Generic Doctor Reviews – Unpopular Online Pharmacy

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Generic Doctor Reviews – Unpopular Online Pharmacy

Generic doctor is a Canadian online pharmacy with a long history, as it is a member of CIPA, and is involved in several other regulatory and charitable programs. But the establishment of this pharmacy is controversial, as it has been operating since the year 2016, which is a short period of time. This may suggest some involvement with money laundering and other illegal activities.

They do not have an HTTPS secure certificate, which means that customer information can be at risk when filling out their prescription. This is further compounded by the fact that the organization claiming responsibility has a 3-year history of online fraud. They may be involved in money laundering and other illegal activities that are not being transparently disclosed.

This website is a drugstore that has been around for quite an amount of time, as indicated by the fact that it is more than a decade old. However, the store does not have much information from which to base their decisions on, apart from their general location.

It is not clear whether the drugs they sell are FDA approved or not. They are not required to reveal this information as they are not regulated by any country's health authorities. It is also not clear where the drugs come from or where they are dispensed from. This, however, is a common practice of rogue drug manufacturers who are behind other illegal activities.

Generic Doctor Coupon

In an effort to make the website more attractive to potential customers, the store this drugstore has some sneaky tricks up its sleeve. They offer a 10% discount on all future orders (regardless of the order size).

Additionally, they offer free shipping for orders shipped through regular mail (regardless of order size).

Erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs are the healthiest medications you can use to treat male impotence. They offer a pretty affordable price and they are approved by the FDA.

A huge part of their drugs are generic so if you need to make a payment you can use a Visa or MasterCard.

This review proves that this site is a legit site offering quality medicines. They have a valid license for their business, though they do not have trust scores of 90%.

Generic doctor offers the said shipping and customer support service but they also provide a prepaid shipping service for International Orders. In addition to the basic offers of the pharmacy, they also offer a guaranteed delivery for the products shipped by the pharmacy.

Generic Doctor Coupon

What do we find surprising about this pharmacy? Luckily for us, the survey they are using is actually quite useful for our future research. Their short life expectancy is also a good indicator of what is to come.

We don’t know for sure if they are a legitimate business or not until we have more information and data in the survey.

This pharmacy is very competitive. They want to get their customers off to a good start.

Payment Methods

I have been a customer for over 7 years of a pharmacy store that guarantees its customers that they are safe and their money was only taken from them. I have had my questions answered through their website and have been able to see their staff do their job for the customers. However, I cannot recommend them since they do not state where their money is going to be taken from.

The site will be shutting down in 5 years time. This is great and reflects the integrity of this store.

The website is simple, clean, and simple to navigate. The design of the site is very well done with lots of colors and fonts.

I believe that this business name is a registered trademark of the United States Department of Agriculture. This is good because it shows that this store is owned by a Canadian business.

Generic Doctor Shipping Options

Order processing can be done on a wide variety of internet drugstores and platforms such as EMS, DHL, UPS, and many more. However, the most popular shipping methods are express and express mail.

Express mail has a minimum processing time of 3 days and costs $19.95. The return and refund policies are quite strict as it only refunds if the order is defective or not received by the specified date. The refund policy does not extend to positive returns.

Since there are no reviews available on the website, I am not sure if these actual products are genuine or not. There is also no proof of approval which lends itself to the charge of fraud and deceptive business practices.

Generic Doctor Shipping Options

There are no reviews and testimonials available on the internet. All comments are positive. However, I am not certain about the authenticity of the testimonials as they do not have a date on the website.

You do not need a coupon code to enter the discount offer of the shop. However, they are giving $7 discounts on all orders shipped by Free Express Mail if they register with generic doctor.

The site is an online pharmacy offering a vast array of medicines for different applications. The company claims to operate from Canada although the website is actually based in Barbados. You can find a customer service agent at the website, but there is no phone number available for the customer support team.

Prescription drugs can be obtained for as low as $79.95 for each prescription. This is cheaper than the usual prices for generic drugs, but it isn’t as cheap as other online pharmacies.

This drugstore claim that they have the highest quality generic drugs available, as well as branded ones. They offer the cheapest drugs without the price tag.

Regulatory Approval

Not all online pharmacies are considered as "legal" by the various regulatory bodies that are supposed to regulate them. This means that all the information provided by the customers were found to be fictitious and fake.

They are also selling drugs to treat cholesterol and blood pressure problems, preventing heart attacks and strokes.

The customer support team from this pharmacy is world-renowned. They have an online form and phone support that can be reached through email.

The pharmacy is offering different discounts as part of their "Coupon Code" that you can find on their website.

  • Credit cards
  • E-checks
  • Money Orders
  • There is no transparency
  • They seem like they are being transparent with their identity, however, there is no evidence that this is actually the case
  • They receive a lot of feedback from their customers, however, there is no evidence that this is actually received by the company
  • They are using fake reviews

Generic Doctor Regulatory Approval

This is just one of the many reasons why you should avoid this pharmacy. They are not approved by any regulatory authority and there are several links to suspicious websites.

Stay away from this pharmacy and use one of the hundreds of online drug stores that are approved by LegitScript and are located in Canada.


To conclude, this is a modestly priced pharmacy that is not very popular. They do not have a great reputation and there are a number of suspicious factors that render it a low trust rating.

Furthermore, they only have the domain records for just over 3 years as opposed to the normal 5-year lifespan that most reputable drugstores have.

This online pharmacy uses a modern website design with a professional layout and layout. They use a unique font and they have a unique logo which also shows their membership with the CIPA and FDA. However, your trust rating may be affected by the fact that this drugstore is now closed.

The business name provided on the site is the one provided by this pharmaceutical website. However, there is no longer any contact information available for the business that founded the e-commerce drugstore.

The store sells both branded and generic pills. They offer different brands of ED drugs from A to Z, which is a common practice of fraud online pharmacies.

They accept Credit Cards from a number of reputable credit card processing companies. However, you should be wary about the fact that they are using a premium, high-risk, and non-compliant secure payment platform to process your payments.

Although you are guaranteed a 50% discount on all products, we cannot recommend this pharmacy. They do not have a short list of offers; it just goes to show how much they scam.

The store uses an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure that your information is safe when you order from their website.

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