Global Drugs Direct Review - A Scam

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Global Drugs Direct Review - A Scam

Global drugs direct is a Canadian Pharmacy which makes medications available to clients of all ages in Canada. They also have electronic lists for their customers which also includes information about what medicines they have in stock. I’ve checked the prices of their generic and branded medicines to see what they charge for the same ones.

After checking the prices, I realized that they are not so low as I had been led to believe. They are just slightly higher than other online pharmacies I have come across. I thought that was ok as it means they are still cheaper than the average online pharmacy.

The drugstore offers a refund policy within 72 hours of receiving the orders from you. They do not, however, refund payments. They offer you a trial subscription or prepaid shipping for up to 3 months if you order a product of $150. All products are manufactured under the strict supervision of the Food and Drug Administration.

I have been meaning to check what other people have experienced dealing with this website when they are online. I found some reviews on their website which are very positive especially from their customers. These reviews are from the people who have attempted to place an order and received it in the mail.

The customer who posted his review says that delivery was quick. He says he was “surprised” to receive his package and that the courier did not have any issues with delivery. He was mostly surprised because he has received the package just in time. He said that he only bought what was in stock with no discounts for the customers. This is the kind of customer that a company like global drugs direct needs.

Guest reviewers give their thanks to the team that is operating the store. John and his wife are thankful that they received their orders in the mail.

The other customers just gave their feedback and say that they will definitely be making more uses online in the future. They are also impressed by the fact that the pharmacy has a happy customer base.

Prescription Requirements

If you are buying online for your health, it is important to check if they require that you provide them with a valid prescription before you can checkout. Prescription requirements vary from state to state, but the FDA-approved meds for this audience are those that are sold by

From the huge range of medicines that this pharmacy offers, the prices are really low. Compare this to other stores who charge tens of thousands of dollars for the same product.

I therefore advise you to check other stores first before deciding to purchase from GlobalDrugsDirect.

In 2006, they opened a new website in 2006 and this store is still operational to this day. They claimed to have the lowest prices on the internet. Their generic products are of great quality and the brand Viagra is one of the most sought-after drugs in the market.

The pharmacy offered as much as 40% in the store. This offer lasted for 6 months and their deal was that they would send you a gift with every order.

Global Drugs Direct

Their loyalty program lasted for 6 months and they promised a free delivery for every order. They also promised a full refund for any customer who was not happy with their service.

Global drugs direct has received a certain amount of feedback from its former customers. These reviews are mostly positive and they help increase their credibility as an online pharmacy. However, the feedbacks are from 2006, meaning that they were just a few years old.

The pharmacy did not have testimonials from its former customers. There is only one known testimonial from someone who was having a problem with credit cards being charged without their written permission.

There are currently no reviews available for the site and it is because it is found on a spam list.

Fast & Free Deliveries

For deliveries, buyers can opt for Airmail service or EMS delivery. The latter is faster and cheaper than the former but it does not come with as much flexibility as the former.

Overall, buyers will find buying from convenience easy since they will not have to worry about their money. They will only order from one of the available online pharmacies which are available in the market and that carries all their medicines. They just need to go out to the pharmacy stores and make an order so they can save more.

  1. Expensive prices

The internet has made it expensive and unsafe to do business with online vendors. Online buyers are able to buy drugs at nearly half the price of their local pharmacy prices.

  1. Excellent customer service

Many online sellers offer excellent customer service despite the low prices, as long as the company takes the customer's orders and promptly delivers the product.

This is because their customer service team is constantly updating them with the status of their orders and other concerns they may have.

You can also use coupon codes to get special discounts or special offers to get you to use their services more.

Global Drugs Direct Prescription Requirements

Invalid Contact Details

According to their website, they have an outlet for many products including antibiotics, birth control pills, anti-allergic and so much more.

Once you have made your order, you need to wait for about 2 weeks for them to process your payment. After this, they will ship your order within 5-7 business days.

Orders shipped through Priority Mail will be delivered within 30–60 days. They will ship to the United States only.

Orders shipped through International Unregistered Mail will be delivered within 10 to 21 days, to the rest of the world only.

Orders shipped outside the USA and Canada can take 3 to 8 business days to arrive. International Unregistered Mail will ship to the USA only.

If you have any questions, you can reach them through their phone numbers or through email. They offer live chat as well.

Since the store is now certified by Genuine Online Pharmacy Association they are now required to post on their website all of their customer feedback. They can be contacted by following the steps below:

Since the drug store platform has made some improvements since they started operating in 2010, they are now considered a safe and trustworthy online pharmacy.

Global Drugs Direct Reviews 2021

Since global drugs direct is no longer operating, we have also tried to check the status in the modern time using the various websites that are available on the web.

Furthermore, the site did not have the required SSL certificates from the usual website. So, the customer’s personal and card details can have been at risk.

The domain has been registered by an individual in Russia who is banned by international standards. Russian pharmacies are not required to be registered for more than two years but this is the minimum that they need to maintain their operations. This website is a rogue pharmacy and we do not recommend it.


This shop has a sufficient amount of customer reviews for it to have a certain popularity. However, it is advised not to believe everything that you read about it due to the presence of numerous negative reviews.

Global Drugs Direct

It is important to consider other pharmacies when making purchases due to the fact that they are likely to be fake and scam.

The drug store is a website which claims to offer great services for customers. They say that they have over 400,000 satisfied customers and have a 97% feedback rate. I was curious to know if this store is a legit one and I was disappointed to discover that they are “not recommended” by most reputable FDA agencies.

Their main focus is on selling vaccines and medical supplies. They sell generic products and claim to offer universal shipping. They also have a 365-day satisfaction guarantee. I was hoping for a deal like this since they are very clear about what they offer and how they provide services to customers.

There is also a problem with the domain being registered and the data being sent to the owner. When I attempted to access the domain through, I was redirected to another site. This other site is no longer active and is not recommended for browsing.

There is an online pharmacy located in the USA. It is a Canadian company and is owned by a group of US based individuals.

The site is not easily searchable and it is not easy to navigate. This could be attributed to the fact that there are very few information about the company being publicly available.

The business which runs this pharmacy is known as “Web Pharmacy Inc.”.

They are also licensed by several other regulatory associations and are not a rogue business, as they are operating within the rules and regulations.

On LegitScript, they give this pharmacy a trust rating of 90%. They say that this pharmacy is not rated as due for membership to the association.

This pharmacy offers a wide range of products. They offer brand name drugs, generic drugs, as well as pet medications.

They offer prescriptions for brand A and brand C medications. They need to send you a prescription before you will be able to order from them.

You need to have a valid prescription from a qualified doctor to order from this pharmacy.

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