Chem Is Drugstore Reviews: A Collection Of Negative User Reviews From Different Parts Of The Web.

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Chem Is Drugstore Reviews: A Collection Of Negative User Reviews From Different Parts Of The Web.

Chem is drugstore is an online pharmacy that sells generic pills at reasonable prices. Most of the generic drugs that they sell come from India with the main aim of providing cheap prices for the customers, but that’s not all that the pharmacy can do. The pharmacy can also provide medication for ADHD, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, weight loss, and many other medical conditions.

They don’t have a contact page where they could be contacted. They are also not approved by any regulatory agencies which means that they are not safe to use. Additionally, the prices of their drugs are very expensive.

It’s a good outlet for online sellers of low-cost products and it will cost you more than the normal market price for the item. However, there is no such thing as a perfect price so you should always make a gamble and make a purchase based on the information that you find on the internet.

To check until if the prices are still cheap enough for you, here are some recent testimonials that I found on the internet:

Another testimonial is from Dae-so who shared that he’s been to the pharmacy four times and has not had a problem with anything that he has bought from this site. He may have been with the store for a little while but overall, he said that he admires the quality of the drugs as a pharmacy and says that he will be buying from them again in the future.

It is important to note that these testimonials are from the web and they do not have real life citations. They are found on various other sites and are usually not genuine.

As a business, chem is drugstore strive to provide their customers with as much as they can. They offer free shipping and discounts for ongoing orders.

If you are a regular customer of the pharmacy, you can claim a 20% on your next order. They also offer free shipping for regular orders.

If you are a non-customer, the coupon code that they are giving is 20% - get 20% added onto your next order.

For a pharmacy that is happy to offer discounts and free shipping, I am impressed. They have a good presence and I like how they have a professional looking website with lots of different products to choose from.

If you are thinking of purchasing ED drugs from the site, I would say go for it. It is a safe online pharmacy with a great product selection.

Chem Is Drugstore Reviews 2021

Since the customer reviews are limited to the one year of their inception, I checked Scam Adviser and Scamner to find out more about how accessible the site has become.

Although buyers are always encouraged by the store to "pay by Credit Card", there are some restrictions, like needing to provide a valid prescriptions when you place an order and you need to send your purchase through a registered Air Mail.

However, online drugstores like chem is drugstore are completely free to use after placing an order. The only charge you will incur is a shipping fee.

Product Pricing

I hope that they can continue to offer low prices for their products so more consumers will have a chance to purchase their drugs.

Since they have a great selection of products for all medical conditions that they serve, they are not only good to buy, but they are also recommended by the pharmacy to use.

We cannot give a definite answer to the question of whether this website will survive to the end. The store is very new and this raises more questions about its reliability. Recently, there was an increase in cases of fake reviews from unknown sources being posted on the website. It seems that the site is not very reliable and is not safe to use.

Generic Vs Branded

With the existing approvals from various regulatory bodies, generic medicines are safe to use. Generic drugs are cheaper than the branded products and they are approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

While checking the domain name information, we can see that they have been operating this pharmacy site since 2002, which is more than two years into the service of a single pharmacy. This is a good sign of a genuine company.

They also provide a way to make payment which is faster than other online pharmacies. The site also has a sponsor who is a registered member of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

When checking the CIPA approval status for this pharmacy site we can find that it is currently registered in the CIPA member association. This signifies that the company has a valid license to operate its business.

The pharmacy has also been verified by Pharmacy Checker as well as other regulatory agencies. This shows that the site is safe to use.

A wide variety of generic products are available at ChemIsDrugstore. They offer different products such as eyeshadow, hair loss treatment, skin care, sedatives, and also male enhancement pills.

The prices are reasonable, which is good for new customers who are expecting cheaper prices from other pharmacies. A three year license is available.

The site offers two shipping methods. They offer trackable courier and Express shipping.

Product Pricing

Using online pharmacies with 24/7 customer support is a sure way to run into trouble. Customer support services are not available all over the world without having publical contact details in mind.

A hook-up is not possible during holiday seasons or special occasions since these are regulated by international laws. This also goes into effect during the business hours of the pharmacy.

The drug store has been reviewed by customers all around the world. The reviews are unanimous; they are all positive.

Chem Is Drugstore

Chem is drugstore has received a large number of reviews from previous customers. This confirms their legitimacy and makes them trustworthy.

The internet has made buying drugs very easy. It is a lot quicker and safer than what is seen at your local pharmacy. This has open the door wide open for people to make small purchases and save big amounts of money.

I am glad that customers are now able to make large purchases using their credit cards. Not all online drugstores are catering to this scale of transactions.

You do not have to be an expert in medicine to know that this is a good thing. The internet has also made buying possible online without your having to go out.

Recently, I came across another blog post with the word “Beautiful” in its title. The image seemed too good to be real, but as I read on, the details became clearer.

There is also the issue of the reviews being taken from a third-party website. This isn’t surprising to me as I have been dealing with pharmacies that are this blatant for a number of years.

They have a five% discount on orders over 200 USD. As you can see, this is far from the cheapest I’ve seen, and it is not even close.

I truly believe that online shopping is cheap, and I’ve found ways to save a lot of money while working as a registered member of a pharmacy. However, the international ED laws will undoubtedly make it more expensive than what the drugstore currently has.


  1. A domain name that is almost the same as another. The domain has been in use for almost 5 years and has been out of use for over 4 years. This is suspicious.
  2. A pharmacy that has been around for over 7 years. This also points towards a much larger operation.
  3. A pharmacy that sells generic drugs without asking too many questions about their drugs. This is something unheard of in today’s world. For these reasons, I would give it a rating of 1 out of 5.

From what I have gathered about the drug store, I would say that the storefront is safe. There has been some damage to the site which is visible on photos. However, from the photos, I can tell that the site looks safe and secure.

The pharmacy does not have a Live Chat feature as I would expect. However, they do have a telephone hot line to contact them.

This store has not been able to receive any customer reviews in the year 2000. However, their Centrelink claims show that they have received over 200 client reviews. They also have Centrelink approval from two other bodies.

The fact that this is such an old claim suggests that they have been able to sell drugs for a very long time, if not for many years.

They also have Centrelink approval from the Australian Government agency, though I am not sure if they are operating in accordance with the procurement process.

This drug store offers great promotions throughout the year. Their most recent promotions are as follows:

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