Pharmacy Mall Online Review - An Online Rogue Pharmacy Which Is Unsafe To Use

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Pharmacy Mall Online Review - An Online Rogue Pharmacy Which Is Unsafe To Use

Pharmacy mall online is a pharmacy that seems to be operating from the United States. They say that they are a proud Canadian Pharmacy and that they use the Canadian dispensing system. They offer branded and generic drugs. Their prices are very low and are pretty affordable compared to other online pharmacies. They have a live chat support team and have phone and fax support. Their refund policy is also very flexible.

I am interested in finding out how well the generic and branded drugs compare. What do you need to know to find a good deal at this store?

This pharmacy is a member of the Regulatory Approval Council. They are also required by to provide their customers with a valid prescription when ordering from this store.

The reason for the wide range of drug options is that the pharmacy only sells to the customers who are either living in the country or visiting from it.

You need to speak to one of their customer support specialists to get certified in order to purchase medications from this store. They do not require a prescription for any of their customers.

  1. Trackable Courier Service for up to 30 days for track

Pharmacy Mall Online Coupon

This store accepts payments made using all major Credit Cards, including VISA and MasterCard. You can also make payments using both E-checks and money orders. Shipping is free if you order from this store.

There haven’t also been any customer reviews or testimonials on this store for the most part, showing that the testimonials are written by people who are either named or have similar first names.

This pharmacy has been around for a long time and it has been doing business with a customer approval of 98% which is great. However, we are also very suspicious of the fact that the same fake testimonials appear on other mirror websites.

Please be aware that this drugstore is operating from a very high-risk country which is known to have got into many other suspicious businesses.

From all the information that we have found about this pharmacy and this business, we will have to give them the benefit of the doubt. On balance, they are probably a good store for buying generic drugs. Don’t be tempted to buy from them, considering the fact that there are hundreds of other stores that could be more suitable.

The pharmacy is a pharmacy that wants to make it affordable and accessible to everyone in the world. The pharmacy website makes use of modern technology to make the world a better place. Compared to its competitors, it has some unique features. Here are some of its features:

The main aim of the pharmacy is to assist you to save more when purchasing medicines online. Other stores don’t have this aim. They only want to have a good experience for the customers and not depend on their customer’s investment.

The pharmacy website has a different approach to medicine pricing. They don’t just provide generic drugs but they also offer branded treatments. This way, they don’t have to pay the drug companies for them.

For the prices of medicines they offer, you can also get an idea of what other drug companies can charge for generic drugs.

Pharmacy Mall Online Customer Support

A number of other reviews are found online. These reviews are close to the truth, demonstrating the reliability of the pharmacy site. However, they are found on a relative low number of sites.

Regulatory Authorization

The reviews are also found on mirror sites. This means that they are basically written by the same person and are therefore not reliable.

So, can you trust this shop? The answer is a definite yes. The quality of its products, facilities, and services are amazing and it impresses on its site. It is easy to navigate, has a wide range of products to choose from and is transparent about who owns and runs it.

The company has been operating for 6 years and offers products to all continents. It focuses on providing high-quality quality products and services. They have been approved by several regulatory bodies and are transparent about who owns them.

They operate from a high-risk country. They are operating from a network of sites that is not transparent about who is selling what and when.

The quality of their services is good and they are safe to use. However, we do not recommend them for buying ED drugs. They have only been around for a small amount of time.

If you do not want to pay with a bank transfer, there are many payment methods that you can use. They have a PayPal account that is free and easy to use. With this, you can pay your drugs without a hitch.

With so many online pharmacies to choose from, it is difficult to find the right one to buy from. This is where your personal preferences come into play.

They have a lot of choices to make and they are transparent about who they are and where their website is based. They offer many different payment methods. They do not require a prescription when ordering. They offer you peace of mind that you are ordering from them.

It is also important to note that this pharmacy is a high-risk country which means that they have a tendency to exploit customers. They are not transparent about where they are based and the people who work for them.

Regulatory Approval

The CIPA is a recognized association of local and regional licensing boards of pharmacies in Canada. It operates marijuana dispensaries in the state of Colorado and the city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

On Scamadviser, this Canadian store has a trust score of 81% according to the analysis. Other online platforms like Scamadviser have given them a rating of 1% and rate them as a threat.

The laws pertaining to the sale of medication in Canada are very strict. This means that the drug store is operating in accordance with the law. The prices of various drugs can be expensive. This is to attract customers, but also attract fraudsters.

The store is using a fake business name, Canadian Pharmacy ZaReason LLC. However, this is a fake company that is not registered. They don’t have any legal approvals to sell their products in Canada.

This drug store has the lowest prices on the web. They claim to sell brand Viagra and Cialis, but it is all false. They are using a fake pharmacy license.

The products on offer include both generic and branded products. All the medications are manufactured in India. The website doesn’t have any legal approvals to sell their product. We need to confirm with them whether they have the correct approvals or not.

If you are in the market for a reason that you can only use this site for and you have been diagnosed with cancer, you can take advantage of a 5% discount. They offer this promotion until the 29th of May 2019.

Pharmacy Mall Online

It is hard to believe that a pharmacy which claims to be Canadian has no reviews. They have no visible reviews on third party sites and they only have on-site testimonials, all written by their own staff members. This is a strong indication that this is a scam.

This is a difficult question to answer because it implies that the website is a scam. On the one hand, they claim to be operating in the public interest, and on the other, they are trying to deceive the customers.

To conclude, this site is a rogue pharmacy. They do not have any regulatory approvals, as well as being in the United States without authorization.

Regulatory Authorization

The CIPA offers the assurance of online pharmacies who are licensed by as a "valid" Internet Pharmacy. also assures all its online drugstores that it is an internet drugstore which upholds the highest quality of service.

The United States has a requirement of at least 22 months of experience to operate. If you’re new to the internet, you can attempt a five-year period. However, you must submit a letter from a licensed physician in order to receive your renewal.

The majority of drugs available online are generic, but there are also branded pills available. You can also purchase product from third parties. Some of the pharmacy sources include:

  1. Avanafil
  2. Viagra
  3. Priligy
  4. Kamagra
  5. Cialis
  6. Kamagra with or without caffeine
  7. Malegra FXT
  8. Propecia, a drug used to treat male impotence

Apart from the offer of discount codes and coupons, we are also going to be giving away special discounts and promotions.

  1. 5% Off all products
  2. 5% Off your purchase if you buy at least $250 worth of products
  3. 5% Off your purchase if you spend $500 worth of products
  4. 5% Off your purchase if you spend $1,000 worth of products

You have two ways to pay for your drugs online. The first is using credit cards. You can choose from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. The second way is through your bank. You can use either ACH or E-Check. The pharmacy site has its own protection, SSL for secure and personal information.

In order to contact the customer support team, you must first like and share this Facebook page on social media. You may also join our exclusive mailing list to hear the latest news about PharmacyMallOnline. Please note that their contact number is not available.

Similar comments exist for other vape shops.


I was able to check the prices of generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra without using a live chat service. I was also unable to determine the shipping charges of this website.

The website of pharmacy mall online is simple and clean. They provide an English translation for their websites and have a world-renowned customer service team. They have phone and fax numbers in case you need to contact them.

If you are thinking of purchasing a prescription medicine from this store, then I would encourage you to consider them. The prices for generic medications are very cheap compared to other online pharmacies.

It is good to know that this website has a well established customer base who are happy and satisfied with their services. Also, customers are very satisfied with the delivery times and the support they got from this pharmacy. So I would give them a 4 out 5-star rating because of these factors.

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