Nu Rx Review - A Very Limited Store With Fake Reviews

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Nu Rx Review - A Very Limited Store With Fake Reviews

The domain has been registered and is set for expiry in 2004. This suggests that the store isn’t likely to be a genuine business.

The store displays a “Canada” and “United States” logo on the front page of the website.

“Canada?” The store has been carrying on business for over seven years. This indicates that the pharmacy is legitimate.

“US” The pharmacy is located in Washington State, USA, however, they are not located on the original website that they are using.

This pharmacy is a Canadian-based business. They go to great lengths to have the correct regulatory approvals to display on the store. They also make sure that the information they are collecting is accurate and trustworthy.

The store has a wide range of products to offer. They sell all types of pills including prescription drugs. Their prices are cheap compared to most other pharmacies.

However, we want to make sure you are realistic about their service so we’ve decided that they don’t offer enough meds to fill your needs. They do provide a bit of information though to see if we’re legal.

The pharmacy is very easy to use. You simply need to register with them and then you can choose from their four main categories of products to get started.

This pharmacy site is secured with several encryption and hashing algorithms that protect your personal and card details.

They don’t seem so worried about how they are doing business as they have a security service that provides real-time coverage of their platform.

  • Credit card
  • Personal or bank check
  • Wire transfer
  • Airmail will take between 7 and 14 days to arrive and will cost you $30.
  • Airmail will take between 9 and 15 days to arrive and you can opt to pay a small fee for the return tracking. This is a good option if you want to travel and want to save some money.

This pharmacy is offering a very significant discount on top of the basic prices from other pharmacies.

Nu Rx Reviews 2021

We suspect the fact that the pharmacy is operating from the United States could be a factor in the reluctance of many potential customers to place an order from them.

This store claims to sell high quality drugs across many different categories. They provide information on where they are and the times they are operational. Some of the products they offer include:

Payment Methods

  • Pain Supplements
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Hair Loss
  • Fertility
  • Anti Viral
  • Anti Clotting Agent
  • Antibacterial
  • Antivenom

They also provide information about their policies and the legal permissions that they need to sell medication online.

Customer feedback is very much appreciated. They ask for a commission of £29.95 for their small order and their transaction takes more than an hour to complete. The option to leave a feedback ticket is available on the Contact Us page of their site.

These comments seem to be genuine and give thanks to all those that have reviewed this store. It looks like the testimonials found on this page are genuine and are not duplicated anywhere else.

We don’t know if these comments are genuine, however, since they appear on other websites about this pharmacy.

Prescription Requirements

In order to purchase drugs from this website, most online pharmacies will require you to submit a prescription.

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Electron Card
  • Wire Transfer

This pharmaceutical website does not have any customer reviews or testimonials on their website. They don’t provide any feedback to other online pharmacies on the web.

We can see in the domain name database that they have only been in business for less than two years. They started as a pharmacy and later expanded to become a drugstore. It has been now just over 2 years since they were first established.

While they say they have been in business since 2002, they do have a valid pharmacy license from the state of Michigan.

They only have one phone number and this is usually the number of a company which is owned by them and not by any pharmacies.

They also have a seal from AACPS on the site and an American A3 PC seal on the front page of the store.

Payment Methods

One possible payment method is four-digit security-tagged Visa and MasterCard. Unfortunately, they do not accept payments in the traditional way.

The pharmacy is collecting their customer feedback in the form of a meta-analysis website called Scam Adviser. There are two ways to get in contact with the company. The first one is through a phone number they have provided. They also have an email address.


The second option is a mailing address. It has been registered and their delivery is by standard mail only. This option is also available for customers with orders over $200.

There is very little information available on the website about the company. They only provide their address and phone number if necessary which is probably for their own benefit. They do not seem to have any regulation. For a genuine online retailer they need to have a license to operate from their local state regulatory agency.

Since the site lacks customer feedback we have also not been able to find independent reviews about this pharmacy.

This lack of independent feedback puts the authenticity of the site and this service providers which is not recommended for buying drugs from this site.

They also offer a free gift voucher, however, this offer is not as attractive as the free pills. I guess they want you to be as addicted to this site as they can be.

I think it is safe to say that they are not the cheapest online pharmacy on the web. They sell generic drugs at a very low price and they have many other great deals for customers.


In the case of the pharmacy, certain offers are available only to customers who have registered with them. These include the ones below:

  • Very Popular Online Pharmacy

While the domain is registered, it doesn’t have an SSL certificate in use. This means that you can’t read the website or the information that comes with it without operating on higher levels of trust. However, the website is quite new so it is likely that this site will be offline for a few months.

  • Very New Shop

The website is Enterprise-like in design and the themes it has used. The fonts used are quite big and bold which are bad signs if you are going to purchase drugs from any other shop.

The provider is named as “Online Pharmacy”, but there is no reception to contact them. There is an email address, but the website supports only a single one way communication, so there is not much information available through email. They do provide a live chat, but it is closed as they do not seem to have a lot of customers.

Online Pharmacy is operating with a business license that is valid for a maximum of 15 years. This shows that they have a solid base, they are more than just a pharmacy, they are an internet pharmacy. They are operating within a strict set of policies that they are required to follow.

There are a number of seals on the Pharmacy Checker site that match up with the ones on This means that they are operating a legitimate business.

Nu Rx Reviews 2021

This store is selling a wide array of products, all legal. Everything is regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) which is a group of UK-based regulatory bodies that are monitoring the industry.

So far, only credit cards from American Express, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted. There is also a fixed shipping charge that is calculated based on the quantity of your order and your location.

Shipping is done globally using two methods, including Airmail and EMS. Airmail costs $10 but it is only available on selected products.

Prescription Policy

This drug costs a lot less than the average market price. This is because of the unique ingredient in this product, which makes it more expensive than your average ED drug.

On, this drug was nominated as 0% safe and recommended to only be used by people who are very careful when dealing with the internet.

This online pharmacy is now a long-running business, and although we have a lot of reliable and long-form reviews, we must use common sense when dealing with them.

Although they have a good record of almost a decade of service, some of these reviews are fake and are likely to be edited. is a UK based business which has been in business for close to five years. They provide high quality generic drugs at very low prices.

They don’t have a lot of prescriptions, and if yours is a prescription, they would ask for a valid prescription from your GP before dispensing drugs.

The drugs they offer are generic so you cannot be sure if they are effective for you. They do not have a prescription from any authority so you are asked to contact their customer support team if you need help with that. You can leave feedback on their site or through their chat support.


The shop makes use of the UK-based pharmacists that are known worldwide. They say that this UK based pharmacist group is reliable and trustworthy. Another member of this UK-based group is also known as Quanta Pharmacy, this pharmacy is based in the UK. They use the word "Trust" in their website and it seems that this is the case since they have a lot of trust ratings on their site.

The store has a lot of drugs on their shelves which is very impressive for a pharmacy website. I am thinking now that this store only sells men's health drugs.

I have been anxiously checking what other customers had experienced whilst taking part in their online prescription. I found this survey and reviews on a pharmacy website and it got me excited. I will encourage you to check it out as it is an interesting read.

Chris from Germany was also impressed with the 'Fast and Friendly' comments made by Ian and Janet. He praised the fast delivery of his products and said that even if it was only for receiving them, he would still be 'very pleased'.

They are also very popular with customers and these are the reviews that customers are most happy with. Customers attest to the efficacy of their products which are backed by scientific studies.

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