Freedom Fertility Review - An Online Pharmacy To Avoid

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Freedom Fertility Review - An Online Pharmacy To Avoid

Freedom fertility is an online pharmacy which claims to offer high-quality generic drugs. The site is fairly new so it’s hard to confirm whether they are genuine or they are there to defraud unsuspecting victims. This review will give you the details of the store so that you will be able to decide whether to buy from them or not.

The online pharmacy is promising to provide you with cheap prices in addition to the great products. However, our investigation on Scamadviser shows that the pharmacy is based in the United States of America and probably doesn’t have much trust from the customers themselves. The site seems to be largely unfriendly which means that the chances of it being legit are very low.

They are claiming to offer FDA approved drugs at the current time, but our investigation on Scamadviser shows that the site is a newbie pharmacy. They haven’t been in business for very long, so it’s not a good sign and we highly suspect that they are being run by a scam.

The site is very new so it’s certainly not a trusted platform for buying drugs. They don’t provide much information about themselves and just the name of their business is too easy to copy and paste.

They need your help to keep the site going as they don’t have much patience for new visitors. They give advice on many different subjects but the bulk of it is just talking about how sick they have become.

The drug store seems to be run by a group of people who have nothing to do with the quality of the drugs. It’s much more likely that they are just making up information to deceive people into buying from them.

Freedom Fertility Profile Details

The company also uses a seal from CIPA on their store. This legal seal shows that the company is registered with the CIPA in Canada.

This drugstore provides you a wide range of medications for different medical conditions. They sell both brand-name and generic products. They don’t seem to make a lot of money from their business practices.

They do provide you with a questionnaire which you can fill if you have any questions about the drugstore. They also give you a link to their collecting station if you need help with your medication.

  • Migraine
  • Pain relief
  • Skin care
  • Asthma
  • Cardiology
  • Gastrointestinal
  • General surgery

Some online pharmacies ask for a prescription if you do not have the medication needed. They do not require a prescription from this pharmacy.

  • Bank transfer: This seems like a good option if you have not used one before. They provide you with a unique way to pay using.

This online pharmacy offers a customer support team from Australia. They provide online counselling and medication ordering to people who live and work in Europe, several Asian countries such as in China and India, and the USA.

This online pharmacy does not have a testimonials page which would allow you to read and share their experiences. Instead, they have a testimonial page on their website.

Regulatory Approval

The pharmacy has complied with the standards set out by the Australian and the European Medicines Agency. These standards ensure that the pharmacy complies with acceptable drug usage in the treatment of cancer.

Freedom Fertility

They have also got approval from the New York State Department of Health and also from the Federal Trade Commission. However, this does not mean that they are actually approved by the FDA.

The pharmacy does not require a prescription form from customers and employees. However, they encourage their customers to seek professional medical advice before taking any product.

The pharmacy deals in women’s health drugs and has a wide range of alternative products available for sale. They sell generic drugs at extremely low prices compared to their brand-name counterparts.

However, some of the generic drugs have brand names now and some of them have branded remedies available for purchase.

The pharmacy does not require a prescription form from consumers, however, they encourage their customers to talk to their doctors before using any product.

The pharmacy is a licensed pharmacy with the Australian and New York State pharmaceutical agencies. They also have a seal from the FDA on their store.

  • Men’s Health, A pill of their generic Viagra costs $29.68. This drug is a male-specific drug. A prescription is not required from a customer.
  • Allergies, a pill of their generic Trenabolol costs $109.16. This drug is also a male-specific drug. A prescription is not required from a client.
  • Anti-Anxiety, an oral dose of Propecia costs $29.99. This drug is also a male-specific drug. A prescription is not required from a client.
  • Credit Cards: One of the most popular payment methods is credit cards with a fixed amount that can be used for purchases. You may choose from these credit card options include:
  • MasterCard, Visa, JCB, and Diners Club.
  • AMEX, ACH and E-Diners Club.
  • Discover, ACH, and E-Diners Club.

Shipping is offered worldwide to all customers. Airmail shipping rates are as low as $9.95 for each order is offered. You must pay the shipping costs and fees to qualify for this offer. Shipping times vary greatly from country to country.

Shipping Methods

The site does not have any feedback from its former users and doesn’t have reviews from its current users.

The site has not received any testimonials from its former users. It has failed to receive customer reviews from the online community. It has also failed to get a single customer review from any online forum which is usually a good sign, but the fact that the site is closed says a lot about its quality.

From all the information which has been gathered so far, we can say that this is a pharmacy which is not approved by any regulatory authority and the company has been closed for two years.

From all the information that we have seen, we can say that this is a pharmacy which is not safe and is most likely involved in deceptive business practices.

Freedom fertility is a pharmacy store which lists products for men’s health. They sell generic and branded drugs. We take a look at what they offer.

  • Viagra 100mg
  • Cialis 20mg
  • Kamagra 20mg
  • Malegra FXT
  • Acidity 20mg
  • Allergy 20mg

The products are manufactured in India. The price of Viagra for example is $0.27 per pill. This means that they charge more for their generic product.

Freedom Fertility

You can pay for their products using Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. They are a Canadian company that seems to be based in Canada. They have 24/7 customer support that you would expect, this is more than most online pharmacies.

They ship to almost all countries in the world. Orders are delivered from Canada to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Some of the feedback comes from past buyers of the store who were very happy with their experience on their final day of business.

They also have a lot of testimonials from the former customers of the pharmacy. The testimonials are great and show that they are not fake.

They are also very negative about other pharmacies they dealt with, showing that there is no loyalty to the third-party pharmacy.

Freedom Fertility Contact Details

This pharmacy is registered through a third-party company called Via Prime Services Limited, which we have previously shown is an LLC that is located in London, in addition to the official website of this company.

On Scamadviser, this online pharmacy has a trust score of 94% with a label that says ‘risk is high and this site is safe to use.

On Legit Script, this online pharmacy is rated as rogue, which means that they are not following the rules set out for selling online drugs.

The majority of the products on this website are pill- based, however, there is a product that is specifically designed to treat erectile dysfunction, and it sells for $58.

The most commonly purchased products on this store are ED pills, with an average price of $80.20 per pill.

  • Complimentary pills, your order gets delivered to your door free of charge
  • Money Back Guarantee, if you are not pleased with your online purchase then you can return it within 30 days of receipt and pay for the cost of the product

Shipping is done from several different countries around the world. Standard shipping is around $10, working almost as fast as the US Postal Service. You can pay using credit cards as well.

This online pharmacy does not have user reviews on the web. However, there are reviews from other locations on different websites.

This Erectile Dysfunction site is a scam. This company, however, is not a threat to the health and safety of the customers.

To conclude, the site is a pharmacy that claims to ship worldwide. However, we believe that this is just an empty boast as there is no shipping service for this store. Moreover, they only ship products to some countries in the United States.

Shipping Methods

Freedom Fertility Reviews 2021

The drug store has been around for almost two years. The company is located in Canada, but there are also several other online pharmacies that operate from other locations in the world. They offer cheap prices for their generic and branded medicines.

This website has also been nominated in the Top 100 Generic Online Pharmacy list. The company sells branded and generic medicines to their customers.


Payments are accepted through VISA or MasterCard and are shipped from the following locations : India, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. There is no delivery guarantee on orders coming from the United States.

The company offers two shipping methods : Trackable Courier Service is the fast shipping which takes 7-9 days and includes a tracking number and Free Registered Mail which takes 4-5 weeks to deliver.

Since they claim to provide an online support service for their customers, I thought to check what the company promised and found that they are legitimate. I have been unable to reach them via phone, they have a contact form and an email address which is way more detailed than the usual customer support that they had.

They have a testimonials feature that is meant to make customers happy by showing how happy they are with the services that they have received. This feature is quite overwhelming so it is good to look at other independent websites to see what they have to say about the company.

To conclude, freedom fertility is a reliable company that provides high-quality services. They have been operating for more than 10 years and they have a presence in India that is genuine. It does have a safety assurance that is far from being a fake so they would not risk their customers with a slight chance of being fraudulent.


FreedomFertility has been around for a while but there is no evidence that proves that they are genuine. This seems like a suspicious website and I wouldn’t recommend that you use them.

Maybe it is a good idea to earn yourself a little extra money in order to save yourself from spending a lot for buying your medicines. When you buy using credit cards you get to choose 5% off the total cost of your order.

For messages that are more than 200 characters they can be delivered via standard mail. They do not seem to require a fax or a medical consultation. They are also offering a free shipping bonus for each subsequent purchase you make on the site.

My only criticism for the pharmacy was that they did not provide a lot of information about themselves. They just claim to sell FDA approved generics and generic medicines and also provide some information about their facility. They claim to operate from a USA based location. This is good but in reality they could be from any part of the world.

This doesn’t mean that they are not operating their business legally but they do need to be more transparent to keep their customers safe. I give them 3 out of 5 stars due to this concern.

FreedomFertility has been in existence as an internet pharmacy since 2015. From a public perspective, the company looks like it has been around for a long time. However, from an investigative standpoint, I am skeptical about the pharmacy.

I decided to check for reviews and testimonials for the company on which I am going to rely in order to make a decision whether I should buy from the company or not.

The domain name records reveal that this pharmacy’s address was only created in 2016.

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