Health Warehouse Review – The Site With Fake Reviews

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Health Warehouse Review – The Site With Fake Reviews

Health warehouse is a highly reputable online pharmacy. They don’t just have the best prices in the industry, they are also consistent with the quality of products they offer. They offer different discounts and special offers for their customers, as well as regular shipping and receiving.

Here is an article from Scamadviser from their assessment of and their website. They advise that you should avoid buying medicines from this drug store as their site is not trustworthy.

On Scamadviser, health warehouse is rated as a threat with an unknown popularity. They have also been classified as a Rogue Pharmacy. Scamadviser found that the site is based in the Netherlands and has been given a trust score of 49% which is poor.

Sometimes scammers take advantage of the opportunity to defraud honest ones, stealing or using stolen credit card information. This is a common technique used by scammers to steal funds. When a business is found to be taking advantage of a vulnerable site, the owner may use fraudulent activities to try and gain more control over the site. However, the risk of this being a scam is high and this is why it is not recommended to do business with them.

A little over a month ago, was suspended by Scamner for using a fake domain name. A quick scan on Scamner on Scamadviser shows it was a website with an average trust rating.

The shop is an illegal affiliate. However, they do not have any type of license to operate their business from any regulatory authority.

Health warehouse has been classified as a Rogue Pharmacy. This means, they have not been able to meet the stringent standards set by Scamner.

Not only are they not being upfront about their location, they appear to be participating in illegal activities as well. A search on Google Maps shows that the website is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Health Warehouse Coupon Codes

That means you can get discounts at health warehouse without spending a fortune. Granted, they offer discounts of only a few dollars per order, but they are partially charged. There's also a chance that you can save money by going with an alternative pharmacy website.

This shop has a diverse list of medicines and a very affordable price. The only drawback is that it has a very limited product offering. A drawback so severe that it makes the drug store very popular to be visited by customers without prescriptions.

Nevertheless, this website is an excellent source of medication and they have good customer service to boot. If you find the prices too steep, then by all means go up with the price of the drugs.

It’s a shame that this pharmacy is only referring to their service from the United States. The drug store is not operating in any other locations in the world.

Health warehouse is operating their business for more than 30 years, yet they still do not have an online store. This is a major issue because it indicates how unreliable they are. Their products are global and they could be manufactured in Pakistan, India, and some of the other Asian countries that have a lot of manufacturing capacity for pharmaceutical products.

Online pharmacy this website has been operating for more than 20 years. They don’t reveal much about where they are located or what they offer. They say that they are based in Canada and they also use the United States as an overseas location. We go through their site, list of products and see if they are worth your while using them.

Prescription Requirement

We haven’t been able to find any discount offers for this drug store, but not all online pharmacies are able to offer their products at discount prices. In addition, the company doesn’t have a coupon for its customers, though in some cases discounts are offered for the upcoming holidays and special dates.

With a growing number of online pharmacies offering similar services, you may wish to check on what others think about health warehouse. The company doesn’t have testimonials for its service, though it is apparent that the company has received many positive feedback for its products and its prices.

Health Warehouse Pricing

This site is the cheapest option when looking for an online store to buy your products and as a preface, you should consider ordering from here as the company assures that you the best prices for its generic and branded products. is a drugstore which claims to offer the highest quality generic products at the lowest prices possible. They also claim that the drugs sold by the store are 100% guaranteed safe and effective but on WebMD, they are still under the supervision of their owners. We investigate the claims behind this drugstore to find out if it is worth buying from them or not.

The store is using a modern-looking website that is remarkably easy to use. There is an option to print their brochure and send it to your email.

“Canadian Pharmacy Ltd.”, which is a legitimate business name.

This pharmacy is registered under the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia (CCPA) which is a regulatory association.

Company Profile

This website provides its customers with information about their business, this includes its physical location, address, and phone numbers. There is a mailing address and a fax number. On the home page there is a testimonial page where people write about their experiences using the pharmacy. However, none of these testimonials have been verified by Google. This may be a red flag, if they are not posted on the website it is not good.

On LegitScript this drugstore is rated as ‘unverified’. This should raise your eyebrows at first but you will surely be enthused by their findings.

This drugstore is selling both brand and generic pills. They provide the same benefits to the consumers but with a different price tag. All products are manufactured under stringent quality control procedures in India.

This drugstore is employing a featured blog which is also a member of several regulatory associations and organizations.

On the pharmaceutical website, there is even more information about the business including a testimonial page.

There is also a testimonial page on Yelp where users are sharing their experience with the business. They describe the customer service and the pharmacy as “good friends”.

They have FDA approvals, the customer service team is excellent and there is a large number of positive reviews.

Health warehouse is an internet drug store that specializes in men’s health products. Most of these products are manufactured by leading pharmaceuticals in India.

Health Warehouse Pricing

The prices of the medicines are cheapest from the pharmacy. They offer medications at 70% lower than what other pharmacies are offering. This makes it a bit more attractive, but it doesn’t make their products the best in the market.

Buyers are given a 15% discount on their order amounts. This should help them balance their budgets if they are buying such large quantities.

They have booth accounts with a customer support team, a pharmacy checker, and a FAQ page. All of these features mean that they are doing things correctly, but with the consistency of other online pharmacies.

Company Profile

They also have a Pharmacy Checker that gives them the ability to check if the online pharmacy they are dealing with is legit. This can hint that you might be dealing with a fraud site, however, never to be trusted for sure.

This Canadian pharmacy is doing things correctly with their business. They have a customer support team and a FAQ page to help the customers understand what they need to do to take their business to the next level.

They also have the right policies and procedures in place to ensure that customers are protected and their privacy is protected.

They are giving discounts to customers to help them balance their budgets, and also looking into ways to make their website more attractive to people too.

This is a legit store and you should buy from them as long as they comply with the legal requirements to stay in business.

This pharmacy offers medications for erectile dysfunction, blood pressure control, and various other medical conditions. Their ED medicine categories cover an average of three generic drugs. This is a good sign as they may offer a cheaper alternative to the branded Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) used in their ED drugs. All of the generic products available at this pharmacy are FDA approved.


The headache of online shopping is real and it can be a very frustrating experience. Buying drugs from the internet is safer and safer combined with the offline part of the internet stores. They are covered under the Good Manufacturing Practices of the companies that are participating in the program. These companies have their own codes to implement so they may be able to protect customers if there is a problem with the delivery of the medicines.

These online pharmacies have been accredited by the CIPA and have their own registered trademarks. It is also important to consider that when you order from one of their sites you are taking a risk as there could be other customers who get to order from their site and if some of them get their drugs from the store to be exact.

From all the information that we have found about this site it seems that they are complying with the regulation that is set out by the FDA. They have a license to operate and they have assurance from the FDA.

Ultimately though, all the information that we have from their website is from the FDA and it is only based on their records kept on their website.

If they were to close and for sure it is illegal why did they go for it? We do not know with certainty but it seems like a very bad scenario that we have seen many times before.

There are many testimonials and reviews on the website for health warehouse. We have found a few testimonials with them being ranked highly.

Some of the customers are giving them 4 out of 5 stars as they have delivered products that were faster than expected.

The customer reviews are nice but we cannot evaluate them in 2017, they are just given to give you some idea of how fast they have been able to process, deliver, and process their customers.

We have found some testimonials for this drugstore that have been given in 2004 and they are very happy with the service they have received from the customer support team.

We have found a discount code for this shop, no coupon code is given as this is not available online.

There is a lot of negative feedback for health warehouse and we would not want a customer who is just going to be spending for nothing as the store is not content with the great service they have received from their online store.

We would however like them to consider doing a little promotion to attract customers and for them to get a little more online exposure.

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