Northwest Pharmacy Review - An Online Pharmacy With Fake Testimonials

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Northwest Pharmacy Review - An Online Pharmacy With Fake Testimonials

Northwest pharmacy is a Canadian online pharmacy that wants to make sure that everyone has access to medicines that are safe and effective for use. The corporation says that all of their medications are from Canada and they accept all major credit cards and debit cards. No buyers are officially notified when a product is ready for shipping although the store encourages consumers to use their registered airmail (the cheaper option) if there are any delays.

The company has also received a good portion of the responses from the consumers while the providers have received mostly negative feedback. The consumers had mixed experiences with the store and providers, although buyers were almost unanimously pleased with the results of their services.

Since this website is a relatively new site it has not received as many feedback as other internet stores are famous for receiving. I must stress that I am not a salesperson so I did not pose any questions. The consumers were happy about the good results of the store and its performance, even though some of them had mixed experiences with customer service.

The first offer is a three-month supply of the generic Viagra that costs $39.66. This offer is contingent on the results of the upcoming federal election.

The next offer is a free shipping voucher, free product, and a coupon code that consumers can use to take advantage of the following or other offers in the future.

The last offer is a discounted deal that allows the consumers to save between $30 and $40 depending on what their order will bring.

Northwest pharmacy is an online pharmacy that claims to offer 24/7 customer support. This is a good thing, because if there is a phone number and an email address, customers will get to use both of them very quickly. Also, the store gives a good deal on their site, at a cheaper price than other online pharmacies I have seen. There are other problems with this shop.

Available Products

Shipping rates are very cheap, and are usually cheaper than other online pharmacies online. However, some of the drugs might be shipped from places such as Pakistan, India, and China, which might be harmful to your health.

You can use your credit card only for this pharmacy website. There are other reputable pharmacies that accept debit or eCheck payment. Shipping is very fast, and usually arrives within 2 weeks.

Northwest Pharmacy

The pharmacy website is secure, and offers a lot of protection from your personal and online data. The website offers drug discounts and coupons for you, but these are not active for ordering and have no effect on their availability.

This site has a lot of great testimonials from customers. However, they seem to have chosen to highlight positive aspects of this drug store over other testimonials. For example, the testimonial says that the customer service is "excellent", and this seems particularly disingenuous given the fact that this review was posted very recently.

The testimonial also accuses the company of having a VPN service that renders the site's testimonials unobtrusive. This is quite a common practice in scam pharmacy websites, and is usually found to be deceptive.

The company offers a lot of different products, and most of them are generic drugs. The prices of these drugs are very competitive, at least to other online pharmacies. Brand Viagra available for purchase is for $84.

Northwest Pharmacy Coupon

It is very clear from the information we have gathered about this company, it is a rogue operation. They do not have a license for their services and the information they have is fake.

_We recommend Google to use this drugstore for their business. They have far more stringent policies in place to protect their customer’s information and their financial information. They are also building new drug stores along the way, making their online pharmacy network more efficient.

_Should you decide to purchase from their store, we would highly recommend avoiding them in the future. They do not have the integrity to be trusted and we would not recommend them to the consumers.

We have reviewed this domain more and more this year, looking at their website, their testimonials, and their domain status. We have come to know that this website.

Customer Support

Due to the large number of complaints about the services provided by this store, you are advised to contact their customer support at +1-718-561-9792.

Northwest Pharmacy

Joshua wrote about his experience on the “US” website where he purchased some medicines for several reasons. Apart from that, he mentioned about the “cheap drinks” that this store offers.

To conclude, northwest pharmacy is a pharmacy that sells a wide range of products from the health care industry. It has been approved by all three major regulatory bodies that license pharmacies from and it offers genuine products that are covered by the national regulation.

This pharmacy is a drug store that claims to provide customers with affordable prices and fast delivery. They claim to sell medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), however, we are able to verify this claim by using the FDA’s website and checking the information provided by them.

They also provide you with a complete package for pills so that you have extra pills on hand. You can either pay using your credit card or a bank transfer. Shipping is offered worldwide as well as in Canada.

Looking to buy from this website, we’ve found a few things that you should consider. They do not require a prescription in order to dispense drugs. They also offer different prices depending on the quantity that you’re ordering.

Since there aren’t any customer reviews available online, we also checked the seller’s site for recent reviews. The site that they use, is considered trustworthy and they are being advertised by the seller as being able to deliver their products for two weeks.


The drugstore is a pharmacy which seems to be in the pharmaceutical industry. I take a look at the website for this store to establish their origins. I realize that most pharmacies are very reluctant to display their business information in such a way, but this is what northwest pharmacy is. I make the assumption that the drugs they are dispatching from India are Indian-FDA approved because I see none of the drugs are marked as being manufactured in India. The age of the pills is unknown, but could be anywhere between 1 and 4 years old.

The drugstore has a money back guarantee and gives their customers refunds if their order does not arrive within 30 days when they sent it.

Rating of 3 Good pricing and very good customer service. I have been using this store for 3 years and it provides very good service. They have a lot of friendly and helpful people to deal with. I would, therefore, reccomend this store to any customer.

Rating 3 Their customer service is great and very responsive. They have a lot of feedback and favorited many reviews, I believe from their customers.

I realize that customer feedbacks are important. Therefore, I want to see reviews for each pharmacy they have reviewed and their service as a result. I take a look at their site to see if they have received reviews from their customers:

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