Pharm Express Rx Review – A Rogue Online Drugstore With Fake Consumer Reviews

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Pharm Express Rx Review – A Rogue Online Drugstore With Fake Consumer Reviews

Pharm express rx is an online Canadian pharmacy which started its service in 2015. It is one of the oldest Canadian online pharmacies with more than 15 years of service. This means that it is highly reliable and trustworthy. The company distributes its products all over the world and there is no known reason why it should not be internationally competitive.

They also proudly Ship products to almost all countries in the world except for Canada which has their own exclusive policy.

There is no way to verify this company except to rely on the testimonials they have posted on their site.

Some comments say that this pharmacy is a fraud that does not have reviews on their site. They also have a bad reputation with scam adviser which honestly can not be trusted.

The company offers an all-expenses paid trip for its customers and offers free delivery to the addresses they are registered with. This is a great way to show your appreciation for them and your business. They also take advantage of this opportunity to rip off potential clients by using fraudulent details.

There is no doubt that this drugstore is a pharmacy scam. Their business is based on fraud, deception and stealing money. They are also involved in mail fraud, mail theft, and identity theft. They also have a poor rating from scam adviser and are probably not safe to use.

This pharmacy is a short-lived Internet Pharmacy with conflicting customer reviews. The website used to be operational for 9 years before its owner decided to close it down. A lack of reviews would suggest that this pharmacy was a total scam!

I decided to check the status of this site through Results from were surprising. The site has been given a low trust rating of 38% and is said to be unresponsive to any customer queries.

On URL Void, there is one warning about this site. A warning for this pharmacy does not match the {{DNS}} tag.

Available Products

On each of the three trustworthy pharmacies there is a listing of the shipping charges. These charges are significantly cheaper than the ones that you get from regular pharmacies. If it is an online pharmacy where the prices are expensive then it can be difficult to justify the prices. This is because when you try to order from their store you usually do not get a refund from the company.

Not all online pharmacies offer coupons, and some of the pharmacies are only really generous when it comes to this issue. On the third trustworthy site there is a small chance of you getting a 10% discount if you order from them again in the future. The money you spend in the store is not charged back next time.

Pharm Express Rx

Orders can be sent using any credit cards from the major banks located on the current pharmacy sites. They accept E-checks and money orders as well as Visa and MasterCard.

Delivery is free unless you spend more than £30 on the store. This charge is based on a standard shipping option. This can be paid by paying an extra £6.

This pharmacy site has a lot of customer service options. You can phone them 24/7 by calling them on +44 2072881409 or +44 2072838828. They have a contact form and live chat.

Not all online pharmacies have testimonials from customers. But on this third trustworthy pharmacy they have more customer reviews than they do reviews on their own website. They even have customer testimonials on a third party website.

It is difficult to justify buying from these pharmacies as they are very expensive. So it is important to make sure that you are dealing with a legit business before you make a purchase.

When we check the domain name record, we find that they have been operating for a little over a year. This, however, is more than likely an attempt to deceive the customers who are searching for a new pharmacy that offers cheap prices.

Pharm Express Rx Coupon Codes

There are not many reviews online regarding this store. The most recent testimonials are only on the store’s own page:

I don’t believe in citing individual reviews on independent sites since it is very difficult to devise a good experience without having experienced it first-hand. Also, there are a lot of Facebook comments on the site and it is notable that most of them are positive. I like to see what other people think about a specific website before I make my own decisions about whether to use them.

The company claims to be a Canadian pharmacy which means that they should be following the rules and regulations which are set out for Canadian pharmacies. But, they do not. A search on Google then informs me that this account is in fact a rogue. Why is this? Well, it is not clear, but the likelihood of them being a rogue is high.

On Scamadviser, this pharmaceutical website has a trust score of 67% with a label that says “high trust rating”.

This pharmaceutical website is not registered by any of the major financial institutions that are used for drug transactions. This shows that they have not been protecting customers information correctly and a high likelihood of being a rogue.

Pharm Express Rx Available Products

Accessibility Issues

A major accessibility issue affecting many online pharmacies is the lack of an accessible design. Apart from this the site lacks an accessible mobile page and the online pharmacy is not available on-site for customer purchase. However, this can be remedied through the use of a paid add-on.

Delivery is at your own risk if you decide to make an order. All orders are shipped from the United States and Canada.

However, there is no way to verify the feedback which is located on the website. There is no address to contact and no phone number to call. In an age where information is so prevalent, it seems like a lot of people are sharing irrelevant information on the feedback form.

There are many reasons why people choose to order from this pharmacy website. The site is in the United States. The site provides secure and unique online pharmacy portal that guarantees the safety and privacy of the buyers. However, the company has had over 100,000 page views such a high number of visitors.

We conclude that this website is a rogue online pharmacy and it is not safe to use for your medical needs.

From all the information that we have seen, we can not recommend this company to use. We suspect that they are using third party sites to hide their identity. There is also a high chance of them being Russian based.

They say that they have been in business for more than 15 years and offer 24/7 customer support.

Product Pricing

As mentioned previously, this pharmacy is sourcing its products from Pakistan, but it is also associated with dozens of other Pakistan-based online pharmacies. Additionally, this business is operating from a territory known as the Indian Ocean.

For all their drugs, they offer the lowest prices on the internet. Their cheapest product is a pill worth $0.27. All of their drugs are also FDA-approved. Both generic and brand-name Viagra are offered by this pharmacy in the US.

This business is controlled by officers of Pakistan Asian Food Processing Manufacturing Ltd. And they have a secure payment gateway.

Credit card payments through VISA and MasterCard. All orders are shipped using one shipping method only: Trackable Courier Service.

Pharm Express Rx

Shipping is not free of charge. All eligible orders are provided with free shipping regardless of the quantity of the orders.

This pharmacy offers a toll-free hotline at +1 to +4420-2123201 for US and UK customers. They also provide email, fax, and regular mail for their customers. You can call up or email this business on their website.

Is this a legit drug store? Or are they scamming? Probably not, since they have a legal license and are operating in accordance with all the requirements required by the FDA. They even have a medical checker service too. is an online pharmacy that sells drugs at low prices. They have a pharmacy accept Visa and eCheck payments for all orders. There are two shipping methods they offer, one is Trackable Courier Service and the other is Airmail Service. As you can see, there are four different products they offer. The drugs are shipped from various countries all around the world. The shipping is done using International Unregistered Mail and can take up to a maximum of 5 days for delivery. The pills can be paid using credit cards from leading companies such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. As long as the customer is ordering from a valid one of their authorized pharmacies and does not have any suspicious activity, they will be approved for their service. They are fully insured which means that their drugs will be delivered to the US and their fulfillment centers that are located in the USA, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and India.

Since online pharmacies are usually not as good as they are advertised, we have tried to find out what our readers think about this pharmacy. Below are some of the reviews we have found so far:


To conclude, has nothing much to recommend. It is a pharmacy that claims to provide quality services but ends up in a bad way when it comes to customer reviews. All the testimonials are negative and they can be found on the website as well.

The site also makes sure to note that all their drugs are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for their usage. They do not make it clear on the site if their generic drugs pass the same scrutiny that their branded counterparts.

Pharm express rx has a lot to offer. The products that they sell include meds for various clinical applications. They also provide prescriptions for some of the drugs for their site. They do not seem to use the prescription meds as they want you to believe that they are self-prescribed. This is another issue that can lead to a decrease in the quality of the medication you use.

All of the products that this drugstore sell are produced in India. They say that they have pharma-level approval from India FDA. They offer medical advice to help you in completing your prescription.

The pharmacy offers meds worldwide. They say that they offer medications for more than 100 countries around the world. They offer a free shipping and handing service for orders to the USA. They don’t provide any further information about this service.

Since the company is a Canadian-based company, they are required to provide a valid address on their site. They use a valid business address in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

They send out their customer’s email notification in the UK and through the US. They don’t appear to offer any support services for ordering from this site.

We haven’t found any reviews posted to this company’s website since they closed. Unfortunately, this is not a good sign for the company.

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