Canadian Pharmacy World Review – An Online Pharmacy Marketing Fake Products

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Canadian Pharmacy World Review – An Online Pharmacy Marketing Fake Products

Canadian pharmacy world provides a wide range of drugs which includes anti-allergy, antibiotics, birth control, blood pressure and erectile dysfunction drugs. They distribute their products from Australia. Their prices are as low as $3.72 USD for each pill.

I checked on their live chat and while they say they have someone to answer, they still didn’t respond to my query. I tried to call in but didn’t get a response.

The drugstore has a refund policy. They offer to reship or refund your order if you are not satisfied. They do advise that they have a money back guarantee and you should contact them for any queries.

Canadian Pharmacy World Reviews 2021

  1. A customer service rep will reply via phone or email if you have any questions or complaints. As you may imagine, this is a real-time service for actual customer inquiries.
  2. A live chat support team will be on standby to answer your questions and assist you in case you have any concerns. Their range of medications is a lot wider than what they normally provide.
  3. A free shipping policy is offered from all their stores which makes it a lot more convenient to buy from them.

Is canadian pharmacy world just another rogue store? Do you want to protect yourself from scamming online pharmacies?

They have secured a safe rate of 94% which is excellent and indicates that they are very likely to be a safe website. has been approved by LegitScript and are members of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) and the Better Business Bureau of Canada.

All of the drugs found on this website are generic drugs, these medications come from various reputable pharmaceutical companies and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Payment & Delivery / Customer Support

Shipping is free to most countries worldwide. In addition to that, all orders over $200 qualify for free samples delivered to their addresses.

This website is a Canadian online pharmacy that sells a wide range of generic and branded medicines. The drugs they sell are manufactured in India and shipped to their customers from the United States and Canada. The pharmacy uses Canada Post for shipping and most of their drugs are coming from states where the Post is not used.

There are more than enough complaints about the shop from the other sites on the internet. I decided to check some of the customer reviews they have received.

Canadian Pharmacy World Coupon

There are no coupon codes found on the drugstore, which is a shame since these codes are often associated with great discounts for the clients.

There are some great deals that you might find with this pharmacy, such as the lowest price guarantee, free shipping, and FREE sample pills. Others, however, claim the offer is all about money making. This is quite apparent with the large offers, such as a 25% discount on your next order, an additional 10% on future transactions, and a 10% discount on the price on future purchases.

If you decide to make a purchase, I encourage you to get a 100% refund from them as they have very competitive offers on their site.

Payment Amp Delivery Customer Support

Alternative full-service pharmacy with a long running service, online drugstore which does not appear on any regulatory entity's websites and is, therefore, not regulated by any regulatory authority. I am not sure if this name is accurate or not but it's a name I can certainly trust.

The pharmacy went on to say that they have been licensed for more than 15 years and are approved by the Indian FDA for their products. They also have a letter of approval from the Michigan State DEA confirming their services. All their products are FDA approved and also comply with the pharmacy’s strict standards.

On their home page, they can be contacted through their “support team” form which is available on their site or by calling them at +1-646-886-7750 for US customers. Their phone line is available from 8 a.m. To 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

I try not to make too much of a fuss about finding reviews for any online pharmacy but it was not possible here as the reviews were all from the same phone number and were not located in the same place.

A review posted on May 28, 2016, has been made public and is dated back to 2009. This review is one I can definitely trust.

Customer Testimonials

With these dodgy testimonials it seems like they have been verified by the FTC, although there is no way to confirm this.

From all the information that we have found about this pharmacy we have come to realise that they are not running a safe business.

They appear to have been based in the United States but maybe for reasons of secrecy, they are not naming the company that operates them.

This drug store is a pharmacy which claims to provide high-quality medication. They claim to offer FDA approved products. In this article we are going to be verifying whether these claims are accurate and whether you should trust them.

The domain of this pharmacy was first registered on the 6th of September 2018 and last updated on the 9th of September 2019.

They do not have a live chat window on the website which means that you should not trust their word that they have an active chat support team.

This pharmacy is a member of the Whistleblower Protection Program and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

This means that they are operating in accordance with the standards set out by the NABP and the NABPC.

Canadian Pharmacy World Coupon

Furthermore, they are operating from a business which is a recognised member of the Board of Pharmacy of the state of Colorado, USA.

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  • Generic Cialis: $109.99


I cannot recommend this shop to my fellow customers as the drugs are not of great quality and the operation of the store is poor. I only give it a 1 out 5-rating. I would, however, encourage all my friends who are shopping here to look for a better store.

Canadian pharmacy world is a Canadian online pharmacy that claims to offer 24/7 customer support when you need it. They also claim to offer economy wide shipping and customer satisfaction. We review this store and find many reasons to doubt all these claims.

The domain name record can sometimes show slight imperfections compared to the real site. This is something of a red flag, as is the fact that the domain was registered just recently.

This pharmacy has been registered for a very long time, with just a few months left to run. This indicates that they are far more likely to be a scam than a legitimate business.

The short lifespan of this drug store only shows that they are using a service that is seldom used and not recommended.

The website used by this pharmacy is a modern design, with a solid color and a great layout. It is very user-friendly, and it uses a secure payment system.

They claim to offer 24/7 customer support when you need it. However, the fact that there is no contact information shows that they are probably using a fraudulent service.

A scam assessment of this site shows a very high risk of being a scam. Their pop-up offers are very strong, as if they had a hotline for anyone that lives nearby. Their phone numbers do not have a lot of options to talk to people.

Their salespeople look like they are only there to deceive customers.

There are no regulatory approvals to be found for this pharmacy on any other pharmacy site. They do not have the correct paperwork to run their business as they would like, which implies that they are operating illegally and will not be operating their business for the next 10 years.

This pharmacy does not require you to provide a valid prescription for any of their medications. This is in addition to the requirements that other drug stores in Canada have.

The pricing of the pills seem fairly low, at least compared to what other pharmacies are offering. However, they do not provide any discount on your purchase.

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