Cure X A Review - A Dope Online Pharmacy That Is Not Popular With Customers

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Cure X A Review - A Dope Online Pharmacy That Is Not Popular With Customers

Cure x a is a popular online drugstore that aims to provide a genuine service to its customers by providing them with complete control and safety regarding their purchases. However, it is not possible to check the authenticity of this store because the domain has been banned as it is a new one and its registration was made on 2018-09-28.

The website is one of the online pharmacies that offers to sell drugs globally, and its site is very easy to navigate. It is arranged to the top right corner of the website and you can find a lot of the information about the drugs you are looking at right there. The website itself looks very professional and organized with its various categories and sections.

All of the products that are offered by the drug store are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are also certified by the International Pharmacy Association of Canada (IPAC). I'm not sure why cure x a is not following the requirements for the approval of their products, but it is not a deal-breaker since the FDA and IPCAC consider them to be safe and effective for use. The companies that are the subject of this review are the ones who are listed on the website.

If you are looking for generic drugs to sell, you should check the categories of this site to see what medicines it has. They have a lot of products to offer since it lists the pharmaceutical products in a wide variety of medical conditions.

I don't think this is a bad thing, as online shopping is very risky and people often go bankrupt because of their inability to get a decent price or the risk they are taking themselves. However, it does highlight how risky the business can be once you put in the effort to take a chance with this online business.

This drugstore maintains a really good trust rating on scamadviser with a trust score of 66%.

Cure X A Domain Information

Using the domain for its intended use, you would expect to find a large number of reviews for the company. However, we can see that the domain has been registered and is running its business for over 7 years. This shows that the company has been operating for a long time.

This isn’t the case, however. The domain has only been registered as recently as this year, and it isn’t yet five years old.

This isn’t a good sign for the business. Furthermore, the domain’s age suggests that it will likely be in use for a very long time.

However, this isn’t the case. The company lack of a live chat that they tend to have on their website leads us to believe that they are not as interested in getting new clients as they might first appear.

Even though this pharmacy is not part of any organization, it still needs to be approved by LegitScript.

“unapproved”. This means that the drugstore isn’t operating legally, and it has no approval from the regulatory bodies that are meant to oversee the health and safety of their customers.

The company deals with a wide range of products. There is also a medication policy, with drugs offered to help manage anxiety as well as depression.

Cure X A

They don’t seem to be a customer of any of the big pharmacy chains who are in the business for more than a few years.

This pharmacy doesn’t require their customers to provide a prescription when ordering for their meds.

Valid prescription from their doctors before dispatching their meds. Doctors are required to be trained to dispense Rx medicines for their own medical condition.

You can also choose from a number of delivery methods, including standard airmail and Express shipping.

They have telephone and email support available from Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm, and Saturday, 10am to 2pm. They also offer 24/7 customer support for issues with their site and application.

This pharmacy website has a testimonials page full of cure x a reviews. A large number of these testimonials are positive with a few being very negative.

Cure X A Coupon Codes

There are lots of coupon codes available on, such as buying 10 or 30mg pills, purchasing 10 or 30 with a special offer, and getting free pills.

This shop is one pharmacy that offers a lot of benefits to its customers. There is no doubt about it, it is a reliable supplier of medication that promises to keep you safe while taking the product. Considering that these are very competitive prices from other online pharmacies, I am giving this store 5 out of 5.

Cure x a is the name of a pharmacy that specializes in the sale of generic generic products like ED drugs. The company has been around for several years, and it has its own website that you can find on the main website. Prescription is compulsory for order, although there is no specific mention of it on their site.

The products that the pharmacy sells are actually approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are generic, which is usually the case with online drugstores. The company is also certified by CIPA Rx and American Pharmacy Association.

This ED drugstore website does not seem to be secure and they even give a fake episode badge for fraudulent activity. It is also not approved by all of the major regulatory bodies like the FDA. is a pharmacy that sells generic products. Amongst the generic items that the store has, the most popular of which is Viagra.

I check in the FAQ section to see if any of their customers have tried to order from their store and they did not have any orders pending for their receipt. They also had no orders for the week, which is odd as the pharmacy is very busy selling drugs.

Cure X A Coupon Codes

I check the status of the pharmacy on LegitScript and Scamadviser. It seems like they are not over scale their claim of 100% assurance.

They seem to be operating from a real-world pharmacy store rather than just posting on the site as an online seller.

Variant of the dosage format used by the generic drugs of this store is a 3.72-mg tablet that costs $9.60 and has a 0% chance of working.

I am really impressed with the quality of drugs that this pharmacy sells and the very affordable prices.

Cure X A / Testimonials

After paying good prices, the pharmacy seems to have limited its reach. There are many patient testimonials on the Internet, but none are very good. I tried searching for customers who had been on the receiving end of this pharmacy’s treatment and found none. The testimonials are, however, from the seller’s website.

· The statements are from the seller's website.

· The testimonials are almost completely positive.

There are also numerous other problems with the tests. For example, the seller has a page for customer reviews, but there are no customer reports for these reviews.

I am very concerned by the fact that there is no independent verification of where this drugstore is actually operating from. The lack of any regulation or validation raises questions about the quality of the drug. I do not recommend this pharmacy to anyone. Admittedly, I don’t trust this seller at all, a claim I have repeatedly made. I would not even advise anyone to order from this seller if they still have doubt about their legitimacy.

I would just like to remind people to be extra careful when buying from online pharmacies, especially the ones that are not operationally transparent about where they are located.

The fact that the domain was registered the year 2010 shows that the store is relatively new. It is also important to note that domain name registries are, by default, quite old.

The drugstore claims to have licensed pharmacists available to assist. However, this claims to be a different company which provides medical advice. It is far more likely that the advice provided is false.

I have been unable to find any evidence that suggests this is a genuine pharmacy.

Cure X A Testimonials

Cure X A Customer Service

The customer hotlines available at this website are not active and their contact details are as follows:

  • 1-877-355-7886
  • 1-718-367-4888
  • 1-304-717-9871
  • 1-204-858-9534
  • 1-858-355-7888

The live chat feature is available from 8 am to 5 pm local time. It is free to use but only accepts a few numbers.

  • Very impressed with the speedy delivery and courteous service.
  • Has had a great experience using the store.
  • Has been waiting ages for the solution to their medical problems.
  • Has gotten a great deal on their purchase.

These are very positive things that clearly indicates how satisfied the customer was with the process and the products that they received. However, they have a long list of testimonials available on the site.

With the two different payment methods, they offer to accept only one credit card for the payment. With this, they accept only Visa and MasterCard debit card payments only.

With their delivery methods, the pharmacy offers to dispatch your order to your location. They use Airmail, Trackable Courier, and EMS for trackable delivery.


The domain name record confirms the registration of this company from the UK. The records are only available for seven years as the website has a one-year history.

This pharmacy is linked to several fraudulent websites. They are all displaying the same fake seals and logos. It doesn’t look good and it’s really clear that these are not authentic. What’s more is they are not licensed to operate in the United Kingdom. It appears that they are selling fake products and not looking after their customers’ health.

It is good to find a business address on the pharmacy site. They give a couple of phone numbers and email address to try to contact them from outside the UK.

The pharmacy has been approved by many regulatory bodies and the UK Government includes them on their list of approved UK online pharmacies.

Commonly, pharmacies with this many Approvals must be genuine. I have seen this many times with fake stores and they are not genuine.

There are different brands of generic pills available at the pharmacy store. They have the cheapest generic Viagra available and only sell it in a maximum of four pills.

The market is very competitive and edge drugs have a long shelf life. It seems like the pills are manufactured in India to hide the real location of the business.

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