Generic All Review - Don't Believe When This Is A Scam

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Generic All Review - Don't Believe When This Is A Scam

Generic all is a pharmacy which seems to be operating from Cyprus. They have licensed doctors and pharmacists on staff and we believe this is a fake pharmacy with no reliable relationship.

’Their website has real real world pharmacy operations”. They sell generic health products and tell you if they’re working from the United States, Canada, or European countries.

They accept Visa and MasterCard payment methods. Shipping is done worldwide using Airmail and Courier Services.

They have many testimonials on the site. I am not sure who wrote it, it seems to be posted by them anonymously. The testimonials are not very happy with the service of the pharmacy which is a cause for concern.

It seems like you will be hearing a lot of negative things about this drugstore before they are happy with their service. It could be an attempt to convince you to purchase from them.

They have a page for their customer reviews. I am not sure who posted it, but they seem to be from the United States. They also have a testimonial page on their site where they are offering testimonials.

They offer a number of discount offers during their yearly promotion. As you can see they are offering free Airmail shipping and 5% discount on your total order cost.

There are many positives to this online pharmacy and many negatives to it. They are in violation of some state and federal laws, as well as the FTC and the EMA.

Generic All

On reflection, we should all be more cautious before trusting them. I would, however, recommend them to use a different platform to get your medical needs checked.

This drug store claims to provide you with the highest quality pills. They say that they are FDA approved and have been working for over 9 years. They offer different drug groups including antiviral, antibiotics, anti-nausea, antifungal, antibiotics, anti-fungal, antibacterials, blood pressure and erectile dysfunction medicines. Despite their great reputation, the sources of drugs is unknown.

They do not offer any diseases for which they provide prescription. They only offer a consultation to determine the best time to fill out your prescription.

Generic All Reviews 2021

However, the company has also included special offers for their customers. For example, they do not charge a shipping fee if you order products through their website and also provide additional discounts for their clients. is a Canadian pharmacy which is operating from Canada. They have been operating for over 9 years. They do not have an American or UK location. They have a website which is available in over 200 languages. The prices of their drugs are affordable. Their customer support team is friendly and responsive and they offer a lot of discounts. They are close to a million dollars above the other pharmacies offering generic medicines.

This site is an online pharmacy that sells a range of generic drugs at extremely low prices. They boast that all of their medicines are certified safe and effective to use. I think that is enough to convince you to try them out. Below is an overview of what you need to know about them to decide whether they are a good pharmacy store or not.

The domain was first registered just last year. The domain is set to expire on 2019-01-31. They do not have a history of selling online pharmacies. They claim to offer FDA approved drugs.

The name of the registrant is provided as Eli Lilly. There is no other information about the domain registrant.

Generic All

The website used by the owner is called Pharmacy Mall. There is also a Facebook Page, but the communication with the Facebook page seems to be done via email instead of social media.

Generic All Coupon Codes

According to their terms and conditions, all products are offered and sold on this website without any discount or coupon.

They guarantee that your order will arrive and that your money will be safe as they will take care of all the payments and shipping for their products. They offer a money back guarantee and provide refunds if they are not delivered.

The drug store is an online pharmacy that provides a lot of benefits to its clients and its suppliers. It is also one of the oldest online pharmacies on the internet. It started operating in 2006 and is still going strong 18 years into the future. Although this pharmacy may look very impressive, their website may not be as user-friendly as the newer pharmacies.

However, their customer service and support team is US based and they ship the drugs from the USA. Their meds are also approved by the FDA.

This drugstore used to be a legit drugstore but has since closed down. I was able to check this pharmacy on the web archive site and it seems like they have been inactive for a very long time.

Elaborate Customer Care Services

Generic all is a North American pharmacy that sells generic and brand name pills. The company is not particularly new to online selling drugs but it has been doing so for quite some time now. This is a good sign that indicates the company is more reliable. Most pharmacies have not been operating for long if they have been in existence for years.

Their generic pills, like their branded ones, comes from the best generic manufacturers in India. They do not make their branded meds in India, as the laws that require that are made public in the United States prohibit the entry of imported drugs, which is not the case with this shop.

Generic All Coupon Codes

I am finding reviews very hard to come by on the internet. Since there are so many online pharmacies offering their services on the web, I decided to look at reviews from third party websites and see what others think about the company.

Branded Ed Meds

Since there are many tags indicating the quality of the generic drugs, here are some of the common ones:

  • Piter N. “High-risk Drug”
  • Sildenafil Citrate. This drug, which is used for the treatment of high blood pressure, may cause side effects such as headache, swelling of the face, and vomiting.
  • Tadalafil. This drug, which is used to treat obesity-related conditions, can cause blood pressure lowering effects to the effect of reducing cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.

It is easy to use this pharmacy as they are using a valid business license and have a valid prescription. However, we suspect that the pharmacy is hiding its identity as it is a new site.

So far, this company has been around for 4 years, making them more reliable as they are using the right medicine for the right reasons. However, we do not know if they have been approved by the FDA.


As the third-party site which you have chosen to trust, you are much more likely to get scammed by this website. They do not have checks in place to make sure that it is a fake, and they do not allow resolving credit card details on this site.

From all the information that we have gathered about this store, we will have to give them a score of 3.5 stars out of 5.

This drugstore claims to be a global provider of generic drugs and pharmaceutical related services. They have been in operation since 2002, they offer branded and generic medicines at prices far lower than the market price.

Many online drugstores claim to operate for more than 10 years but are ultimately fraudulent. Generic all provides more verification that this is not a typical pharmacy.

They also provide a mailing address and contact form so you can mail your order. If your order was lost or damaged, they kindly advise you to contact them for refund services.

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