Pharmacy 2 U Reviews - 72-hour Wait

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Pharmacy 2 U Reviews - 72-hour Wait

Pharmacy 2 u is an online pharmacy which says they were built to serve men who desire a reliable and effective generic replacement for the popular and expensive brand-name ED medicines. The pharmacy offers generic and branded treatments and also branded condoms, and non-brand Kaiman, Bayer, Eli Lilly, and various other pharmaceutical companies. A pill of Viagra costs $2.53 while Cialis costs $3.68. You can pay for the meds using credit cards at this store. The shipping is free within the United States and Canada. They do not currently ship to the USA but might be able to add it in the future.

For payment you can use a variety of online payment options including Visa, Mastercard, and DPVAS and also bank transfers. The store has an SSL certificate which protects your personal and card information. The pharmacy ships anywhere in the world, including the USA. The shipping is done from the United States and they use commercial airmail which takes about 4 months to arrive.

They have a 50/50 chance of receiving feedback from their customers on their website. There is also a $5 minimum order for delivery. This shop is based at the UK-based pharmacy with its HQ located in London. They are also licensed to operate in the UK.

This website has received a premium submission in the health condition of erectile dysfunction. They say that they provide the highest quality products at very affordable prices. They have a track record of highly reliable services.

They have a full-time medical team available 24/7 that can be reached out to and checked on by their clients. They have an online form and telephone support. This website is not active and they do not have a live chat feature. The popularity of online pharmacies is on the rise.

The existence of fake pharmacies is increasing everyday. Pharmacy 2 u does not have any kind of trustable and real-world reviews from the public. They say that all of their medicines are FDA approved and they source only from trusted pharmacies. Any pharmacy which disregards these conditions is not a reliable pharmacy.

The existence of several other fake pharmacies has also been confirmed. Since they claim to source directly from trusted and reputable pharmacies, it is not advisable to trust them.

When you add this pharmacy to your cart, you can automatically receive a 5% discount for the first two months of 2018. This is great and it shows how much they care about their customers. It means that they want you to take their discount seriously and best to try them out and see if they are a good fit for your business.

Of all the pharmacyary platforms out there, I believe the pharmacy is the best.

Pharmacy 2 U

Pharmacy 2 U Payments

US Postal Services is your delivery option for the orders that you place. It will take between 2 and 4 weeks before arriving and it can take even longer when processing your order.

You can also use regular shipping for the orders but it will cost you $10 while the express shipping method costs you $20.

  • Credit cards: You can pay with 49% less fees when you use MasterCard, Visa, and Amex instead
  • Checks: You can pay using a bank transfer “with no fees”
  • $10 will take 1 to 3 days before arriving, a maximum of $200

The customer support team will be checking in with you every step of the way. They also have a few ways to connect you with other customers to help you deal with your concerns. You might have some questions? Well first they may ask you to fill in a questionnaire where you can also send them an email directly from their website.

Or they might just want to send you an email with all the details of your order, with your complaints and all the feedback they receive.

Since there are so many unhappy customers, it’s a good idea to check which online pharmacies you can trust and which ones you shouldn’t.

Check out our List of Reviews to find a few websites to check out and check if it’s a legit place to buy your medicines!

Like we mentioned before, this online pharmacy has been around for quite some time now. They have a good track record of service and they continue to deliver quality service to their customers.

Acting as if the customers don’t have a problem with the quality of services provided by this website is just not true. On the contrary, they have received lots of feedback from customers who have experienced bad services from which shows that they are a high-risk website.

Pharmacy 2 U

Available Products

This store has a wide product range, from common to extremely high-risk medicines, all sourced from India. The drugs you’re going to buy may look the same, but they are actually sourced from different manufacturers who are closely matched to each other by a highly dubious scheme. The difference between a generic and a branded drugs should be insignificant, but instead, they are incredibly harmful especially when taken without medical advice.

The prices of the generics are lower than the average market rate, but they are not as cheap as the other large internet drugstores. The generic Viagra, a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction, goes for as low as $2.71 per pill, a price so expensive that it is liable to get you killed, could be fatal in high doses, or even be addictive.

Buyers need only pay a minimum of $10 for the shipping service. The other option is to pay through credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer, and paypal. Delivery is typically within 5-9 business days using a trackable courier for $30. There is no money back guarantee or refund policy.

This store has testimonials from customers all over the world. They are all positive, stating that they have used your drugs and the results are the best they have ever seen. This confirms their testimonials, as they did not have customer feedback on their site.

However, some of the testimonials are very dated, showing that the store had been selling drugs online for a while before.

There are many problems with this store. They do not comply with the minimum standards for a reliable online pharmacy, selling unsafe medications. Genuine pharmacies follow stringent rules to stay in business, running their business from integrity. There is also the issue of the drugs not arriving in 24 hours, which is another red flag.

I would, therefore, give this store 3 out of 5. I will not be ordering from this store again and will therefore request that they close their doors permanently to consumers.

Pharmacy 2 u is an online pharmacy that skips paying their customers the shipping costs. Instead, they offer to offer a money back guarantee if the products do not arrive within the promised time period. This is a common practice used by many rogue pharmacies to deceive customers into trusting them.

Pharmacy 2 U Pricing

There are no reviews available for the website online, which is surprising because they claim to have more than 500 online customers. However, there are testimonials from previous customers of the company, so this is not likely to be a fake testimonial.

Pharmacy 2 U Payments

To conclude, the site has nothing much to offer. They are not providing anything new or different that we have seen before, and they do not have far enough of an extent to rule out their status as a trustworthy business. They are most likely a rogue company that is avoiding scrutiny and are therefore, probably fraudulent.

If this is the case with pharmacy 2 u, then they should just close the site and reappear in another company. No one knows who is actually running this company, and they will likely only be shut down by the government if uncovered.

Like many other rogue online pharmacies, this shop is running an illegal business. Statistically, this is one of the most popular websites that we find customers visiting, so we would expect it to be safe.

However, this pharmacy has been operating for over a year, which is unusual. It is not clear whether it has received any orders in that time.

It is also not clear if it has the required medical licenses to dispense drugs under certain situations.

A lot of people trust this website and have visited it a lot. The majority of the time, they are considering ordering from here when they are unable to do so themselves.

Conclusion is still a new site which is not certified by any government or any other agency. It only happened to be established recently. It seems like they have nothing much to offer and it appears like they will be a scam. If you have ever ordered from them you will not be impressed. Please do not waste your time considering this site.

The pharmacy is a US-based internet pharmacy. They have since closed down when their domain was purchased by a Canadian company. They claim to only dispense alcohol, but we know that is just a cover for the truth that they supply a wide array of medications for a multitude of health conditions including but not limited to, antifungal, antibiotics, birth control, fungal infection, and many others. The site also says they only sell medicines within the state of Texas but this also raises questions about the authenticity of these drugs being sold from this store.

The pharmacy has an online store and they sell drugs through that store. However, we were unable to find any reviews on the pharmacy website. The Judge Dredd and Predator offers on the website were also not working.

Pharmacy 2 u has a Buyer's Guide that you can find on their website. It says there are people waiting for them in the forums, but it does not say where they are based.

The online store is US based, with a warehouse in India and some delivery services. They say that they are certified by Pharmacy Checker, but we were unable to verify this.

This pharmacy has been around since 2001, but they have shut down 8 years into the future. This means that there is a real chance that the pharmacies activities are fake.

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