Canadian Prescription Drugstore Reviews - Deal With Low Quality Meds

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Canadian Prescription Drugstore Reviews - Deal With Low Quality Meds

Canadian prescription drugstore is a pharmacy that used to be a very cautious website. This store was involved in many fraudulent activities that included the delivery of counterfeit products. Selling fake drugs is pretty much the worst thing that this pharmacy can do as they are involved in the distribution of counterfeit drugs.

The store was involved in the distribution of inert cigarettes that were basically slushies that were not supposed to be taken to be smoked. This is a major breach of the rules and regulations of the pharmacy which were also included in the news.

I was able to identify some of the items that CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore is known for including the following medicines:

  1. Lipitor
  2. Lipitor - Propecia - Triamcinololone
  3. Valtrex - Alprazolam
  4. Valtrex -
  5. Dapoxetine
  6. Dexamethasone
  7. Xenical
  8. Pyridoxine
  9. Sildenafil Citrate
  10. Tadalafil
  11. Valacyclovir

I noticed that reviews had largely closed down after 2001. It is highly likely that this pharmacy is no longer in operation as they are not updating their websites.

To check further, I used and to ascertain the legitimacy of this drug store.

The store used to offer free shipping but no refund policy. They accept payments through major credit cards including E-checks, bank wire transfers and Bitcoin.

The site was an online pharmacy that used to offer fast and free delivery. They used to have an exclusive discount of 10% on every package sent by the site.

You cannot really trust this site because of the lack of transparency. I strongly suggest looking for a better store to get your ED pills from.

Scam Assessment

We have found that the site seems to be genuine. However, there is a lot of suspicious activity going on behind the scenes. It is not safe to use the site as it has been declared as a Rogue Pharmacy.

The company claims to be from Malta but isn’t registered in any regulatory bodies such as MIPA, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, and CIPA.

This is a big concern since all the necessary regulatory approval is needed to operate and sell drugs online.

As tempting as it is to look for products on the web, it would be wiser to explore with a doctor first. A lot of the products available on the website are generic. This is not something that is recommended by most online drugstores. The drugs available here are mostly pill-only. This is in clear contrast to the manufacturer supplied by the company which is highly recommended.

This pharmacy site seems genuine and good. They have an online store and a real world pharmacy which makes it easy to order. However, there are too many challenges that need to be worked out.

Some of the drugs tested were found to be counterfeit. This is a major harm given the huge costs that counterfeit medications can have. The company needs to be more transparent on who is supplying the drugs and what they are doing that could compromise their quality.

Dosage for the medication that you want can be ordered online using the online form that is available on their site. You do need a prescription to order this drug.

Canadian Prescription Drugstore

If you have a question about your medication that you don’t know how to ask them, we can help you with our 24/7 customer support team. They can also be reached through their veterinary department.

They have a mailing address in Malta, but unlike other pharmacies who are using a mailbox service, this pharmacy uses a postal address. Other pharmacies will send a mail saying their mailbox is full, only to have the mail arrive with nothing to send with it.

Here are some of the feedback we have received from customers who have shopped with their medication from this pharmacy website:

  1. Michael, online customer

The customer review was also positive and he recommended the pharmacy to others. He said that the pharmacy is reliable and their customer service is excellent. He expressed his deep appreciation for the company taking care of him.

“I have been using this company for years because of the quality of service they provide.

Canadian Prescription Drugstore Coupon Codes

This pharmacy promises high-quality generic and branded drugs and offer showroom quality. They also promise fast deliveries and that the drugs are FDA approved to use. They utilize TSA Secure as their check to ensure that their customers are safe when entering the US.

I am interested in finding out how popular the site is with their customers. So, I searched for their reviews on both Yelp and Google. I was able to find reviews for the store on both sites.

Prescription Requirements

You need a valid prescription to possess this medication and you can get one by calling the pharmacy on +44(089) 806-2321. You also need a prescription from a licensed physician to acquire this medication.

Customers are also eligible for a 10% discount on their next orders by entering the following promo code at the checkout.

Customers can also find more discounts in future specials that they make by entering the following codes:

When a customer purchases 5 or more products in a given time, the rest of the customers get 10% off, corresponding to the pills they buy so far.

Customers can also have their orders shipped faster when they buy at least 70% of the total cost of the meds they place an order on the pharmacy. The faster shipping means they have the chance to save a lot of money as they can receive the meds within one week of placing their order.

All in all, the site is a reliable online pharmacy that offers quality products that are very affordable. As indicated by their Seal of Approval from the NABP, they are also offering a number of other deals that its customers can enjoy and benefit from.

Canadian prescription drugstore didn’t respond to our query about the source of their drugs. However, they have a contact form to get in contact with them.

As promised, we have searched the internet for reliable online pharmacies that offer both branded and generic drugs. The results from Google are shown below:

Canadian Prescription Drugstore Coupon Codes

Since the "About Us" portion of them reads "Canada", we think they are referring to Genirtex Pharmacy or a Canadian controlled company.

The brick and mortar pharmacies are marked with the word “Pharmacy” in their "About Us" section. The chances are high that it is a Canadian-owned business.

Canadian Prescription Drugstore Reviews 2021

CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore does not have a discounted pricing policy. They do however offer coupons for you if you will use your discount coupon on another store.

With a store like this drug store that offers so many medications, it makes me wonder what other customers think of the store's products. It’s not a big number, but it’s enough to point out.

Aside from the favorable reviews, they have also got an algorithm to automatically display a 10% on their website. This means that if you are looking for something, you will find it here.

Customer Support

Canadian prescription drugstore is an online pharmacy that offers different types of drugs at very affordable prices. From the drug categories that include ED, Men’s Health, Hair Loss, and much more, the pharmacy also has drugs for Asthma, Allergies, Bacterial Infection, Birth Control, Birth Defects, Blood Pressure Regulator, Birth Control Pill, Cancer, Cholesterol Regulator, Cloth Diapers, Drugs for Men’s Health, Female Erections, and many others. I was able to see reviews from both new and existing customers of the pharmacy as an independent reviewer gave it 4 out of 5 because of the good feedback and testimonials that the company had received from their customers. The reviews were positive and the customer service was very responsive. The customer service representative who assisted them was also giving high ratings for the prices that they had.


To conclude, the site is an online pharmacy that claims to offer 24/7 customer support. However, our research proves otherwise. Their website only exists on their own website, and the names of the shop’s storefronts are not mentioned. While this may seem like a good thing, it’s just a sham and we have seen this all before. We can only give them a 2.5 star out of 5.0 rating.

The domain name information for this pharmacy shows us that it’s been online for some time. It wasn’t registered until last year.

The domain is registered to a Russian-based registrar. This is not a good thing for a pharmacy that purports to be a pharmacy.

This online pharmacy is using a modern website design. It is also using a unique font that looks professional.

When checking the laws of their location and legitimacy, we can find no certification from the CIPA, MIPA, and other regulatory associations. They are not called as such on the site anyway.

The Pharmacy Checker site shows that this online pharmacy meets all the verification requirements. However, it is not approved by the CIPA.

The store has a fairly good selection of pill-based drugs available for sale. They offer brand name drugs as well as generic alternatives. Their prices are very competitive and affordable compared to other drugstores.

This website does not require its customers to provide a valid prescription for any medication which they sell. This is despite their site being loosely based in the US.

There is no particular coupon available at the moment. However, customers who purchase in bulk can benefit from special offers.

The store offers a free standard shipping on orders over $30. Ordering over $30 includes delivery insurance.

The store is very much focused on selling the best generic alternatives to the expensive drugs available online. They offer generic Peruvians Tide, Generic Anavar, Cialis, Kamagra, Sildenafil, and several others.

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