Pharmacy Mall Online Review – A Possible Fraud Luring Us Into A Risky Place

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Pharmacy Mall Online Review – A Possible Fraud Luring Us Into A Risky Place

Pharmacy mall online is popular among customers because of its low prices. They are one of the cheapest online pharmacies around, far lower than the competitors. The pharmacy does not only sell drugs, but they also provide a lot of other products for the treatment of health conditions such as:

However, even at low prices, there are still some pills that might not be cheap to buy. That’s why you should make sure about which drugs you can afford, and stick to them.

There is a coupon offer available on the shop, where normal shipping is free for orders over $50.

With the good prices and good quality of the drugs, the next question is what kind of shipping and delivery methods do you require? Normally, you would need a custom order to have your order delivered. However, this pharmacy offers to ship your orders using Regular Airmail.

The shipping rates for orders up to $200 are really cheap, and it’s free, so you could use it for a lot of orders.

This website has been around for a little over 7 years. They claim that they have been selling generic drugs in the United States since 2000. They have a Pharmacy Checker Specialist that is able to answer your questions about your pharmacy. They also offer a Guarantee that their pills are 100% correct, which is not only reassuring but also a guarantee that you will get them. However, there is no guarantee that the drugs you receive will be accurate. There are however some good things about the service that they offer.

Don’t rush into ordering your meds from this store, as they do not have the same testimonials that other online pharmacies have. They have testimonials from satisfied customers but there are also some negative reviews that you should read in what they say.

Pharmacy Mall Online Reviews 2021

From the information that we have gathered about this store it seems like a genuine member of the board is not in place. We don’t know for sure however as there is no information available on the internet about the owner, the organization, and even the location of the store.

These claims that the drug store is a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association is something that we would expect to find on the CIPA website. This is a good sign as it shows that the pharmacy is not trying to hide this information.

The pharmacy gives you 5% off all their generic erectile dysfunction drugs on their website. They also give you a 10% discount on their generic ED drugs.

There isn’t much availability on this website and it seems like they only provide a few different pills of every erectile dysfunction pill. Even with a small discount for generic drugs, the prices are high.

They also give you a discount on their generic ED drugs, this is a good sign as it suggests that they are trying to encourage you to use their products even if it is just an offer.

They do have a medical consultation that you would expect to find with any other pharmacy on the internet. This is a good sign though as it suggests that they are not trying to hide information about how they treat their customers.

If you have a problem with your order and can only afford to pay for it with a credit card, this can be a good way to contact them.

If you don’t have an online payment and you require a medical consultation, this may not be a good option as they do not provide a payment.

There are no reviews on the site so we do not know how satisfied customers are with the service provided by this pharmacy. They have reviews on Trustpilot and Legit Script.

This suggests that the site is very popular though they do not have the majority of the customer reviews that we would expect.

Pharmacy Mall Online

They do have a pharmacy store and that is open to the public, however, but we do not know where the store is located or whether there are any physical addresses available.

This site has a discount offer, if you order 70 pills of 20% off you will get a free sample of Viagra 100mg.

This site is very close to being a genuine member of the review process, however, there are a few issues with their store.

They do not provide a number of pharmacies that they are a member of.

Customer Support

This company is not only a mystery, but a high-risk scam. Even more, we know that they are using fake reviews to try to dupe other customers.

A quick assessment on and revealed that this online pharmacy is not on the safe side of a big number of their users. They have a very low trust rating, a 50% likelihood of being a fraudulent, and they are using a fake testimonial section to try and gain popularity.

The shop sells meds that are made in India, but the store does not have information about where these drugs are dispatched from or what type of delivery method they are using.

The records show us that this name was only registered for one year. However, since they claim to have been operating for ten years, this is probably an overestimation of the actual length of service.

Furthermore, the domain is quite young. Only a few years older than many legitimate online pharmacies.

This online pharmacy is using a privacy service to make sure their customer's information is kept private and untransparent. This is a common business practice used by many scam pharmacies to protect themselves from their customers.

The pharmacy qualifies as a genuine member of the British Board of Pharmacy (BBP) and claims to have been working with the BBP since 2001.

The BBP is the British Association of Medical Practitioners, which is a recognised professional body for the doctors who practice in Britain.

Considering the fact that the company has only been online for a couple of years, we can assume that they have similar products to us.

Pharmacy Mall Online Coupon Codes

Ordering from the website is as easy as a few clicks. Simply select your product from the list and the pharmacy will analyze it thoroughly to find the right combination of amino acids to use for your specific needs.

This analytical platform can be used by anyone regardless of their specialty, providing better results to the customers. As long as they have a valid prescription for the product and the person will get the drugs.

Like most online pharmacies, this drug store stores are quite affordable. With the prices being lower than other online drugstores, customers can still save money. However, the prices are still too affordable for most.

This drug store has a very wide selection of drug categories from A to Z, which is quite diverse. These are the key drugs that the customers are most likely to need.

Pharmacy Mall Online Coupon Codes

Shipping is free if you have orders worth $200. There is also free shipping to outside the US. All orders are shipped from the US and are subject to a 3% restocking fee. There is however a shipping charge depending on the location.

The pharmacy has a total of 7 customer testimonials on their website. As a matter of fact, it has more than 100 testimonials hosted on its website.

This online pharmacy was only recently created in 2019. They have a “baby” logo for a newborn on their site though it could have been created for a different drug store. The ownership of this pharmacy is believed to be from Canada.

All their pharmacy is secured with a valid SSL certificate. They also have a valid URL shortening service. There is a daily fee of $10 and there is also a periodic subscription fee.

Regulatory Approvals

Another regulatory association is Pharmacy Checker, with reports from their members, that only show that the company is legit.

The pharmacy has a wide range of products that can be bought from them. The prices of these products are very competitively priced and affordable. They even have generic alternatives like ED pills.

Their drugs are manufactured in India and shipped to their members from various countries in South Asia. There is no mention of the drugs being FDA approved, but they are from an approved pharmaceutical company.

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Bitcoin
  • Check Card
  • Wire Transfer
  • Shipping Method

They also accept PayPal and are offering a money back guarantee for customers who are not happy with their drugs.

Complaints from other customers about the service they provide are not allowed, and this is frowned upon in Canada.

US Postal is their shipping option, with orders being delivered via either Priority Mail or International Unregistered Mail. You will be provided with tracking options as well.

They have a telephone number to use and an online form if you have any questions. Their customer support team will also be updating you with the status of your order.

Some of the reviews fill in the criteria of a pharmacy which they are a member of and is therefore safe to use.

This pharmacy is safe to use, providing the same quality drugs they are selling as this site. They have memberships with CIPA and Pharmacy Checker and they have a member rating also from LegitScript.

They are also approved by Mail Checker and the CIPA and the Pharmacy Checker are also members of this site which makes them verified.

Pharmacy mall online is a drug store that sells a wide range of products to all different walks of life.


The drugstore is an online pharmacy involved in a wide variety of things including women’s health products. In a world where the amount of medication available to consumers is increasing, more and more online stores are making stock and selling it at inflated prices, many of them are fake and unreliable. I attempted to discover the truth behind the pharmacy’s existence and its dealings by conducting a comprehensive research on I was able to discover that there is no real-world address listed for the store.

This shop used to have a pharmacy in Montreal that sold generic drugs. It is unknown where that store is now located.

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