Maple Leaf Meds Review - Suspended Drug Store That Used To Be Cautious

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Maple Leaf Meds Review - Suspended Drug Store That Used To Be Cautious

Shipping was done from different Indian post offices around the world. The cost of shipping was not specified but was reported to be $9.95 USD. The order did not have to be dispatched from India at all. The order could be processed and dispatched from the following address. The pharmacy accepted credit and debit cards as a payment option.

I tried to contact the customer support to get more details of their products and services but got no response. They had a chat support team that answered all the questions you may have about the website.

I noticed a problem, though, with their photos. They used the photo of a pregnant woman with her baby on their site. This was great and I wondered if this was the case because I was thinking of purchasing drugs for my own family as well. I noticed the site used a lot of pictures of pregnant women.

The other site, on the other hand, was able to provide a bit more details about maple leaf meds and even gave them a base rate of $98 million. This site was also running in the United States but they gave their UK based distributor the benefit of a free consultation.

I had reason to believe that the positive reviews were genuine but it wasn't quite as good as the other two.

Maple Leaf Meds Reviews

There are a lot of great offers online, with an example being an offer of free pills with every new customer that uses the drug in the store. Their minimum order is just $25 and that’s a great deal for them as they receive $10 of free medication.

They also give special discounts to help those in need. They give a 5% discount on the next order they make on the website and consider it a special offer.

I am also very interested in how they treat their clients and I look forward to checking whether they will give them the service they provide.

Maple Leaf Meds

The site is currently being run by a group of Canadians who believe in the importance of providing quality services to their customers. I have also learned that this website claims to have satisfied customers for more than a decade, and that it is one of the most trusted pharmacies on the internet.

I am interested in the services provided by maple leaf meds and the products on offer. Since it is an online pharmacy the site is very familiar to me — I have been doing this for years.

They say that their drugs are approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), but there is no indication to support their claim. I also see no indication that they have FDA approval for their products.

They accept other forms of payments such as Visa and MasterCard. Their main store is being offered in Canada and they use a warehouse facility in the Netherlands.

Delivery Timeline

The drugs are within reach of the customers for delivery in up to 21 days. There are a few shipping complications but there is not much risk associated with it as the courier services provided by this website are able to deliver the drugs in as little as 3 days. The items will be delivered through the following methods:

Airmail will be delivered via Express Delivery which takes 5 - 9 working days and a maximum of $300. The website has more details about this shipping method.

The delivery time for regular shipping is 14 days and the website has more details about other shipping methods.

To conclude, the drugstore is a pharmacy website that has been able to play a successful online role since its establishment in 2002. It has a good track record and it is a legitimate store. It has been reviewed by the NABP and by Legit Script to make sure that it meets the standards of the pharmacy. However, due to the limited information available on the website, it is difficult for us to make a final judgement on the validity of its services.

Maple Leaf Meds

This shop is a Canadian pharmacy that is owned by an individual known as Michael (Michael) Martinez. He is also known as “Canadian Pharmacy”. They sell their products in Canada.

Support Team

The regulations set by your local state health department may require that you provide some medical information to them when you need to fill out your prescription. You should also look into verifying whether the pharmacies that you’re dealing with are real or are just there to collect your money.

The maple leaf meds store was in trouble for years when it came to customer service, mainly because it needed to rely on its loyal customers to get its supplies from third parties. But in the recent years, the store has started to appear better and cheaper for customers. What’s different about the pharmacy is that it’s a generic brand rather than a brand name of the medicines that it supplies.

This site has been licensed to supply products to customers from all over the world. It is not possible to get reliable and FDA approved medicines from this store.

What is worrying is that this store is not registered by any regulatory authority. It is a commercially illegal affiliate and online fraud. We believe that the pharmacy’s fake products are to blame for the fact that they are not registered.

Furthermore, the store only provides a fake address and fake contact details which are not true. The pharmacy can be contacted via their “contact us” form that is available on their website and in the pharmacy’s support team.

Since the business has not been registered by any regulatory authority, we can only check if it has been operational for a while.

Since the business has been closed down, we could not check if the drugs on offer at the pharmacy were FDA approved. Since no records were found for the pharmacy, we further checked if they have been made available at other online pharmacies.

Maple Leaf Meds Reviews

The results from these tests show that the pharmacy is not approved by these others pharmacies as well.


With the right setup, this drugstore website offers a great service and an attractive product range. The ordering process is easy and hassle free, as all of the customer is required to do is to provide a valid prescription in order to place an order. However, we discovered that the store does not have a license for its operations which , could be against the law.

From all the information that we have found about this pharmacy website, we will have to give it a rating of 1.2 out of 5.

The pharmacy is an online pharmacy that offers low doses of generic pharmaceuticals. The website has a good layout with a good amount of information about the products and services that they offer. Their main aim is to help people suffering from penile cancer and other male pattern baldness.

There are a lot of online drugstores to choose from, but we found the most popular one to be maple leaf meds. The pharmacy sells its products from the United States and Republic of Ireland.

The drug store promises that they have 2 years of experience in the business. The pharmacy does not make any promises about the quality of the drugs that they sell.

The only payment method that the drug store accepts is Credit Cards from third parties such as VISA and MasterCard. They also accept debit card payments.

Shipping is done worldwide using Airmail and EMS as well as unregistered mail. However, there are available other methods. For conference booking, you can use their website for booking your tickets.

This means that it is likely that these negative reviews are only written by the company itself and not the other way around.

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