Generic Doctor Review - Fraudulent And Rogue Online Pharmacy With Low Trust Rating

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Generic Doctor Review - Fraudulent And Rogue Online Pharmacy With Low Trust Rating

Generic doctor is an online pharmacy that claims to sell ED drugs but the real focus of this article is on the payment options – the less used e-check system, the more convenient and secure.

In the Contact Us section you have the opportunity to fill a form to get in contact with the pharmacy if you have questions or complaints.

Is this a legitimate pharmacy? Are they based in Canada or the USA? We have our doubts about this drugstore. We’ve checked with and and found that they are probably not related to each other.

It seems like they are operated by a different company which is not on any regulatory bodies. They do not have a corporate website so there is no way to verify if they are real or not.

They are also using a different domain privacy service than other online pharmacies. There is no way to verify if information is still on the store after the fact.

They are also using the wrong addresses. This is a problem because it is hard to trace who actually owns the business.

They seem to be based on the site’s very first day of operation. This makes us doubt whether this is a genuine and safe online supplier of drugs.

One of the best ways to save money at GenericDoctor is by using the offer of allowing orders greater than $300.

  • Shipping is free on all orders above $300.
  • Free shipping is provided with every order.

We have tried to validate these claims by adding up the shipping costs on other independent sites and comparing them to generic doctor. Unfortunately, these costs are not available on, though they are present on

Neutral Testimonials

To conclude, we can say that the shop is a rogue online pharmacy that does not have a redeeming quality. We have already provided several warnings about it including several from UK based clients and it is advisable to avoid it at all costs. We can never fully judge a site by the appearance of its reviews however by all appearances, this isn’t something we can fully rely on.

The company says that they have been operating their business for 9 years. This is long enough to have the experience of serving customers in the UK. So is it safe to buy drugs from this store?

The owner is using a Brazilian-based registrar and they say that they have been registered since 2001.

The website is quite simple and easy to use. They have several categories of drugs and different languages which is handy.

This online pharmacy is registered using a UK based company called Online Pills Ltd. Who seem to be located in Great Britain.

They also claim to be a British based company whose main office is in London, in a suburb of London. We would like to find out more about this pharmacy and if they are registered with any other country.

They have also certified that all their drugs are manufactured and dispensed from UK based pharmacies who follow UK pharmacy regulations.

The company also claims to be a active member of the Pharmacy Checker Program which is a charity which helps members to save at least £50.

Generic Doctor

Generic Doctor Reviews 2021

The domain for this online pharmacy was first registered last year and it is set to expire in 2019. This means that the company has been around for a quite a long time.

This pharmacy website is operated by “” which is a Canadian company. There is no information available to indicate their address or which country they are based.

The company is owned by “” which means that they are following the rules and regulations for online pharmacies that are required to be registered as such.

A check with the CIPA shows that this company is correctly licensed to operate in the state of California.

The New York State College of Nursing and Health and the State of New Jersey Department of Health also have verified accreditation for this pharmacy.

There is a range of products available from this e-commerce platform including steroids, antiestrogens, erectile dysfunction treatments, fertility treatments, blood pressure drugs, pain relievers, and more.

As can be expected from a Canadian online pharmacy, there is also a large range of drugs available from this business which is a good sign of reliability.

They also have a huge number of products available for orders which is a good sign of reliability as well.

There appears to be some degree of correlation between the web platforms which means that you are more likely to find positive customer reviews for this business site.

This e-commerce pharmacy is a national licensed business located in Ontario, Canada. They also have a letter from the US FDA from which they are certified.

Product Range

Given that the pharmacy is very familiar to the customers, it is natural for them to be interested in the products available. Customers who have made it through the pharmacy’s website are abounding in the availability of their prescriptions. According to the pharmacy, 24/7 customer support staff are available to answer all the buyer questions.

Generic doctor is very familiar to the customers considering its majority of its products are manufactured using FDA approved methods. Therefore, ordering from here is like having a one stop shop for all your medical needs.

You will be surprised how quick and confident the pharmacy clients are when it comes to customer reviews. They are posting testimonials on the website all the time, claiming to have received their orders from the company. However, they have been thoroughly checked and verified.

There are 100s of customer reviews and testimonials posted on the website. It is amazing how the testimonials are all written by the same person. This indicates a scam or dishonest business.

With such a huge number of positive customer reviews posted on the website, it is easy to believe that this shop is legit and safe to use. However, we strongly believe that their legitimacy is questionable considering the fact that they are using a fake license.

There are many great offers and deals that you can find on generic doctor. They have a large number of products. They offer a lot of discounts. The coupon codes that they are using in the store are very enticing.

This drugstore is a great store which offers FDA approved products. They offer 24/7 customer support and there is also a consumer package. There are also some really cheap products that you can find on their website. Therefore, the product is very competitive with other web drugstores.

This drugstore is a pharmacy which seems to be anything but what is actually the case. The store is home to over 2012 pharmacies across the globe. Generic doctor is one of the most trusted and most specialized pharmaceutical websites on the web. We took a look at the store and found that it is not a pharmacy at all.

Product Range


However, the fact that this online pharmacy has been around for close to a year suggests that they may lack some stability and reliability.

To conclude, is a pharmacy that has been around for close to a year and they do not seem to have any regulation. They do not require a prescription for all their drugs, which is a big saving for them.

We were shocked to find the domain name information for this domain. It has been registered only for a short period of time before being finally expiry. We can only assume that the owner has deliberately used a renewal as a ploy to hide their identity.

The domain was registered using a Russian-based registrar named Domains By Proxy. This company also happens to be the same registrant who owns over 200 other pharmacy stores.

We have seen these exact details many times before on other pharmacies. One example can be found on the domain name of several other pharmacies. This shady company also has numerous mirror stores.

This store does not have any regulatory seals or certifications from the Canadian and state-chartered pharmaceutical associations. This means that they do not have the necessary approvals to sell their drugs in the regulated countries.

Some pharmacy websites claim to be members of CIPA and Pharmacy Checker, but this claim is not true as they do not have the approval from either association.

Furthermore, some will deceive you by claiming to have a pharmacist on duty that provides advice on how to take your medication.


The drug store is a pharmaceutical website that claims to offer high-quality meds that are directly sourced from the manufacturers themselves. However, we strongly believe that the validity of this pharmacy is highly questionable as there is no evidence that proves its authenticity. You can find many real pharmacies online but this online drugstore is a total scam.

It is good to find the domain information for the domain of this online pharmacy. It is showing that the pharmacy has been operating for a little over 4 years. This indicates that the site is likely to be legit.

We highlighted in the previous section that the site is operating from a country called Cyprus which is part of the European Union. You would expect a large number of customers to be living in Europe when they are operating. The owner has established a number of fake addresses all over Europe to deceive checks from the outside world.

This online pharmacy uses a modern website design that is easy to navigate. However, it does not have an SSL certificate which is required by most online pharmacies to ensure the users privacy and confidentiality.

The other problem is that the website is using a free email service that gives a lot of personal and other details to many subscribers. This could be a sign that the site is a scam.

This online pharmacy gives a fake business name which is not available on any search platform. You need to use other publicly available information to find out the address of the pharmacy.

There are many regulatory approvals to be found on this site. However, they do not have legal certifications to be used in your business.

There are a number of different brands of generic ED pills that are sold from this pharmacy website. They include:

They claim that the drugs are FDA approved and certified by all three major regulatory bodies which is the responsibility of the company to provide their customers with the best quality meds and the best prices. However, no FDA-approved medications are sold on this store.

Additionally, they claim that the drugs are Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual orientation advice is offered. However, there is no information about whether these services are in fact performed by certified physicians.

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