Pharmacy Mall Reviews – An Examination

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Pharmacy Mall Reviews – An Examination

Pharmacy mall is an online pharmacy that claims to be a member health club. They claim to offer the best prices for their drugs and also special offers. I have been watching their promotions and deals as well as their reviews and this is what I came to discover.

They have a lot of drugs for different conditions and they sell them using different payment methods, such as credit cards, bank transfers, and other banking networks.

I am interested in finding out the title of this store and I came upon an error when I was searching for the drug store. The site is not a registered member of any organization and the location of their office is not provided. They do not provide a phone number or address for the customer service representatives and you have to get in touch with them in person in order to get any response.

Regulatory Approvals

The drugstore deals primarily with male supplements, though the pharmacy has drug offerings for a wide range of medical conditions as well. It eschews the use of prescription drugs for its customers, but the company does not require its readers to submit prescriptions for their purchases.

Physicians recommend that patients use a qualified professional for their appointments, as this can increase the chances of them receiving top quality products from the pharmacy.


The company also has a mailing address that you can use. They can be contacted through their support representatives by calling (212) 487-1041.

The company takes pride in their high quality products, backed by the highest quality medical advice from their doctors. This is something that other online pharmacies lack due to their poor customer service.

They say that they’ve received their products and have no complaints from anyone on the company site. They also say that they are still receiving their orders despite the big delays in other pharmacies.

This pharmacy website was awarded a review from 2018. It is not yet selected for replacement.

On Scamadviser, this online pharmacy is given a trust score of 100%.

Regulatory Approval

The pharmacy mainly markets its products in the men’s health category, presumably because men have a higher need for they provide the most effective generic drugs as possible. There is also a sharp rise in demand for all-female versions of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra from this pharmacy.

The prices of the generic brands are surprisingly cheap compared to the established brands, especially those branded as “brand”. However, the branded Viagra sold by this pharmacy is extremely expensive, starting from its emergence.

It has been suggested that this pharmacy is operating from the Czech Republic, but more recent information indicates that the pharmacy may be operating from Canada.

Only two payment methods are available on the website, such as credit cards from major credit card processing companies as Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. It has secured a SSL certificate to encrypt your information after its transfers to the server.

However, you must still verify that your credit card has sufficient coverage to avoid any risk during checkout.

Delivery is free on all orders, and the delivery takes about 14-21 days. The estimated delivery times vary greatly depending on the country’s location.

Pharmacy Mall

There are no reviews available on-site and only the positive feedbacks from the seller’s website. This means that all the negative feedbacks are fake, created by the seller to deceive others. The seller of this pharmacy does not have an online presence which shows they are authentic.

Moreover, testimonials are available on pharmacy mall but the majority of them are just text, completely fake.

This pharmacy is a scam. The fact that it has been operating for over 5 years, but only getting shut down by the US government is quite suspicious. Additionally, the fact that the drugs it is selling are counterfeit is a red flag.

The domain for this website was first registered on the 7th of July 2018 and last updated on the 9th of July 2019. Even though they claim to have more than 1 million customers, they only have about 300,000 registered customers. This means that the health and website have a little more than two years of experience combined.

Business Contact Details

With almost all the pharmacy websites nowadays claiming to be part of the pharmaceutical industry, it is important to check that they are real. When checking WellRx and LegitScript, they both give the same response:

This pharmaceutical website specializes in serving men who are suffering from impotence. You can find any number of impotence treatments priced carefully and conveniently. However, all the medications are made using generic ingredients. This incompatibility only shows that they are not following any proper rules and regulations for the manufacturing of generic drugs.

This drugstore website does not require clients to provide a valid prescription when ordering. However, it is strongly recommended that you telephone them for any queries.

The prices on this drugstore website are very expensive. Virtually all the medications are made using trans-boundary manufactured by Indian pharmaceutical companies like HRS, Ranbaxy, and Suncor. It’s a lot cheaper than the estimated prices of $80-$100 for other similar stores.

Obviously, this pharmacy does not offer any coupon codes. However, if you enter the promo code shown on their website, you get 10% off all their products.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Credit cards
  3. Trackable Courier
  4. Airmail

Shipping is usually provided via Trackable Courier. Delivery takes 5-9 business days with delivery guaranteed.

Pharmacy Mall Coupons

Unlike an offline website, an online drugstore can be taken offline by malicious activities. It can be hacked, for instance, resulting in their devoting its server to the purpose of scammers and scammers sites. More often than not, online pharmacies are hacked, most often by foreign states that seek to steal valuable information from the innocent hearts and minds of the people using the services.

This pharmacy is a member of several international organizations, such as the NABP, CIPA, MPA, and MPAW, as well as the European Medicines Agency, which provides medications to medical professionals in Europe and the United States. This international certification demonstrates the integrity of the online platform. For their part, they also have a Facebook page, which is active and well-liked.

There is no live chat for the customer to use, though. This makes it difficult for the customers to get in contact whenever needed. The contact email address is also not found on pharmacy mall. However, the insurance/refund policy is live.

The main reason why buyers should use the shop is the price. The prices are amazing, and they are so affordable compared to other online pharmacy sites. It is also the availability of their medicines, since this shop offers branded and generic medicines.

Pharmacy mall is just like any other internet pharmacy. It has a licensed pharmacist on staff who is constantly updating the customers on the status of their store and their plans to deliver all their medicines to their customers in the future.

They have a live support team who is ready to answer questions from the customers once they place their order.

Pharmacy Mall Regulatory Approval

Pharmacy Mall Customer Reviews 2021

“Only 7% of Americans trust online pharmacies when they need medicines, according to a recent survey from the U.S. Government.

This drug store is owned by the Indian pharmaceutical company India-Honda and are based in the USA. They also have an office in New York City and an internet store in the same city. Pharmacy mall ensure that they provide medicines that are FDA approved and that their medicines are safe to use. They also assure that their products are of great quality and they pass the quality check.

There is no evidence that this site is an illegal one so it is recommended to avoid it if you want to save yourself from any health problem.

As some online pharmacies are something new, this shop chose to not present any discount offers to their customers. When it comes to discounts, they offer a 5% discount on their next orders and 2% on every order that they make.

The first offer doesn’t even make any sense but the second one does. It seems like they are trying to encourage people to get their medicines so they will be able to keep more of their money.

This drugstore is an online pharmacy that offers high-quality drugs at a cheap price. Their drugs pass the quality check and they are safe to use. They also have a research in the internet that goes into developing their medicines which is a good thing.

Pharmacy mall is a very difficult pharmacy to use because of the many reasons why it is contrary to its name. This shop may be very popular with consumers but I came across this pharmacy store only because it is a new one. I was really curious about its origins and when I stumbled upon it, I was keen to know about its service.


The fact that they do not have a valid business address does not reassure us that they are reliable. We do not recommend this pharmacy to you and we think that it is a great risk to trust them.

The company does not have any information about where they are based or where they currently operate. There is also no contact details available. However, the company claims to work 24/7 so be on the look out if you ever need help.

There are no reviews available for this pharmacy on the web. The only available reviews are on their own website and not posted on any other websites.

This is because the company does not have the necessary information to make their own. They only provide their customers with what they believe to be their most up-to-date information regarding the pharmacy.

This site does not have any reviews on third parties websites. It is also not approved by any regulatory authority and it seems likely that they are fake reviews.

In our search we found out that PharmacyMall only offers a 10% discount on all products, no matter how big or small. This discount is not accessible in any other store and we would expect the company to take a larger cut if this offer is still valid.

It seems likely that this pharmacy is part of an illegal affiliate network and has been trading illegally for some time.

They are not fulfilling any of the requirements that are required by any online website. They do not have a genuine business address and they seem likely to be involved in several high-risk behaviors.

We would not trust this store for any reason. Even though they claim to offer 100% quality generic drugs, we cannot confirm that this is actually the case.

A scam pharmacy that claims to sell a wide range of generic drugs is operating in the Netherlands. They also say that they sell only approval by-products that are removed from the manufacturing process. Their main goal is to profit from an increasing business.

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