North Drugstore Is Now Offline While The Domain Was Up For Sale.

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North Drugstore Is Now Offline While The Domain Was Up For Sale.

It is not recommended to use this website for any transaction, especially for buying pharmaceuticals.

The medicines that north drugstore should be commended for are only generic in nature. Their products are made only from the best raw materials and will not contain any drugs that are not suitable for human consumption. They are therefore safe and effective for use. They are only available for a limited time, so it is best to get them now.

North Drugstore Reviews 2021

This website has a lot of positive reports from satisfied customers. A lot of reviews are also positive about the store which indicates it to be fairly legit.

However, the reviews seem fake and forged on some online pharmacies websites however. This means we are not certain these reports are true.

When you are getting a prescription form from your doctor they will ask for it when ordering with this site. You will receive a coupon code via email from them too.

With all the positive reports about the store we are not surprised at all. They have been around for more than 15 years giving them a lot of credibility.

North Drugstore Coupon Codes

We can not see any evidence that this is a genuine pharmacy but they do have a check out service for your convenience.

As a pharmacy we love to be fair and objective when making online recommendations because it provides transparency to the customers. When there are no reviews to base our judgement on we are forced to use only the comments available on LegitScript and Scamner.

Prescription Policy

The pharmacy does not require its customers to provide a valid prescription form when ordering their meds. This means that they do not require a prescription from you before selling your meds online.

You do not find a wide range of branded and generic pills, instead there are prices for popular drugs such as Viagra being sold at 1.68 US Dollars per pill which isn’t too bad for a 40mg pill.

  1. Direct withdrawal from a bank account
  2. Personal Check
  3. Wire Transfer
  4. Direct Deposit into a Bank
  5. Check Payment

Historically, the pharmacy has received a good number of positive reviews from customers. However, this has not always been the case, with customers complaining about the lack of customer support and about receiving damaged packages.

North Drugstore

The reviews have been collected from third-party testimonials websites and are presented as a single positive report but are actually negative reviews which show how the customer experiences for ordering from this site were disappointing.

We need to stay away from this pharmacy until they provide more information about where they are using the service.

North Drugstore Coupon Codes

Since they are such an online pharmacy, they must have lots of different offers to the customers. The offers that this website has are fairly universal.

Another popular offer they have is their customers receiving free pills with their orders, making the pills cut-rate and saving them a lot of money (with reduced prices for the other products they sell).

These critical comments are mostly found on their Facebook page. Some of the comments can be seen below.

​Kathy who was visiting from the USA was highly pleased with the prices of the drugs and the customer service when she received her order.

Prescription Policy


The drug store is another pharmacy which has turned out to be a scam. I was able to find all the usual details about the pharmacy on the web such as the address and its location, but there is no information about the owner or its location. Due to the problems I had, I decided to conduct my own research to see if the drugstore existed.

It has been a while since I last checked the status of a pharmacy, but I finally decided to check north drugstore because it seemed to be on the internet quite a few years into the future. The drugstore is a Canadian-based internet pharmacy which is associated with the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. Canadian pharmacies are required by the CIPA to be registered with the national association.

I find the cost of their generic Viagra to be very low. I was able to find the correct product for $109.58. The entire order is only charged at $30.78.

The site is a Canadian-based internet pharmacy which claims to be a Canadian business. They say that they have been a member of CIPA for 5 years and they are accredited by Pharmacy Checker, who are two recognized organizations in Canada. They have a very wide selection of drug categories. They also offer a really good deal to the customers. The question is, is this really a legit online pharmacy? What are the risks of ordering from their site? I decided to visit their site daily and find out!

The domain was also registered in Canada on the 27th of May 2005. However, they claim to be located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

NorthDrugstore is a real estate website that goes out of its way to let you know that it’s safe. There are a lot of fake pharmacies out there that are selling cheap packs of Viagra pills, but they may not be able to keep you long. North drugstore does not just seem genuine, they also seem to be following the rules that are allowed by online pharmacies in Canada.

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