Gen Scripts - Not Recommended Online Pharmacy

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Gen Scripts - Not Recommended Online Pharmacy

Gen scripts is a virtual supplier of generic drugs. The pharmacy started operating in 2009. The website has a wide array of drug categories. The pharmacy got accredited by both Pharmacy Checker and Pharmacy Verified.

Despite the good reviews for the pharmacy, I was interested in finding out if they have ever stopped selling drugs or if they only started dispensing medications online.

The company has not been able to offer specific discount offers on their website. However, they have become more generous with their customers online.

On their website, they say that they have provided 24/7 customer support services for years without any complaint. They are also keen on customer feedback and consultations, so it is not a bad idea to get in contact with them.

If you decide to buy their products online, be very careful because it is a very risky business. The company has been banned in several countries. I wouldn’t do business with them again because of this.

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Considering the fact that this pharmacy website is less than a month old, it is highly likely that it is a scam or linked to scam pharmacies or is refusing to operate within the law.

To conclude, gen scripts is not a drug store that we would normally recommend to anyone considering the fact that the pharmacy website is very new and does not have a history of providing quality drugs.

To avoid getting scammed, we highly suspect that it is a scam and we would consider it to be unsafe to use this pharmacy website.

This domain has been set for 5 years which is average. It is unusual that sites who haven’t been around for long would have such a short lifespan.

The site is operating from the Netherlands. There is no info about where the store is located or who owns it which indicates that the owner is not happy about this.

They do not state who owns the website. They only tell you that they are from Amsterdam. This is an obvious sign that the owner isn’t happy and may be marketing this as a service.

The domain is in the Netherlands. They have been in operation for over 5 years, this is a good sign that they have established credibility.

They have certification from the American Association of Business which is a certification of leading online pharmacies around the world.

They are also happy to be approved by Pharmacy Checker and KPMG as safe and effective online pharmacies.

The store offers a wide range of products that are available to all of their customers. They offer Brand-name drugs from well-known manufacturers and over the counter drugs that are not so able to be found in the online store.

They do not require a prescription to order. This is a good sign as it shows that they are following the requirements that other legitimate online pharmacies are meeting.

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The domain that was once in use by this drugstore has stopped working due to spam. It was using to be a Kansas-based internet drugstore. However, the domain has been disabled since it has been listed as a Rogue Pharmacy.

There are a number of other questionable pharmacies out there that are selling cheap generic drugs that are not approved by the Indian FDA.

The company does not require a prescription letter from a qualified doctor to order any of the medications, indicating that these medications are perfectly legal.

This online pharmacy does not require a prescription to order. They even provide a free sample prescription to all their customers.

The company offers several discount offers. They offer free shipping to all their customers and you can also get free pills if you are a new customer.

There is no other payment method accepted by this online pharmacy. The only payment options that this pharmacy accepts are credit card and debit card. They do not offer bank wire transfers.

They do not provide any delivery information. They only provide a phone number and email. Their website does not come with a delivery guarantee. The caller response is very limited.

This company has been around for a while now. They claim to be from Canada but is actually based in Panama. This information is not available on other online pharmacies as well.

They do not have a testimonials page on their website. It is only available if you register with them.

This company appears to be a genuine Canadian business.

Regulatory Approvals

Since the online pharmacy has not been approved by any regulatory authority, we cannot confirm if they are operating legally.

You can find a number of discount offers on the site. In fact, their most popular offers are discounts on new products and on generic drugs from the dominant brand.

You can choose where to pay your prescriptions from on the site. Their accepted payment options are credit cards from eight leading international processors.

They offer two shipping methods, including Trackable Courier and International Registered Mail. They offer trackable courier for $50 and International Unregistered Mail for $100.

The customer support options are good and they look like you might have a real problem. They have an online form, phone and fax. You can call them through their website or via their email.

They offer their customer support as well but it obviously depends on their order. They do offer a number of ways to get in contact with them including their Live Chat.

Gen Scripts

Since the pharmacy is new, there are very limited reviews. There isn’t much information about the site whatsoever on the site. However, it appears that they are trying to hide it and their customer reviews are fake.

There can’t be many negative reviews of this store, with the notable exception of being untrustworthy. They have been operating their business for less than a year and their customer reviews are fake too.

They don’t have a real physical address which is a worry as they are using temporary software which doesn’t have any real life contact details.

They offer a number of loopholes which means you can do any number of things to them if you are unlucky enough to have them as a customer.

Medications / Pricing

They do not specify where the generic products come from considering their site is confidential, however, this could be a deliberate ploy by the company to hide information about where the drugs are coming from. They also claim to have the lowest prices on the web, however, this is a bold claim considering the fact that generic drugs may be less expensive than their branded counterparts.

The site accepts payments received via credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Once the transaction has been verified, they will send you an email notification with the shipping costs and payment options as a gift. They also accept PayPal, Bitcoin, and Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

The lack of reviews shows that gen scripts has not been taken seriously as a potential drugstore and they are therefore not safe to use should you decide to buy their drugs.

To conclude, the website, a virtual pharmacy, is a new website with no control over where they are located and how they serve their customers. They claim to have over 1 million customers, however, this is only a guess as there are no customer reviews to back up the claims of the company.

I advise you not to buy from the drugstore since the information they provide is not available on any other online platform.

A search on Google reveals that the site does not own an SSL certificate which is required by many online pharmacies to remain safe.


Gen scripts has operated for over 7 years now, and it has already garnered many customers. However, the company is currently in the process of being shut down by the government as it contravened the rules and regulations which should be followed when operating a pharmacy. This pharmacy is an online firm that helps people to save more by offering cheap generic alternatives to expensive medicines. They also provide discounted prices for consumers, a great deal. A review that highlights the quality of their products is given below.

Registered for 2 years and updated recently. This is not a sign of a risk for the company as they can usually only be involved in pharmacy business for less than one year.

The company is using a modern and professional website that looks professional and authentic. They have several categories of medicines to sell from and this includes generic and prescription drugs.

This pharmacy offers delivery by regular mail and a radio radio call in case you need to place an appointment.

The NABP is the medical organization that provides advice and assistance to people who have a question in medical related matters. This company is also accredited by the Royal College of Physicians of Great Britain.

However, they have a policy where if you obtain a prescription they require you to consult a licensed physician.

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