International Drug Mart Review - The Online Pharmacy That Is No More Operational

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International Drug Mart Review - The Online Pharmacy That Is No More Operational

International drug mart is an online pharmacy that claims to have more than forty years of experience in the sale of generic drugs. The store seems to be very many years old, however, because there is no mention of the location of the store on the company's site.

They also claim to have a worldwide distributor network with hundreds of participating pharmacies. They provide a mailing address and fax number that are very useful to many customers.

One way to find out if an online pharmacy is safe to use is to check the scam reports coming from This website tells us that they have a 97% trust rate, which is great given how new the pharmacy is.

They do have some level of protection from Norton, but it still seems likely that they have a remote server error as well as a data breach.

There are no certifications on the internet from various regulatory bodies. There is the CIPA, which regulates pharmacies in the USA, and the Pharmacy Checker, which is the parent organization for many Canadian Pharmacies.

There are a lot of products on offer from this store. You can expect to find a wide range of drugs including Antibiotics, Birth Control, Cancer drugs, Blood Pressure Medicines, Creatine, Earplugs, Cialis and Depressants.

The drugs are shipped from this store using Express shipping which takes approximately 7 - 9 days. You may also opt for Standard shipping for $10.

Their Testimonial page also gives the pharmacy 4.6 out of 5.0, but this website is no longer available.

_My experience was fantastic. I was doing my trust check on the website and found out that it was a safe store. The customer service was quick and helpful. I will definitely be working with this pharmacy again.

International Drug Mart Generic Medicines

The store offers different kinds of medications for men at different prices, ranging from generic Viagra 100 mg up to the more expensive Viagra Patek 10 mg. The prices of some of the meds on offer were as follows:

  • Generic Viagra 100 mg: $84.24 per pill
  • Generic Cialis 20 mg: $81.48 per pill
  • Viagra Patek 10 mg: $77.24 per pill

There are no reviews here, so it is difficult to determine the level of customer satisfaction. There are testimonials on the pharmacy site, but they are not organized and appear copied.

There is also no feedback form, so you need to fill out the forms on your own and submit them to the company.

This pharmacy is a rogue business, so it is best to avoid it and use any other legitimate pharmacy for your medications.

To conclude, the shop is listed as a Rogue Pharmacy due to disturbing similarities with dozens of other pharmacies. The store is owned by the same people, and all the drugs offered are generic drugs.

International drug mart is a Canadian pharmacy which claims to offer genuine generic meds for every medication they sell. They dispense drugs from Canada and they also have distribution centres in various parts of the world. For such a large store, it is surprising that they seem to lack any sort of information regarding their date of establishment. We decided to conduct a thorough analysis on the information they currently have and their business location.

The domain name record for this pharmacy shows us that they have been operating this website since 2013. They have been running their business for a very long time though and you would expect that a genuine business would be in operation for more than 15 years.

The contact information for this pharmacy is provided on the site. They offer an international shipping and tracking option, but they are also very easy to contact and navigate. They give their full name and address, but unfortunately, you cannot fill out their social media accounts.

The company has been regulated by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, which means that all their drugs are at least BC-approved.

International Drug Mart Coupon Codes

This drugstore was the fourth most popular online drug seller on the internet as of the writing of this article. It was also the most visited website, which means that visitors were most likely to come to it for their guidance in all aspects of drug administration.

There are more than 30 countries represented on their website. This means that even if you’re living in a different one from what they currently claim, they are sure to be able to accommodate you.

Their products and their deals are not only a disappointment, but they are also fake. For example, they are selling Viagra in 100mg only, which is a very low price in comparison to other online drug sellers. But actually, erectile dysfunction drugs is also sold for as low as 34.7 USD.

The pharmacy is a scam. They are using fake reviews to try and deceive the customers. This drug store makes a lot of big claims such as that they are providing FDA approval for their generic and branded drugs. But, all these claims are untrue.

The pharmacy does not have a registered domain name. The site is currently undergoing a renewal in 2001.

International Drug Mart

The pharmacy uses a modern-looking website which is very easy to use. They also have a page for their supporters.

The business is registered by a company called Pharmacy World Ltd. Based in Canada. We have a customer care agent who can be reached through phone, email and fax. The location of the business is not stated on the site.

International Drug Mart Reviews 2021

The domain for this pharmaceutical website was first registered a year ago on March 22, 2018. They continue to insist that the site was recently last updated on August 12, 2019. They then stated that the domain has been in use for over 6 months. This store is operating from Canada although most of the drugs are coming from India.

However, the owner of this pharmacy website has not been visited as it is believed to be a spam customer.

The company that runs this e-commerce platform is known as “Online Canadian Pharmacy.”.

The pharmacy also registered their domain in 2017. They say that their database is up to date and that they are operating from a Canadian registered address.

But, if you click on the “Online Canadian Pharmacy” tag then you discover that they have registered their domain 6 months late and claim that they will renew their domain in the next 3 months.

The pharmacy offers three payment methods. They say that they are using Canadian-based payment processors, although there are also other processors that accept American Express, Trust Cards, and debit cards.

They have a secure payment gateway that is supported by SSL certificates. They claim that all of their payment and shipping information are protected by SSL encryption.

Shipping is free if you are ordering drugs from the pharmacy. They say that orders that are over $150 will be shipped via Canada Post. Shipping takes 5 to 9 business days and they only give you a maximum of 3 weeks for delivery.

Fake Versus Real Online Pharmacies

Their customer satisfaction is their number one priority and they make sure that they provide a full refund or reshipping of damaged or wrong orders.

How do they do this? Well, they are certified by the Pharmacy Checker Club of Canada as a Pharmacy that is based in Canada and they are also registered with the CIPA and the NABP.

They also maintain transparent policies in order to make sure that their suppliers and the medical professionals are giving the same quality products at the same price.

All the medications available at this site are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and they comply with the minimum mandatory requirements imposed by the drug agency. There are prescriptions available for some of the medications but they are not required to be filled out for the purchase of the drugs.

As a Canadian online store, this site has to deal with some controversy as they are using the U.S. Design and logo with no logos other than the standard ones.

There are testimonials available on the site and they are mostly positive, saying that they are happy with the service they have received from the drugstore.

However, we have also found some reviews that are a bit disappointing since they are coming from the same person claiming to be working for several years. The owner of the site also has a good reputation with other online stores and there is no way that this person could have been a fake.

International drug mart has not been able to receive customer reviews in the year 2005 so we decided to check Scamadviser to check if this platform is safe to use.

We found that the platform is no longer active as they have been marked as &NSSTUDY-50. The platform is marked as a rogue online drug store and they only use fraudulent means to deceive the public.

The shop is offering a limited time discount of 4% on all their drugs which boosts the popularity of their product.

Prescription Requirements

The prices of the drugs are very low compared with the market price. The risk of poisoning is very low so it is an excellent choice over other high risk drugs.

Shipping is free to the customers within the UK but they don’t ship to other European countries. Shipping to other continents is free of charge.

This pharmacy is collecting the drug store reviews on TrustPilot. They have received 2.8k customer reviews from the six years of their operation. They claim that doctors who provide their products have been empowered to prescribe their clients with the medication.

They also have a testimonial page and many positive reviews. Several customers have left reviews thanking the provider and saying that they will recommend the pharmacy to others.

Fake Versus Real Online Pharmacies

They have a great range of products and low prices which makes them an excellent choice for your medication needs.

They have a customer service team that is ready to answer all your questions and will answer your queries with the utmost speed. is an online drugstore which is all branded since they are showing the their store is under construction. Every aspect of the store is clearly marked on the website, from the brand name medicines to the generic medicines they sell.

Never Pay Using Bank Transfers

Using expensive stores can have negative effects on your health, especially if you use them as a stopgap measure when you can no longer afford your meds. If you live in a metro area, stay away from stores with a high number of transactions and only shop at more affordable one or the other or very close to you.

Considering the number of scam pharmacy sites on the web, it is quite difficult for prospective customers to decide which ones to trust. With the scarcity of genuine reviews for any company, you should look for reviews from credible participating companies instead.

Selling drugs that aren’t FDA approved increases your risk of receiving counterfeit drugs and the risk of being a fraud. Other risks include getting fake products, being a victim of identity theft, and receiving fake packages. Online shopping is a fun and convenient way to make extra payments but it is also risky.

  • Side effects
  • Asthma
  • Hernias
  • Diabetes
  • Restlessness

It is often difficult to determine if a company is legitimate and ready for business. A company with no reviews is a clear indication that it is not reliable. Looking for reputable online drugstores is the best way to avoid taking unnecessary risks with your health.

International drug mart is a Canadian online drugstore. It is a member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association and Manitoba International Pharmacists Association. All medicines are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is safe to use a drug or a brand from this drug store if you are eligible for their services.

This shop is able to ship to most countries in North America and Europe without any additional charges.

An assortment of products is available from this online pharmacy. They have generic and branded medications for different medical conditions.

Since there are a lot of medicines for different medical conditions, this drugstore lists medications for allergies, such as Allergies, Asthma, and Allergies. Their drugs can be cheaper than usual brick and mortar pharmacies.

Treatment of drugs is very easy. Ordered medications are dispatched using Parcel Post. You can have it delivered within 2 to 3 days. You only need to contact them once, no appointments required. They will also send you a tracking number so you can stay updated on your medications.


Customers will appreciate the fast and free delivery and the diverse range of products on offer, although some may find the prices a tad onerous at times.

All in all, the customers will get what they paid for and the customer service will be second to none.

This pharmacy is not popular online pharmacy. International drug mart is still active even after two decades of operation. It is not clear when it went offline. I have tried searching for information about this drugstore on the web. RESEARCH has come up with some surprising results.

There are a lot of reasons why this online pharmacy went out of business. Some of the main reasons include:

I am not sure about the legitimacy of RESEARCH's findings. I would not buy from a shop that was receiving none of their mail and had been receiving it for two years.

A few reviews were posted after the fact on the web. I chose to look at them one by one and summarize them for your reference:

John from Kansas City, Missouri said he chose the shop because of the very cheap prices they have for his meds.

Gail from Lincoln, Nebraska said she had been doing meds from this store for seven years and their prices are cheap.

Katherine from Ohio said she received a message from a customer service representative who informed she would be receiving her order in 7 to 10 days.

I checked the exchange rate of $10.95 by which the drugs were to be sent and the amount of the shipping she received and found out it was nothing like she thought. She was not completely convinced that all was well with this pharmacy.

When I checked the status of international drug mart and found out it was closed, I did not know why. I was not completely sure as I was checking and verifying.

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