Pharm Net Review – A Rogue Online Drugstore

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Pharm Net Review – A Rogue Online Drugstore

Pharm net is a popular online drugstore that is willing to give its customers the best service. Some of the very popular products that this drugstore offers are as follows—this is a good thing as it indicates that the drugstore’s clients can’t just take advantage of the fact that they have a lot of products to choose from and just order them from the store.

Although the company is willing to provide its customers with legitimate services, the company also has products for sale with no genuine third-party reviews to support their claims of being a reliable internet pharmacy.

  1. Probiotics, probiotics provide the health benefits for men by causing the gut microbes to thrive and multiply in the body. One of the most commonly sold products for this purpose is Zithromax, a drug that acts as a good supplement to healthy probiotics.
  2. Herbal, the herbal category includes over the counter drugs which are prevalent in the city markets. Drugs from this category include products such as Diflucan, a drug that promotes the growth of male sterility cells, and even Tadalafil, an anti-prostate cancer drug.
  3. Men’s Health, a popular product for men that aids in the men’s energy and performance, as well as relieving muscular tension.
  4. Hair Loss, medications for hair loss have been around for years, but the cost of effective and effective derivatives like Cialis were out of reach for most customers.

Online shopping is still very convenient, but customers should be wary of the company that is offering them considering the fact that they are using affiliate programs to earn extra revenue. However, many of the products on offer by the store are only counterfeits or impotence treatments, which are used by men for treatment of impotence. Many men are reluctant to disclose what they suspect to be questionable activities associated with the company, so this practice is common.

As a general rule, it is best to avoid online pharmacies that are using a fraudulent business and are not willing to provide their customers with the truth. A company that is not transparent and is involved in smuggling of drugs into the country is a bad choice for future transactions.

We conclude by saying that this pharmacy is in violation of several regulatory and legal guidelines. They are also using several fake pharmacies to deceive the customers.

Available Meds

But what about the other erectile dysfunction drugs you have heard about? The pharmacy accepts credit card payments only, you have to present a valid payment card to receive the drugs.

This site dispenses their products from the premises of India-based pharmacy and is certified by the Indian FDA, this is a good sign that assures their health, safety and security.

This pharmacy site does not have testimonials to speak of and this is not a good sign. We don’t know if the people who provide feedback are real or are only exaggerating their response. This type of feedback puts the integrity of the site into question and it is not good.

The main selling point of this store is on. They offer branded prescription drugs and they don’t seem to believe that a consultation with their doctor would be a bad idea. They provide a phone number that you can use to fill out if you need help with any medication order.

Pharm Net Coupon

The domain name record for this business was first registered in 2016, and it has just been set to expire in 2003. This means that this store has been in existence for almost 7 years.

The owner of the site has chosen not to reveal their business name and we are not able to find any geographical contact information.

The website used by this store is a modern, online-based site that is responsive and easy to use. They provide a lot of information about the products they sell, including different strains, dosages, and the right to check for hidden drugs.

We have been able to confirm that this website is a scam. The owner is using a protection service to hide their identity. They are also using fake addresses in the UK and Germany, and in Turkey.

This pharmacy is not unique, as many other pharmacies are using the same online tools and same fake addresses, and this is a trend that we are seeing more and more.

This site is not part of any regulatory association and is not listed on any pharmacy website. This, however, does not mean that this is a reliable and safe store.

Pharm Net

They also claim to be operating their business from a UK based company, but we have found that the real location of the pharmacy is hidden.

They offer a wide range of different drugs for different medical conditions. They claim to provide drugs for depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, pain relief, heart and lung health, and a lot more.

You do not need a valid prescription to order from this pharmacy. However, this is not a requirement that most online pharmacies are enforcing.

This store ships orders from all over the world, and you can choose either standard Airmail or Express Delivery. They offer the choice between tracking and private courier service for the delivery of your orders.

They provide a range of customer support services via phone, email, and fax. They also provide a number of alternative ways to contact them, including mailing and postal.

This store is known for having a lot of feedback from customers, particularly on the UK-based websites.

Available Products

On the contrary, there are plenty of other online shops who are offering the same products at very cheap prices, and I would say that this is a double standard. This is a standard practice of most rogue pharmacies who sell low-quality drugs.

From the information that I've gathered about this internet drug store, I will say that it’s a legit and safe option for buying drugs, based on the facts I have gathered. Furthermore, it’s just as reliable as it’s portrayed on the website.

Products are sold from the store online and their phone support line is also available 24/7. The pharmacy also provides consultations for consumers in case they have questions. It’s a good option for consumers that have experienced anxiety attacks or other serious health conditions. You can find the consultations ( online as well.

At, the convenience they provide the consumers is just as great as the products they sell. Apart from the convenience of the buyers, the online store provides medicines for their home delivery as well.

Pharm net has a very good safety record in the current years. All the medicines they sell are approved by the FDA and their customers are protected when using their products.

Company Profile

As you can see from the website, there are many other things that will make your business disappear, including the fact that they are using a fake Usenet site as their main… well, the majority of their platform.

These other fake sites have a complete lack of any real-time reviews, testimonials or any other feedback that would normally be available on an online store like this.

If you want to be completely safe, you should look for a completely different pharmacy to access and use.

The domain that they are using was first registered in February 2006 and last updated on the 8th of February 2006.

The Usenet domain also has a time stamp of 2 years, which shows they aren’t manufacturing or selling anything close to their stated date of business.

Pharm Net Available Products

They also claim to be a member of a national association, but we are not entirely sure if that really means anything.

The company from this pharmacy is not in the correct LegitScript database to be registered anywhere in the world. They also lack any other information that would suggest they are operating a legitimate business.

We also find this drugstore to be quite strange, as they are clearly not registered as a real-world pharmacy in any other country.

The pharmacy seems to be quite selective when it comes to the types of drugs they sell. They are almost entirely generic, with the exception of men’s health pills.

This is because this particular pharmacy doesn’t have a genuine generic prescription, which would normally be the case.

These 23 pills of Viagra are available for only $1.42 each. They also sell $0.27 worth of Cialis on the website for only $3.98.

US customers will need to register with this pharmacy in order for them to process a transaction. They don’t have an address on this site, but they do claim to provide a United States Postal Service Courier for delivery.

They have a tracking number for the US address they provide, so you can be sure that they are off to deliver the drugs in the near future.

They don’t provide any information in the FAQ section on this site, so you will have to ask them about this in the future.

The first review is from Joshua, who says that his mother placed an order with this pharmacy. He described his experience as “peaceful and customer service was great”.


Make sure to always check carefully before making a purchase as there are many sites that are selling counterfeit drugs that are also unsafe to use.

The drugstore is certified by the DEA, NABP, and various other governments. This means that all the medications available at the pharmacy store comply with the drug guidelines that are set out by the governing bodies.

You do not need a prescription document to purchase drugs from this website. However, you should still consult with your doctor before ordering.

A 10% discount is on all future orders that you make on this site, redeemable by entering the following promotion code:

The pharmacy accepts credit card payments made by VISA and MasterCard. You may also make payments via super cheques as well.

Your order will only ship to addresses that are within Canada, but shipping costs vary depending on where you live in the world.

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