For Him S Reviews – Misrepresents Information

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For Him S Reviews – Misrepresents Information

For him s is an online pharmacy that sells a broad selection of pills across various categories, in addition to the generic ones. The pharmacy has built its platform using the Internet protocols and it is easy to use. There is no online chat and you need a phone number in case of your emergency.

Besides heart medicines, the pharmacy also offers antibiotics, birth control pills, blood pressure drugs, eye drops, skin care products, and erectile dysfunction pills. There is not much information on the website about the business.

This site deals are valid until 30 days from the day they are posted and as long as they meet the verification standards of the pharmacy. They have to be in compliance with the following regulations:

  1. Certified pharmacies have to be approved by the boards
  2. Generic drugs must be FDA approved
  3. Generic medications must be manufactured and marketed in accordance with an approved manufacturing facility

Moreover, they need to comply with the standards of the pharmacy that are followed regardless of the packaging or the generic drugs.

  1. Generic medications must have the same active ingredient as its branded equivalent
  2. Generic medications must have the same formulation and strength as its branded equivalent
  3. Generic medications must have the same activity as its branded equivalent

When a customer reviews an online pharmacy on the platform, they are given a unique identifier and a unique URL that helps them stay updated with the latest reviews and information about the pharmacy.

The company is also working with third-party websites to aggregate the reviews and feedback to help customers better understand and judge the store’s qualities.

To check the authenticity of this drug store and the fact whether they have received customer reviews for their service, I checked the website’s status on Scam Adviser and Legit Script.

Coupon codes are everywhere nowadays and I think this is why for him s is continuing to get good reviews. Customers are constantly bombarded with offers and coupons, and this is getting more ridiculous considering the fact that online shopping costs less than 10% of what it used to.

Customers are now getting their products discounted very cheaply with coupon codes. People are also getting free shipping if they are willing to spend $150 for the entire order. is a Canadian pharmacy that sells generic medicines to the customers. The quality of their medicines is assured as they are all FDA approved and have been approved by various regulatory agencies for their products.

Support Team

There are currently no telephone numbers on this site for the customer to reach them via. So it is not really advisable to make contact with this store for your medical needs.

This site does not require you to provide a prescription when ordering from them. They can give you some instructions on how to order in their store though.

This store accepts payments by major credit cards. As well as that, they provide delivery courier services from the United States and have warehouse facilities in the United Kingdom.

This store has a page for the pharmacy reviews on their website. They have had a few testimonials from customers on Facebook.

A few comments are not perfect though so it is important to look at them carefully. I would not buy from a site like this without checking them first to see if they are real.

This store is an online pharmacy you should consider if you want to save. They have a good relationship with the US FDA and they are using a high-quality generic drugs. I am surprised at how many of the statements in the testimonials are true keeping in mind the fact that the site is almost a year old.

On the other hand, two (2) independent pharmacies also have the exact same product in their inventory. One of them is actually operated by CIPA and the other by Pharmacy Mall. Both of them sell generic drugs.

I am going to assume that the drugs you get from this store are generic because of the fact that they are shown on the site. They are also being sold at the lowest price I canfind.


I have been looking for reviews for the drug store for a long time. I finally located one from a customer who mentioned in his testimonial that the drugs were effective. He further noted how easy it was to order his drugs online. I decided to check if there are any customer testimonials for for him s. I came across two.

The first testimonial was from a customer who said that he received his orders on time. He thanked this drug store.


Credit cards from Visa and Mastercard are the two main payment options accepted at this pharmacy. The store also accepts money orders made via money order and bank transfer.

Shipping is free on orders over $300. All shipping receives are monitoring. The pharmacy accepts insurance claims from The Beach and HRW.

This pharmacy is offering a free consultation from their doctors. You can also call them on +4420 3129 7151. Other options include a live chat, email, fax and regular mail.

The fact that this pharmacy is operating illegally should make you wary about their services. Their domain has been listed as a Rogue Pharmacy and they are operating from a high risk country.

They do not have approvals from any regulatory bodies in the United States and many other countries around the world.

This site is registered by a company called Scyll, which is also known as Canada International Pharmacy. This is a virtual corporation which maintains a Canadian office. It says on their website that they have been operating since 2003.

The website for this pharmacy site uses a modern design and they claim to be world-renowned in their field. They also say that they have “an online support team which is confident and responsive”.

They also provide the name of their Canadian business as well as an agent which is responsible for their dispatching.

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Birth control
  4. Hair loss
  5. Men’s health
  6. Weight

For Him S Coupon Codes

This promotion is valid for all orders placed on the website and is not applicable to other customers.

This website is a pharmacy that offers pills that work great on our bodies and into our overall health. They also provide a wide range of drugs for various medical uses. The location of this store is not really known as I am not an expert on the business. However, their main office is found in Pakistan.

On their website they also offer a wide range of medicines for various medical conditions. For the billing or recurring payments you may be liable to them with your insurance policy for 5% less.

I decide to check the for him s reviews on the internet pharmacies website. They do have a few on their site but the testimonials are probably fake. The reviews are also placed by the owner of the pharmacy.

In addition, some of the reviews also appear on other drug stores and on other social media platforms. This is not good.

Since they say that they are world-famous when it comes to customer service, I want to see if they really are world-famous enough to warrant checking.

Discounts are offered by this pharmacy to everyone who orders. They offer free samples of the same price as the regular products.

Delivery Timeline

Overall, though, though, buyers often claim to receive their orders from the website. They say that the staff members are friendly, and the drugs are the same as the regular ones.

  1. A few credit cards are required
  2. A few debit cards are also required
  3. A few insurance cards are also required
  4. A delivery guarantee is also offered. Buyers have to pay $62.16 in order to qualify for the free shipping offer

For Him S

The testimonials are very positive, showing that the people who have written them are very happy with the service that the online pharmacy provides.

Accepted payment methods include credit cards, bank transfers, and even personal and bank wire transfers.

The seller also claims to have customers from all over the world, though there is no way to confirm it. The main aim of this pharmacy is to provide genuine, reliable, and genuine buying experiences.

It is only by following the guidelines of reputable and legitimate online pharmacies that the buyer is assured of ordering from them, with the exception of the ones listed above.

As you can see, the domain name records show that this e-commerce pharmacy has been online for only 4 years. Although the site claims to be a leader in online pharmacy industry, we highly doubt its reliability as the site does not have genuine customer feedback or reviews.

Moreover, they are using a fake internet registrar name to register their domain. For this reason, we suspect that the pharmacy is being operated from a fake address.

The website has been designed in a careless manner.

For Him S Customer Service

For him s guarantees fast deliveries and customer satisfaction and will replace or refund the customer's money back if the package was lost or damaged during delivery.

This shop is famous for providing affordable medicines for its customers. The payment options and shipping methods are for the most part competitive and affordable with a minimum order of $25.

However, the company does not have a verified Twitter account which shows that they do not get many visitors. This confirms that they are not being transparent about their business practices.

Since online pharmacies are now the norm, their popularity is growing. They have a lot to offer for their customers because of their diversity of products and their varied prices. For a website that claims to be US-based, we can see that they are probably operating from the United States. However, we cannot confirm this as they do not have a valid business license.

Since the domain of this online pharmacy was registered almost 3 years ago, it’s a new e-pharmacy. This e-commerce platform seems to be from Canada.

It has a web design that is similar to those that are currently being offered by other online pharmacies. They have a fairly wide range of products to offer. They sell both brand and generic drugs.

They have an address in Canada. They use a pharmacy-name of Choice as their business name. This is a trademark of the pharmacy that they are offering.


This shop is a drugstore I have been following closely for years, due to their consistent offering of low-cost generic drugs at prices that were shockingly low. Although their website is not as attractive as its mirror websites, they are offering a lot of products at surprisingly low prices.

Their customer support team was responsive and offered quick replies to queries they receive suggesting they could have an attorney to help them resolve their disputes. Their ED drugs were also efficient since they only take 3-5 business days to be processed.

There was no online chat but they are also not accepting phone calls so they will call you through their phone support team during office hours if they need help.

I tried checking in with their customer support team through phone and email to see how they are handling these new website additions to their platform, but they said they were busy with their training for their day job. They will also be attending extra training sessions and examinations during the week to ensure you have the right prescription for your drug.

Their website has been four years in service and they have been able to collect over 1.000 reviews. The ones they have received on Myspace are quite impressive since they would actually have a chance to add a few more new customer reviews as they had not yet intended to do so.

I decided to check on their status on other platforms since they have not been able to get a lot of reviews for their service in the recent years.

The FDA hasn’t been able to find out how the drugs they have are manufactured, tested and marketed which is a major red flag and puts them into an unapproved category.

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