Marley Generics Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy With No Customer Feedback

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Marley Generics Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy With No Customer Feedback

Marley generics is a field that comes with a high probability of a very strong negative. Since we will be doing some research on its legitimacy and where it could be located if it are really a genuine operator, we will see where potential buyers are heading in their search for an online pharmacy.

We know the typical format for fake pharmacies is that they have a blank checking account, which is why they can do their business anonymously. They also do not have their customers' or members’ details in their database, these are the characteristics that make them fake. To verify these claims, we have taken the liberty of searching for the domain location information provided by the owner of the website.

This anonymous site claims to have a wide variety of products available for sale. But from the looks of it, it seems like this pharmacy only wants to gain more popularity by selling cheap products.

Since this site is operating from a high-traffic website, we have also managed to access some information about the domain registrant. To our surprise, the owner’s name and location are protected via a paid privacy service.

Since this is an online store, they have to be quite familiar with the law in their country of residence. When we checked these laws, we were able to find out that the website is operating pursuant to a medical insurance policy.

The pharmacy also has a license from the US FDA, which also guarantees the quality of the drugs that they sell.

The pharmacy has a wide assortment of products available for sale. They offer generic as well as branded medications.

The pharmacy also has a special offer with every, new and replacement pill. This discount offer is available for all customers, which includes men’s health and sexual health drugs.

They also offer gifts for every order. This includes tickets to the concert, makeup, men’s health and sexual health supplements, anti-allergic and antiviral drugs, and personal and newborn care products.

The pharmacy does not require prescriptions for most purchases. They also do not require any patient’s prescriptions upon pickup, onsite, or by calling them.

Prescription Requirements

This website advise its customers not to fill their prescriptions past 60 days old. This means that you need not worry about getting yourself charged for your prescriptions since this information is provided by the pharmacy to their customers.

Marley Generics

They have also made sure that their customer service representatives are in touch with 24/7 hotline that you may have missed. They also have a live support team that you can reach them through email or phone.

Marley generics is popular among online shoppers due to the low prices they offer, especially compared to the market price. There is no other online pharmacy that offers the same range of medications for as cheap as they do. The generic drugs they sell are also of excellent quality and manufactured by the best manufacturing facilities in India. The drugstore is opening their store from 2011 onwards. No, it’s not a sham.

This website is a Canadian pharmacy that provides safe and secure medication delivery to customers worldwide. It is a member of FDA for the health care products that they sell.

Social Media Accounts

The platform has not only made it easy to use but it has also made it effortless for the customers to use. The online platform only requires a few words and their instant feedback is enough for them to give it a try. The customer reviews are just amazing and they are written by its customers. The customer feedback is real and it reflects on the quality of service that the website provides.

Prescription Consultation

If you have a complaint with your order, you can call the US number +1 877 424 9792 for the US and +44 203 7060 3222 for the UK. Please note, the UK number is for Customer Support.

Marley generics received a total of 2,102 customer reviews on 3rdparty review platforms. Of all the reviews, 98% are positively infused.

The drugstore has received plenty of positive customer reviews. Moreover, this pharmacy has a very wide acceptance for its services. It is a good platform for training and developing readership for online pharmacies.

According to, it’s been 1 year, 10 months, and 4 days since the domain name was registered. I decided to check the domain status online since it seems like the pharmacy has been operating for a long time.

Business Owners

The pharmacy's online certificate has been valid for six years, which is great since most drugstores fail to have this much validity for less than a year. However, the store does not have a valid business license as the “worldwide leading fraud and rogue agency”.

The store is popular with online buyers to avoid the risk of obtaining illegally acquired prescriptions from these counterfeit drugs.

The site is certified by the NABP, a professional organization for stores that sell high-quality products that are also safe to use. Legal requirements for drugstores that sell pills to customers also require that the company show identification cards and other government-issued health certifications.

Marley Generics Prescription Requirements

Most of the pills are dispensed from India, a country with stringent rules and regulations regarding the manufacture and sale of drugs. The pharmacy is also licensed to operate in the United States, Canada, and the UK as well as New Zealand.

To purchase any drug from this online pharmacy, customers are required to have a valid prescription. Prescription requirements vary by pharmacy and local laws.

The company is also offering discounts to customers. The company offers special deals and holidays to attract customers.

  • Airmail - $30
  • International Registered Mail (delivered by International Unregistered Mail) - $10
  • Trackable Courier Service - $10

Even though there are more reviews than usual, we still find it hard to trust this store. They have a lot of negative reviews on their website, and most of them are written by customers themselves. This shows that this store is not popular with many customers.

They also do not have many positive reviews either. This shows that this store lacks the customer satisfaction of most.


I think the truth is out there, that this website is a scam. They are using the pharmacy as an illegal platform to dispense medicines to their customers. The company is not meeting their verification standards and is likely to be involved in large-scale product counterfeiting. I can only give it a 1.2 out 5-rating out of 5. I hope that this review helps you to decide if it is the right pharmacy for you.

I am interested in saving my wallet. I like the fact that they offer gift vouchers to their customers.

Marley generics says that their drugs are FDA approved. They do not give any specific references as to if they are FDA certified. They are using the word ‘certified’ in their advertising. I hope that they will extend this certification to other other drug companies.

I am interested in getting some help in making an order because I am pursuing my own medical needs. I like the fact that they do not require a prescription for any order and they accept payments through major credit cards. They offer two shipping methods; regular and express shipping.

They offer to ship to almost all countries worldwide except for some countries where delivery is by airmail is the only option. For orders delivered by airmail, delivery takes 14 to 21 days generally. In case of any complaints, they offer to refund or reship the order.

About the Author: Dr. Evan Knaus, PhD

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