Meds 4 Sure Review - A Potentially Dangerous Website

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Meds 4 Sure Review - A Potentially Dangerous Website

Meds 4 sure is a scam. This store is involved in various behavioral health businesses, yet this business does not carry any clinical trials for their products. This raises questions about the quality of their products. In addition, this store denies the existence of any client reviews which are available online.

The business name that we have found for the drugstore is “Online Pharmacy”. This website provides a lot of information about themselves, including:

CIPA, the CPA, and the MIPA. These organizations are all working to make the pharmaceutical industry safer for buyers. There is also a certification from the NABP. The NABP is the world’s oldest standing organization for pediatricians in the provision of quality patient care.

The pharmacy is also approved by the Pharmacy Checker program, which is a program that helps ensure that online pharmacies are complying with drug regulations and pharmacy laws.

Most of the medicines available at the website are generic, which is great considering the fact that most online pharmacies are only selling low-cost medications. The pharmacy deals in a wide range of products, including:

  • Cholesterol-lowering pills
  • Birth control pills
  • Anti-anxiety meds
  • Alcohol abuse meds

The prices of the drugs are low, so buying them is a great way to reduce medical bills. The only catch is that the products have not been approved by the Federal government for human use.

The pharmacy is secured with a valid SSL certificate to ensure that your confidential information isn’t compromised when you order. The delivery is scheduled to take place either via standard US Postal Service or Express Mail Service.

The lack of testimonials is a major red flag and could mean that the pharmacy is doing business illegally.

Meds 4 sure is a website that claims to be an intermediary between different pharmacies and other online stores. They sell prescription drugs, pain relievers, and a few other products. They claim to provide quality services, but there is no evidence that this is really the case.

To conclude, appears to be a legit company, but there are many problems with their service.

Meds 4 Sure Reviews

Unlike many other pharmacies you will find online, this online pharmacy does not require you to provide your Medicare or Medicaid card details during your order processing. This is to avoid any doubt that the site is not legit.

  • Mastercard
  • Airmail
  • tape courier

A third party website that reviews online pharmacies has rated this website as 0% as it has no verification and does not have any customer feedback.

Meds 4 Sure

The page is currently not available and I was able to access it using a pop-up. There is nothing that said things specifically about it being a scam or not.

Meds 4 sure has been able to receive a positive review from Vipin D, who has been using this site since the beginning. He expressed his thanks for the very affordable prices and the high-quality products.

This is a good sign for considering they have been approved by the FTC. This means that the drugs offered are safe to use. It also shows that they have a lot of potential customers.

Medications / Pricing

Apart from the usual generic products available at this store, they are also offering branded as well as unbranded medications. The website has an excellent online repository for all the branded medicines.

They also accept money transfer services. You can use the Money Transfer Meal Plan to pay using PayPal, Western Union, and Amazon Payments.

We have seen these same reviews on other sites without providing too much information about the site.

This site seems to be a scam to us. On URL Void, there is one warning about this drug store but the site is still available to buy from.

We have seen testimonials for this store but we have very limited information about them. We are giving them 0% and as low as 1%.

This drugstore is a pharmacy that claims to offer 24/7 customer support. They provide medication to treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia. They also provide pain relief pills, bodybuilding products, and more. This store is run by a group of disgruntled individuals who are using the internet to gain popularity. Some of the pharmacy’s drugs are prescription drugs. This is dangerous because if you end up ordering an illegal prescription drug, you will be taking it with your own child. Some pharmacy stores are not so sneaky as they issue prescriptions.

The domain has been registered on 2018-06-18. The domain is set to expire on 2018-06-18. It is not clear if it was registered by an individual or a company. The company has been non-responsive to our queries.

Domain Name Information

On Scamadviser, there is also some concern over the domain. The domain might be compromised and they might be looking to siphon money from the victims.

Although the pharmacy displays signs of a legitimate company, the company is not registered with the appropriate regulatory bodies for performance of their business.

The pharmacy is operating with a valid registration and accreditation from members of regulatory agencies.

They are also using a seal from VeriSign issued by the US that certifies that the pharmacy is operating within the law.

Meds 4 Sure

The pharmacy is offering a range of generic and brand-name pills. Some of the popular products on offer are:

  • Erectile dysfunction treatments
  • Hair loss treatments
  • Men’s health products
  • Women’s health products
  • Sexual health products

Consumers are encouraged to use the drug for their sexual needs and not worry about the side effects.

The prices of the generic products seem fair, considering the fact that these are FDA-approved drugs.

However, since they are FDA-approved, the manufacturer of the product must also be certified by them as well.

We also find this pharmacy very competitive. They offer a 10% discount on all future orders, as well as giving a 2% discount on every subsequent order. All orders are also eligible for a 5% coupon code.

If you make your order through this store, then it will be delivered through EMS from the United States. Shipping costs vary greatly depending on the country of destination; while some destinations cost only $9.95 for the regular option, others will cost $19.95.

Given the success of this pharmacy in doing business, we have also found some reviews on the internet. In the comments, consumers are highly impressed with the pharmacy.

The majority of comments are positive, as the store consistently ranks highly on the internet pharmacies ranking. Furthermore, most commenters are saying that they will be ordering from this store again.

To conclude, the pharmacy is a legit and legit business, running their business in accordance with the laws that they are required to follow.


Meds 4 sure is registered for one year by the Federal Trade Commission and it expires in 11 years. The FTC's records show that the store has operated for 3 years and it has sold over 600,000 products. The pharmacy claims that the products they sell are FDA approved, however, there is no evidence to support this claim.

This pharmacy uses a modern professional looking website that is completely safe and secure to use. The site is 100% secure and protected by SSL security certificates. The company says that they provide high-quality medicines. They say that their customer service team is always ready to answer any questions you may have. They also provide customer support wherever you are in the world.

This pharmacy claims that they are a licensed pharmacy with the American Pharmacy Association, though they do not provide an address to contact them. They also need a valid prescription from their customers.

This store offers a few benefits, including free pills, free shipping, and discounts for returning customers. They say that they provide you with medication for cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and erectile dysfunction.

The store is divided into two. A standard pack of Viagra costs $129.26, while a pack of Cialis costs $242.26. The drug is available in a variety of strengths and formulations.

You can pay with your Visa or MasterCard, though they do not accept MoneyGram payments as this is a dangerous way to pay.

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