful and trustworthy, as they have been verified by Pharmacy Checker and other pharmacy checkers. What is even better is that these are only the prices they are selling, in case you would like to order drugs from pills for all. They are giving discounts of up to 10% for their customers who place orders on their store.

Pills For All Reviews 2021

Additionally, the domain is a rogue, unregistered domain which means that they have not been associated with any legitimate internet pharmacy before.

It has a professional looking website that is composed of well-arranged links that leads to other websites. It also has a search box that allows you to search for what you are looking for.

It has a disclaimer on their website stating that they are not responsible if you hurt your health by using their products. In addition, they do not offer any counseling or escrow service to their customers.

Pills For All

There is a business name and address located at their office building located in Portland, Oregon, USA. They also have a phone number that is +1 888 551 5951 and have a video that you can watch on their website.

The shop is certified by the CIPA as an internet pharmacy. They are also registered by the NABP as an online pharmacy. The NABP is a leading organization that represents the views of the American public about where internet pharmacies should be based.

You must have a valid prescription from a licensed physician in order to purchase drugs from this store.

There is only one shipping option that you can choose from, this is a tracking option that costs $10 and it is expected to take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

You can also opt to pay using a Delivery Insurance that costs $25 with a maximum of 6 deliveries to a single address.

A testimonial page can be found on their website that is filled with several positive feedback from their customers. This means that they are likely getting a lot of customer comments.

Generic Ed Pill Variants

I didn't find any information about generic ED drugs on the pharmacy’s website. Generic Viagra was also found to have the same active ingredient as the brand-name product.

Complaints about fake reviews are very common on the Internet. This is always a concern for an online store trying to regain its credibility. For obvious reasons, most online pharmacies either do not have complaints from their customers or have the assurances from customers that they are truthful.

The owner of the site could be a Canadian resident – the site has to be registered with a Canadian association to be able to sell medications overseas.

I was very impressed with how PillsForAll operates from the United States. Its pricing is very competitive with the other online pharmacies, and it offers FDA approved generic products.

Pills For All Regulatory Approvals

The most popular products available on this online drugstore are anti-depressants which are taken directly from their manufacturers. However, there is also a good range of other medications that you may be interested in such as anti-allergy, anti-infective, anti-fungal, anti-fertility, cholesterol-lowering, sedative, pain relief, and so on.

You can make payments through major credit cards, including VISA and MasterCard, and this is very convenient, as they do not require a valid credit card to process. The company does not have a live chat feature, but they do have phone and email support hotlines. The company also has a mailing address that you may choose to use in the case of any questions or problems.

Regulatory Approvals

They have also been approved by LegitScript and MIPA, two pharmaceutical regulatory authorities in Canada. Since the pharmacy is not operational wrong, they are required by all the pharmacies they work with to provide their prescription to the customers.

  • Credit cards: They accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover

You can pay using a credit card, debit card, or a bank wire. Shipping is free if you order more than $300.

However, feedbacks on their website do not seem genuine. The testimonials are grouped and read is not all that can be found. The site is only 3 years old which means a lot of time has passed since they posted their testimonials.


Pills for all is a pharmacy which claims to sell impotence drugs. They also claim to be a Canadian pharmacy which is a good sign, although we cannot confirm if this really is the case. Their customer service is good and they have a lot of products to offer.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are drugs which help men have sex better, especially when they are having a change in their reproductive system and want to have sex more. They are also used for men who have been diagnosed with anorexia, also known as bulimia.

They do not require any prescriptions for purchases, which is good as it is not common. However, as we mentioned before, they do not dispense the generic Viagra from Canada as they are making their own generic variants of Viagra.

The pharmacy has a pharmacy size of 260 pills and they say they is a Canadian pharmacy. They dispense generic products and branded drugs from Canada.

They offer delivery for orders within Canada and the United States. They also offer insurance and fraud protection for their customers.

For their generic products, they sell them for as low as 71 days with a 3-month window for the order to be dispatched. These are standard pills meaning they do not require taking any extra time off work.

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