Health Warehouse Review - An Online Drugstore With Duplicated Reviews

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Health Warehouse Review - An Online Drugstore With Duplicated Reviews

Health warehouse is an online pharmacy that claims to offer direct customer service to its customers. However, our investigations reveal that this pharmacy is a scam, as it uses deceptive marks, including those created by to hide the real location of the business. Below is a detailed review of the pharmacy.

Health warehouse is an online pharmacy that claims to offer customer care services when needed. However, our investigations reveal that this pharmacy is a scam, as it uses deceptive marks, including those created by to hide the real location of the business. We have found some information on the origins of the drug store and found it to be based in Russia. The store has been listed as a Rogue Pharmacy.

As an online store with an active business for nearly 15 years, it is also wise to look for discounts and other ways to make a profit. However, the fact that the store is a rogue online pharmacy means that it doesn’t provide these deals to the customers.

The fact that this store is no longer operating means that it likely isn’t a good store for buying medicines as it offers very low prices for its medicines.

The drugstore is an online drugstore that sells generic as well as branded medicines. They offer their products at very affordable prices. With plans to expand their product offerings in the future. They do not require a prescription before selling their products.

Most popular products they sell are ED drugs including Cialis, Viagra, Kamagra, and Levitra. They also have a wide variety of drug categories and drugs to treat asthma and viral infections among many other health conditions.

Prescription Requirements

Health warehouse is a pharmacy that comes highly recommended. It has a good service and customer service along with a good reputation. However, there is a “potential risk factor” associated with the store.

It is not safe to use when you should consider yourself to be well aware of your surroundings. We have found some negatives about the store, and they do not operate with the assurance of our safety and protection.

The site is an online pharmacy that claims to be based in Canada, using a link to the UK. The store is not quite as niche as its USA-based US location may suggest. Nevertheless, we decided to check it out because of its ostensibly low prices.

Health Warehouse

This shop is a pharmacy which distributes its products to many countries around the world. The goods are not shipped from all over the world, although they do send products to a number of countries. The main items which are distributed by this store are ED drugs and weight loss drugs.

What is unusual is that health warehouse does not ship to the USA, as all the medicines are shipped from their HQ in Canada. This might be a deliberate stance of the pharmacy which has their US office in Canada.

Health Warehouse Coupon Codes

Since market conditions are tough because of the global economic challenges, some online pharmacies have resorted to giving special offers and coupons. For instance, there was one offer in particular that I have seen many times, which is the idea that the customers who will be receiving the drugs are registered to receive coupons.

When I check on this site, I find a coupon for $28 off a large generic. Apart from this, there is a special offer for customers who purchase in bulk amounts. For those who buy $200 and above, there is also free delivery using a regular parcel.

As for shipping, they have a standard shipping that takes about 2 weeks. They claim that this offer is subject to change. They also have a rush service for up to 3 days which is charged at a minimum of $30. They have a refund policy in case the order is not delivered.

As for the products that they offer, they do not require a prescription in order to dispense drugs. However, this can be done through a prescription servicer in the future.

Health warehouse didn't have reviews from its customers online. However, there is a testimonials page on their website. It is interesting to see which testimonials are genuine and which are scripted.

On Tripadvisor, they have 6% and 5% ratings respectively. This means that they are both safe to use.

HealthWarehouse has been listed as a threat on the The site also isn’t recommended to use since it is not safe and the site is fake.

Health Warehouse

The drugstore is no longer listed as a threat but there are still other online pharmacies that are risky. They are also running a scam business. People should avoid this pharmacy as they are using cheap tricks to deceive potential customers.

Health warehouse has come a long way in just one decade when it comes to competitor shopping.

Fake Customer Reviews

Their Etsy store is very easy to navigate and the products they sell are easy to spot. They have a huge catalog of products with a huge number of variations in stock. They only use one of the two logo’s on the store, but they have a logo too.

The home page of this pharmacy is very easy to use too. There is a header with information such as the product you want, the pharmacy that you are referring to, and the accept credit card option.

The drugstore is an internet pharmacy that pretends to be real but actually is a scam. I was not able to find any information about the business at the moment regarding their location or their activities.

There isn’t any information about the pharmacy's products or whether the drugs they sell are FDA approved. The drugs they offer are mostly for men’s health.

They believe that it is a good thing that they are licensed and have products approved by the Canadian associations. They are also certified by the Pharmacy Board of Pharmacy.

They use an online form to make payment and I believe that they accept debit card payments. They say that they sell their drugs from the United States and ship their product to over 180 countries around the world. They also claim that they have a warehouse in India that ships their products.

There is also a contact form. The phone and email contact page are active and ready to be filled out by their customer. They have a US and UK toll-free number that they use and email is available on their website.

Health Warehouse Prescription Requirements

I did not find any reviews posted on online platforms about health warehouse. It seems that the site only got more popular and I was unable to find comments posted before 2018.


Although the domain name was released in 2017, it is also possible to visit this domain on 2018. The owner of this website is also using a proxy server in order to hide their identity and location. Therefore, it is important for consumers to be careful while purchasing drugs from this website.

Since this domain has been around for a long time, it is likely to be reliable. However, we cannot guarantee its reliability.

Therefore, it is not safe to use this e-commerce platform. Please know that you need to look for other reputable online drug stores before making any purchase.

This domain was first registered on the 16th of March 2011 and last updated on the 7th of June 2019. This means that the pharmacy has been in existence for close to two years and has not been closed down yet.

Also, it seems that this drugstore is registered by a Canadian business address: 91 * Macleod Street, in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

This company is registered with over 200 other Canadian drugstores as well as several international organizations. However, they are unregistered with the CIPA in the United States anymore.

They are not registered as a pharmacy is registered by any organization and the pharmacy is unregistered for business activities.

This pharmacy has a seal of approval from three regulatory agencies that confirm its safety and reliability.

This website uses an authentic and sustainable certification program from CIPA, Pharmacy Checker, and Pharmacyworld that guarantees its integrity.

The pharmacy claims to offer branded and generic medical supplies for both day and night. They also provide a list of their medications, as well as information about the pharmacy on how to get discounts and how to buy drugs from this store.

The selection of their medications are unique and are verified by the FDA, although they do not have all the medicines that you might be looking for.

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