Maple Leaf Meds Review - A Fraud Or Scam Online Pharmacy

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Maple Leaf Meds Review - A Fraud Or Scam Online Pharmacy

Legit Script is offering a money back guarantee for consumers with orders that were not shipped to them, as well as a refund policy for all returned merchandise.

Maple leaf meds has received good review in the pharmacy website commenting section. However, because they are very new to the internet, I would say that they are not trusted.

In the testimonial section, they have only been around for 5 years and they have been flagged as a rogue online pharmacy. This is shocking, as such pharmacies normally are.

With so much competition and so many online stores to choose from, it can be a tough decision to choose the best offer for your business.

Maple Leaf Meds Reviews 2021

MapleLeafMeds mainly deals in generic erectile dysfunction pills, but they also have a few brand-name drugs available for their customers. They do not perform an auction as the cited reason for their lack of online pharmacy status.

There are two shipping methods used by maple leaf meds. The first one is the standard shipping method which takes between 7 and 12 days for the product to arrive at its destination.

However, I have seen the exact same reviews on several other websites. This is a clear sign that they are copied from other websites therefore I would not trust them.

Shipping Methods

Shipping is in Europe and there are two shipping methods that you can choose from, the first is Airmail with a standard delivery time of 2 weeks with a tracking option that is available at $14.95 USD then you have the Express shipping method that takes between 5 and 9 business days with a minimum processing time of 30 days.

The company has a testimonial page that you can click on to see the comments from the customers that have been reviewing the health store.

What you will not find on the testimonial page is testimonial pages shared on other pages that is why we do not know who has actually posted on their site. We also know that there is a large number of free testimonials available on the pharmacy that is because they have not been able to pay for them.

Finding a genuine business online requires some careful thought as they have tried their best. They have made it easy to navigate the site and they have an answer to all of your questions. The customer reviews that are available are generally positive and show that the company is doing well.

There is no doubt that this drug store is a legit company that has been in operation for a few years offering quality meds to its customers. They have a customer service team that is eager to help and they provide a lot of information about the health store. So far, all of the positive feedback that they got has been shared on the site and they have been very happy with the support they have received.

We have found that the domain name records indicate that this site was originally registered in 2009. This shows that the pharmacy store is a highly trusted pharmacy, with hundreds of thousands of online customers.

However, the site has a history of using a Russian server which may be a deliberate attempt to hide their true identity.

The pharmacy store has a professional designed website with a color scheme similar to the web design of a reputable business. The store also provides information about the different pharmacy services available on the site.

The pharmacy offers different drug categories such as essential, generic, prescription, over the counter, and veterinary.


The site claims to offer all types of drugs including but not limited to, Antibiotics, Antifungal, Anti-fungal, Finally, skincare, blood pressure and cholesterol-regulating agents. The drugs available for purchase are all FDA approved and are sourced directly from the manufacturer.

Shipping is free to the destinations that are listed on the website. Shipping is also free if the package contains the standard airmail that takes about 2 to 3 weeks while the express mail takes 5 to 8 days to arrive.

From the information that we have gathered about MapleLeafMeds, we will have no choice but to conclude that this is a very dubious pharmacy. They appear to have been created by the same person without any regard for any safety. They do not have any regulation and there is no clear information about who owns them.

Maple Leaf Meds Reviews 2021

Regulatory Approvals

Since the website has been operating since 2007, the shop claims to have been approved by the FDA twice since then, once as part of its stated mission of providing products for its customers. Additionally, both CIPA and MIPA are members of the NABP.

On LegitScript, maple leaf meds is lauded as a member of the Canadian regulatory associations, given its membership by the pharmacy and stated that it is operating within the regulations for the medical device.

The website offers brand and generic relief for virtually all conditions that can be treated with the same basic ingredients found in Viagra. The store has a wide selection of products to choose from, which shows that the store is not limited to a specific product offering.

  • Aromatherapy
  • Allergy
  • Anti-fungal
  • Antibiotics
  • Birth Control
  • Blood Pressure
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Eye Disease
  • Excessive Skin Dryness
  • Flatulence
  • Hashimoto's
  • Migraine
  • Pain Relief
  • Sleep Problems

The store charges its customers between $3.92 and $4.22 per pill for each product. The price of Viagra is also relatively affordable as a generic product, which shows that the store cares about its consumers and actually provides them with quality drugs at low prices.

  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • $100 check

Working days vary depending on the quantity of medications purchased, so orders placed after 3 PM CET (Central European Time) will be processed for 4 hours.

The store has been a participant in the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and MIPA member programme. It is also recognized by Pharmacy Checker as an online pharmacy based in Canada.

There are no reviews on the web platform, although the website has been listed by Legit Script as a rogue online pharmacy.

Since the pharmacy is no longer ranked as a rogue online pharmacy, we checked the status of MapleLeafMeds on scamadviser and found out that it has a high trust rate.

Maple leaf meds is not a threat at all according to Scamner. It has also been listed by Legit Script as a Level 5 online pharmacy and it is safe to use.

The store offers a limited time offer where customers can enjoy 25% off the regular price for the entire year. To be eligible for the offer, orders must have been delivered within the previous 12 months.

Prescription Requirements

If you want to purchase RX drugs from this pharmacy, you must request a prescription from your doctor prior to placing your order. This can be done through the Drugstore’s online form. A prescription is required to order medicines on this pharmacy.

24× accepts payments by credit card and debit card as well as E-checks. It assures its customers that its security measures are working. The site also has a warehouse in Singapore and is constantly expanding its network of outlets as it continues to grow.

Unlike other online pharmacies that only accept Visa and MasterCard credit card payments, this online pharmacy accepts Visa eCheck. This enables it to accept payments through Amazon Payments and through Paypal. You can also use your bank debit card to pay your bills here. The site also has two shipping methods, Express Delivery and Trackable Courier Service, which are free to use. Everything that you need to know is found on the site.

This website has a Call Center to assist with any queries or issues you may have. You cannot contact them directly, however, as the call center is only for their Hawaiian or European customers.

Although 24× has a Testimonial page, it is not known to have Received Feedback or Reviews. This means that there is no way for customers to see where they are going to get their feedback from and this site is usually a location for scam sites.

After careful consideration, we can say that 24×7-Healthstore-Online is not a legitimate pharmacy website. The fact that they are using fake photos to promote their business only adds to the confusion as to where they are based.

They do not have any Testimonial page and the fact that they are using a fake Business and mailing address further confirm their skepticism regarding this business.

Maple Leaf Meds Coupon Codes is a pharmacy which seems genuine. They say that they put the customer first when it comes to quality. They are also very transparent with all information about their business. Unfortunately, this online drug store is not genuine. Here is our detailed investigation into this store.


This online pharmacy seems to be located in Canada, but there is no information about where they are based.


Shipping methods used by this website include regular and express shipping, Express shipping and money back guarantees. Order fulfilled before 30 days unless the order is defective will receive a full refund.

You can contact the support team of this website via fax, email or by calling their toll-free hotline at 1-718-438-9792.

MapleLeafMeds is an online pharmacy committed to providing high-quality pills to their customers. The company has a license to operate from the NY State Department of Banking Administration and they are also approved by the American Medical Association and other national health associations as safe and effective in treatment.

This company has good reviews from the internet and other independent reviews from third parties who have used them. They have a wide range of products to choose from, and they operate from New York City.

They have a checker site too where you can find reviews for them. I like the fact that they are posting reviews which are not only from their customers but also from other independent sites too.

The business-facing website for the web pharmacy maple leaf meds is easy to use. Best of all, the drug store has a wide range of products to choose from. There is also an array of drug categories with a large one for men.

This company has been operating for 5 years, selling drugs only in New York. This isn’t surprising considering the fact that the company is involved in more than 300 different pharmacies in different countries around the world. The pharmacy has a strong presence on social media and even has a Facebook page.

They are selling generic Viagra here for 40 US Dollars which is a steal. A generic Cialis is off to $12.68. Generic Levitra is just shy of $17.64.

Available Products

Shipping is done through international mail. Unfortunately, shipping takes up to 21 days on some countries. The pharmacy offers a money back guarantee for lost shipments or returns of defective goods.

From the testimonial page, Shawn from Montclair, New Jersey, also mentions that he has received his order within 7 days.

To conclude, Generic Pills’ is a reliable pharmacy with a good reputation. According to the pharmacy’s website, it has been approved by the NABP and various regulatory agencies. The company unfortunately is not as well regarded as the others due to its inaccessibility for ordering.

However, it is still recommended by the doctors because of its excellent prices. It can be a good option for male addicts who want to decrease their medication costs.

What makes this pharmacy interesting is that they have not put any type of markup on their drugs. This is a good sign since it means that they would charge their branded counterparts less.

Besides, they offer a lot of different products to choose from. For instance, they offer Acomplia, Cialis, and Viagra.

They sell their generic meds at very reasonable prices.

Maple Leaf Meds Coupon Codes

However, if you own a promotional code from another online pharmacy (like the ones below), you can apply it to this site.

Maple Leaf Meds Available Products

Free shipping is provided with all orders over 200 US dollars, and with every order you make on this site, you are able to contribute to the company's environmental cleanup initiatives. is a web drugstore with a great reputation among customers. However, the company has a tough habit of charging exorbitant rates, which is just unbelievable. Most other online pharmacies charge much lower prices than this website, but don’t you think they should ask for your refund when you’re ordering from them?

Since maple leaf meds is a new site, we are just trying to collect the facts to learn more about them. If we learn anything then it will help other customers to make better decisions when shopping online.

They say that they offer low price cuts and have a wide range of medicines from A to Z. We are going to be attending a live chat with them to find out if they are legit or not. Are we going to see any discounts or coupons? The site has no structured money back guarantee.

The domain has been registered and it has been operational for 4 years now. This is very surprising as they have been around for less than a year.

The owner is using a service called which lets you check when a service has been registered. The owner of the domain with a valid SSL certificate has been invited to contact them via phone (+1 888321 646310), sending an email, and filling their online form.

The company is not new as they have been around for years. They have a history of selling fake meds to attract customers who are looking for more inexpensive alternatives.

When checking we found out that it is a mirror website of, which is an online drugstore that sells branded medicines.

The company is based in Canada with a warehouse in Prague, Czech Republic. This means that the drugs they are selling are manufactured in other countries as well. This is a red flag that they are only counterfeit.

It is important to note that they have a seal from CIPA on their site. This shows that they are professional and they operate all over the world.


The shop is a pharmacy that claims to be an arm of Canadian Pharmacy. They say that they provide quality services and medications to their patients. We look at the facts that surround this store to find out if they are really as good as they claim.

Thanks to we know who owns this pharmacy. This information can be found on the domain issue page.

A check on shows us that the domain has been registered in 2013. This is great because it indicates that they have been doing this for a while.

On the pharmacy's website they claim that they are a Canadian organization and that customers can find them on our list of pharmacies. However, there is no information available on their site about who owns them and where they are based.

The pharmacy doesn't provide their physical location. They only provide the information that they want customers to believe they are located in Canada.

On Scamadviser we can see that they haven't been paid for their service for 4 years, this isn't a good sign.

This doesn’t make it a reputable store and shows that they haven’t been approved by any of those associations.

This pharmacy offers pills from a variety of countries around the world. They claim to dispense medication from Canadian pharmacies, however, we doubt how genuine that claim is.

This store isn’t operating in accordance with the standard of pharmacy that they should be following. They are operating illegally and aren’t telling the truth about where they are located.

This store is using the secure payment portal that they have been using for years. They don’t have any arrangement in place to use the credit card you would expect.

They don’t provide details of an alternative payment business that they use. We don’t know what other fees they charge other companies, though.

This store is using Canada Post to ship their products to their customers in the United States. The other shipping option that they offer is Airmail and their Courier.

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