For Him S Review - Not Exactly A "best Seller" But A Popular Site

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For Him S Review - Not Exactly A "best Seller" But A Popular Site

For him s is currently closed due to lack of a valid SSL certificate. Since the store is offline, we can’t verify the safety of the customers.

“I have received no product. I am trying to make an order but it seems that your store is not available anymore. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you.

  • Pet presents, Unsafe to purchase

This is a common problem related to over-selling of drugs and other dangerous activities. Moreover, the store is also suspected to be involved in breaking and entering several times.

  • MasterCard
  • Amazon Payments

The issue of counterfeit drugs has recently claimed many lives. This is a good sign that offers genuine drugs are being sold on the web by this pharmacy.

We already know that there are plenty of online pharmacies on the web offering a wide variety of drugs. So what information do we add to the fact that this pharmacy is a possible rogue?

A few customers also provide feedback on the website on The feedback seems to be genuine but there is no guarantee that it is.

Some of the feedback shows a lack of customer service. One client says that the medical team could not be contacted for questioning. The client also blames the pharmacy for the delays that occurred while filling out payment and shipping information.

Sadly, this pharmacy is not online used by many people. Perhaps the people who have used it are not too keen on the products or the person who has filled their prescription.

Domain Name Information

The site displays several seals for their company ‘SAIC’ and the European Free State Institute of Technology (or the Eifst) on the front page of the site. The Eifst is the European affiliate of the German based SAVIMER, a leading international scientific consultancy.

The Eifst is a non-profit organization which aims to improve the public understanding of medicine through scientific research and public service.

They do not offer any specialist advice but they do have a member-based support team who offer additional support for every order you make.

This site does not require a prescription for your products, however, the website has no legal approval to sell drugs worldwide.

The pricing of their products is just a little too good to be true, from their homepage we can see that they are offering a few dollars cheaper than normal pharmacy prices.

For Him S

We haven’t been able to find a payment. They link to a third-party website, however, though they do have a discount of up to $10 on their checkout.

A testimonial page for this site is available on their website. They have over 129 positive reviews.

They also have a testimonial page for other websites that are based in the United States. There are over 46 great reviews for this pharmacy.

This is an online pharmacy operating from Canada and has received a high rating from

They also offer a lot of benefits to the customers, and they do not have a prescription requirement.

Customer Support

You can use the hotlines even without an appointment. However, for urgent matters, they ask that you call them for assistance 48 hours prior.

How do customers handle customer support issues during their visit to this pharmacy’s store? Here are some of the things that you can do to protect yourself and your organization from dealing with these issues:

Read them carefully so you can spot any misleading statements and false information about the company. If there are any, check with a sales associate to verify.

  • Read the customer support guidelines before contacting them. If they have them, read them carefully. Pay close attention to the terms and conditions and the sections that specifically deal with payments.

If all else fails, you can always call them from their international hotlines: +1 718 487 9792 and +1 415 822 8092.

The drugstore is an online pharmacy that markets itself as being based in Canada. They say that they will not sell medications outside of Canada unless you qualify for a refund. They have a business name of Canadian Pharmacy and they operate by the same rules as other rogue pharmacies. I decided to check if all these claims were true and if this pharmacy was a legit one.

There is really not much information about the domain that could be found by searching for it. The domain was registered in 2002 and is set for expiry in 2011. It was also registered by a private individual called Laurie.

The owner of the pharmacy owns a physical address in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. There is no information about where on the world the site is based. The owner also owns an online pharmacy business, Onlinethe

Canadian Pharmacy is a drug store that deals in generic as well as branded drugs. A pill costs $0.

For Him S Coupon Codes

Are you looking for a strong discount? Well, there is no better way to get it than by using coupon codes from this shop. All of the offers are just too good to pass up!

For Him S Coupon Codes

The shop claims to be one of the most trusted online drug stores on the web. They say that they have been in business for over 10 years and have a customer service team of over 16 people. They offer very affordable generic alternatives to the expensive brand name meds. Do you know if they are legit or are they just making lots of promises? I want to know the truth and what they do and do not offer so I thought they should first write about that.

When registering a domain name, you are required to disclose who the registered website is. This information is required by law.

The company that registered this domain has the name Capella Health Systems Inc. With its address in Capella, Florida.

This company is legitimate as they are a registered member of the Pinellas County Health Department and are certified by the Pinellas State Health Commission.

The BBB logo they use is also a logo for the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) which is a non-profit organization that provides trustworthy and accurate services to consumers.

Prescription is mandatory upon ordering from this store. Sensible, valid prescriptions are available from their pharmaceutical agency in the US and Canada.


From what we have already discovered about this store, we can say that they are not a reliable player in the market. They do have the correct certifications and they are required to comply with certain rules and regulations to do business in the future.

From all the information that we have found about this pharmacy, we will have to give this shop a rating of 2.4 out of 5.

The shop is a virtual pharmacy that claims to offer a wide range of products for men at an affordable price. It also promises “easily processed” products. All their drugs are FDA approved and they also use DPDKP as their fulfillment facility. They have a live support team that can be reached through their phone numbers and email. This site is safe and secure with them as well. This is good, but we would be remiss to not mention that it is very easy to become scammed here.

The domain of this internet pharmacy was first registered on the 28th of May 2019 and last updated on the 7th of February 2013. It has a history of being online for 5 years. However, there is no evidence that this website is a legit one.

Pharmacy name and domain name, are fake. This is not only shocking, but also shows that the owners don’t care about their customers.

On Scamadviser, this drugstore website has a trust score of 40%. However, it is not safe to do business with them as they do not have permission to register and operate online.

This drugstore website is selling both generic and brand meds. The meds are dispensed from India, with the exact location of the pharmacy being hidden.

The biggest problem that this website raises is that they are selling very cheap drugs. The prices of the drugs are very low compared with other online drugstores.

The other problem is that some of the drugs are sourced from Pakistan. There is a high likelihood that these drugs may be counterfeit or expired.

This website asks its customers to fill out an online prescription. However, before processing your order, they will ask you to upload a valid prescription from a licensed physician.

I don’t know where they are based, but they seem like a nice enough guy. They also claim to offer customer support via phone and email.

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