Clear Sky Pharmacy Review - Not Recommended For Use

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Clear Sky Pharmacy Review - Not Recommended For Use

Clear sky pharmacy is a pharmacy selling branded and generic medicines. I saw that they were offering Erectile Dysfunction drugs. This is a common condition when men are unable to satisfy their sexual functions. One pill with Viagra or Cialis can cure this problem. They offer a very wide range of drugs to choose from. It seems like they have tried their best to craft a generic drug that they believe to be as safe as possible.

This drug store had a bad rep to be totally honest, I was a little disappointed with this company as I had my doubts. They did not provide much information about themselves and only cited the pharmacy as an online supplier of generic drugs.

I am a huge believer that everyone should have the responsibility to check if they are being fooled. No one can guarantee the success of any business. The site did not hold my interest as I would never have invested in such a small company. The information provided by them was also well documented to avoid any other scam looking into the drug store.

A pharmacy with a little too much clout. I would still be interested to know how the company operated since I have seen its first two years of operation.

Clear Sky Pharmacy Coupon Codes

While there are a number of coupons available at the drugstore, it is great to take advantage of the opportunity to save a few bucks with a few of the coupons offered by the shop.

During our research, we were able to find a number of deals that would save you a lot of money during the course of a single purchase. For example, if you were going to purchase 100 units, you would only pay $17.67 for them. That is a lot cheaper!

Similarly, if you were buying products for chronic or acute use, you would only pay $57 for them. That is much cheaper!

We want to encourage you to use the services offered by this drugstore during the holiday season, so you can enjoy them while you have the luxury of choosing other drugs.

They can be trusted because on Scamadviser they are using a trustworthy company as well. However, Scamadviser does not currently have their review.

On Scamadviser, they are rated as “rogue”, which indicates that they knowingly and intentionally operate outside of the law.

Clear Sky Pharmacy

Clear Sky Pharmacy Reviews

CIPA is the Canadian online pharmacy association representing the pharmaceutical industry across the United States. It is an industry association aiming to establish reliable pharmacies in the country. It has also been recognized as a PharmacyChecker certified pharmacy.

The drugstore has a variety of pharmaceutical products that are available in a wide variety of dosage sizes. It claims to offer meds at the lowest price possible. This is great news for the clients who prefer to purchase drugs because the prices are obviously lower.

A wide range of products is available at this drugstore. The store has the bestsellers with different manufacturers such as Brand Viagra, Pfizer, Philips, Ranbaxy, Sunovion, Bayer, and many others. It has also chosen to accept credit card payment methods, such as ACH, VISA, MasterCard, and JCB.

This pharmacy is also a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. They have been verified by the CIPA and by Scamadviser as safe for buying and using their services.

I like the fact that the customer support team is very helpful.

Business Profile Details

The company has a business profile of 90%. This is high, but not unexpected for a company that has operated for over a decade.

The company is registered by a real-estate company called Health Canada.

Accredited by any regulatory agency in Canada or the United States, and the company is not licensed to operate in any other part of the world.

Purchasing protection insurance from CIPA is another assurance that this company is a safe and reliable pharmacy.

The company is also approved by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, and it complies with other pharmacy rules and regulations that the city of Vancouver is demanding of establishments and manufacturers of controlled substances.

Clear Sky Pharmacy

The store is selling a wide array of products, including generic and branded products. Most of the medications are dispensed from the store, although some meds may be ordered via courier shipping if necessary.

The pharmacy seems to target large-scale business franchises, and the prices of the meds are a bargain compared to other online pharmacies.

This store does not require that clients submit prescriptions for their meds. However, clients should consult their physicians before starting a new medication therapy, because this is a common practice of rogue pharmacies.

This store offers brand-name and generic pills for only $2.50, while generic meds are offered for only $10.

The store offers several payment options, including ACH, credit cards, and e-checks. While the pharmacy claims to have secured a key US supplier, there is no guarantee that supplier will deliver on time or in sufficient quantities.

Delivery is done from the pharmacy using Express Courier Delivery, which will only take between 2 and 4 weeks to arrive at the destination address. The delivery is free on orders over $200.

This store offers a number of ways to get help from customer support, including phone or email support. There is also a mailing address, and a postal address, but these are both probably fake services.

This store has quite a few problems, and this may be partly attributed to them being a new site. However, most rogue pharmacies have a long history of service, and this is a growing problem.

  • The website is operating from Canada, which isn’t a recognized member of the G


Clear sky pharmacy is a pharmacy which served a long list of customers for many years. However, in the year 2012, I believe they closed down because of the environ­mental conditions.

Clear Sky Pharmacy Reviews

This online pharmacy offers a wide range of drugs and health supplements. I was unable to find their former address on the website. This is strange considering they used to have over 200 locations across North America, European Union, and several Asian countries.

This pharmacy used to offer prescriptions over the counter, but since this is no longer allowed, they also offered a prescription mail-order service.

This drug store used to offer a nine-day satisfaction guarantee, but since I can only access their old records on the internet wayback machine, I cannot confirm if this is still true.

They used to ship their products to many different countries worldwide, but they are no longer doing this.

They used to offer free shipping within the United States, but since they no longer use the postal service, they are now charging more for shipping.

Since the drugstore is no longer active, they are now using drug pricing schemes to try and lure customers into buying their drugs.

They offer compounded ED drugs for every order, with the same price offered by other online pharmacies.

They offer a 10% discount for returning customers, with package that are missing or damaged or ones containing wrong ingredients.

Clear sky pharmacy offers a wide range of online pharmacies and health supplements. They offered to help people with unwanted erectile dysfunction and health problems, but this could be a guise to deceive the customers.

This drugstore is a drugstore that provides a variety of pharmaceutical products to their customers. They sell generic Viagra in women's sizes up to 100mg, Super Active ED pills, Propecia in 100mg, and Doxycycline in 200mg as well as the branded Cialis and Viagra.

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