Drug Mart Reviews - Realistic

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Drug Mart Reviews - Realistic

Drug mart is a secure and reliable online pharmacy that provides affordable medicines to its consumers all over the world. It offers fast delivery, easy to track and easy to understand customer support. An online chat feature gives you the opportunity to pause and analyse the exchange of messages that you might have had with the store.

Although the store is quite impressive, I was a little skeptical about its credibility based on the evidence that I found online. I was also not sure if and how trustworthy the store would be.

The pharmacy does not have a Social Media presence. The store is not registered with any other online platforms and it is not clear where they are based. For all their online stores, there are three-month approval intervals before they are required to post a bushel of product for free.

My time in the store was brief and I was not sure if they were legit. I had a question regarding their products and their website, so I checked for brevity in their review. Moreover, they do not have reviews all year round so there is always the chance of being scammed by placing an order on their site.

On Scamadviser, drug mart has a trust score of 91% with a label that says ‘trustworthy.’ This is great considering that there have been quite a few suspicious reports about this pharmacy.

  1. Choose your standard shipping method from Express Delivery or regular shipping. It will be delivered via Express Shipping to Canada and the United States.
  2. Choose your gift from any of their many product categories. It will be delivered with your choice of over the counter medication or doctor prescribed medication.

Payment Options

You can make debentures to your credit card by visiting their site, clicking on the link and filling out the required information. Credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard and JCB are accepted.

You can make withdrawals from your account using your credit card by visiting their site and paying the appropriate fee. They also accept debit cards for transactions.

They have a testimonial page with an overview of their customers. I found this page to be fairly impressive as well. It shows that 97% of reviews that appear on their site are positive.

However, they have received less views than other online pharmacies on the web. This is a reflection of the fact that they are selling drugs here rather than on a generic basis.

The drugstore is a pharmacy that appears to be legit. They have a good deal for their customers to enjoy, and they are also providing a lot of reasons to do so. The home page and testimonial pages seem impressive from a corporate perspective, but there is no evidence presented to suggest that they are actually a legit pharmacy.

I would just like to add that their service is not convincing and I recommend anyone not to support them in their store until they can get to know the domain information and the company.

This drugstore is an online pharmacy that offers low priced drugs as well as fast and free delivery. The idea is to give back to the society by offering cheap medicines to people who are affected by the local prices. I went to the site to find out if it is really as good as can be assumed.

Drug mart tries its best to make its site look legit as it is. The images that it uses are clean and look great. The domain that it has is secure as it has an SSL certificate that protects all the information that you need to know.

The payment that they are using is using is through Paypal. They do not accept credit cards at this time.

Drug Mart Pricing

When I got to the pharmacy that I am going to make my payment, I was able to see that there is a delivery fee. They provide a robot saying that they are available to assist you with your payment. They do not provide any further information about their service.

Drug Mart Reviews 2021

The domain that was registered a year ago has a few years of age. The domain was originally registered in 2005 and has a lifespan of 21 years.

However, the domain has been registered using another domain registrar which is known as Wuxi Yichan.

The owner country of this drugstore is based in China but the pharmacy site location is being hidden to avoid scammers and scammers are not well-aware of how to hide their identity.

It is difficult to discern if Scamadviser isn’t aware of the fact that drug mart is an online drug store? Or if they are just playing with the facts and wouldn’t want you to make a purchase on their site? In this case, the site is very popular with the customers, so there is a high likelihood that they are legit and are serving your business well.

Many online pharmacies are using the names of their business “Online Pharmacy”, but the drug store has a different business name that they are calling the Internet Pharmacy.

In addition to the different competitively-priced medicines they offer, they have a discount coupon for everyone to use. For every $200 they sell, they get a $50 discount.

Therefore, we highly recommend using this discount coupon to save more when it comes to your order.

  1. Credit cards


Order fulfillment for this drug store is very easy to get just like with any other online store. The store’s managed to keep a very level head even when it comes to safety standards. Drug mart is a registered domain and because of this, it is a lot more hassle free to order from the store.

The pharmacy has proven its reliability to date. It has a great selection of products, it is safe and secure, it has customer support and it is fast. Highly recommendable, but not a must buy Shop.

The pharmacy has been approved by CIPA and the brand name drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Prescription is required to place an order, but this is quite easy to do. Drugs are also dispatched from the store in the following days. The pharmacy is managed by Canada Pharmacy Inc. Based at the University of Toronto.

The drug store has been around for almost 20 years. It supplies medications to a wide range of medical applications. There is also a wealth of information regarding the company on the online drugstore. I like that they have posted about their location on the website, though they claim to be located in Canada.

The site also claims to offer 24/7 customer support. They have phone numbers for the US and UK as well as the Canada–United States line.

Drug Mart Reviews 2021

I am curious as to whether they require a valid prescription before dispensing drugs, though. They say that their drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The pharmacy offers a 25% discount on your next order. They are also giving you free pills on every purchase. They promise to give you a refund or reship if you do not receive the promised pills.

I am seeing more reviews for drug mart. I am just assuming that they are new since there are no reviews for the store online.

I like to use third party review platforms to help me make decisions in an online store, so I was interested in what others had seen.

A lot of reviews are available online for drugmart.com. This website is very active, so it is easy to find reviews for anything from the health store to the pharmacy.

Drug Mart Pricing

From all the information that we have found about this company and their website, we will have shortlisted them as 1 of the top pharmacies in the internet.

Drug mart claims to be the most trusted pharmacy in the market, offering cheap prices and a wide range of products. This drug store is operated by the MTN Group, a leading global pharmaceutical company with operations all around the world. They also have 24/7 customer support team through fax, email, telephone and email. All their medicines are manufactured under stringent quality control programs in India and other Asian countries.

There are two payment methods accepted at this pharmacy website, the first way is with VISA and MasterCard. They also accept money purchasing through your credit card.


All things being considered, please give the pharmacy a chance. It is operating from a very friendly and secure platform which is present on all their sites. They have a very wide range of products and their prices are quite cheap compared to most online pharmacies. We give them 3.5 stars out of 5.

DrugMart is an illegal online pharmacy that mostly deals in men's health drugs. They don’t have any legal approvals which are posted on their sites. Your overall health is at risk when doing a business with them as they are using unsafe methods to do their business.

The domain was registered just earlier this year and it is set to expire in the year 2009. This means that they will definitely be closing down much sooner than the average lifespan of most online pharmacies.

This pharmacy website uses a modern website design that comes with a lot of different features. They are using a modern layout that is very easy to use.

There is no contact details, this isn’t a big surprise as they don’t provide any information about where they are located or who they work from.

The same cannot be said about Pharmacy-24.com which is the only other known online pharmacy that they claim to be involved with.

The site doesn’t seem to accept payment methods that include credit cards from any country other than the USA and the UK. They do offer a money back guarantee though so it does seem like a more reliable payment option is available if you are dissatisfied with the product.

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