Canada Prescriptions Plus Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy

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Canada Prescriptions Plus Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy

Canada prescriptions plus is a fictitious online drugstore with prided itself on its high-quality drugs. However, this store is a scam, as we have shown in the previous sections. Apart from this, there is also the issue of a lack of an SSL certificate. We have also found that the store is not registered as a domain registrar in the Czech Republic.

  • Wellness pills
  • Weight loss pills
  • Skin care pills
  • Men's health pills

Moreover, the store accepts credit cards from a wide range of merchants. The pharmacy also claims to have the lowest prices on the web, as it offers drugs at very low prices.

However, we have found that the pharmacy lacks any legal approvals from various regulatory bodies, which is a major red flag.

The pharmacy does not send the customer any compensation when you place an order with them, which is a very unusual practice. Normally, online pharmacies try to compensate their customers by offering discounts and other incentives.

Multiple business names can be found on the store. These names are just to confuse the customers, as they may be fake. The pharmacy does not provide an actual business location, and the postal address is an impersonation which is not trustworthy.

The pharmacy has no regulatory approvals from any recognized associations around the world. This includes the CIPA and the LegitScript. also warns that this pharmacy does not have the necessary legal approvals from the Legit Script.

Moreover, the Pharmacy Checker website also shows that the store is not correctly registered by any regulatory authority. Only a few regulatory associations are aware of the pharmacy, including LegitScript, CIPA, and NABP.

The products on offer at this store are mostly generic, generic pills which are all of the same design and formulation as the original brands. The packaging is also the same, however, as they are found on other online pharmacies.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Available Products

According to their website, consumers need not to worry about their purchases because they are carefully screened under the supervision of their doctors. However, they do require a valid prescription from their doctors before ordering from this store.

While many online pharmacies offer discount codes for their consumers, the site offers a very specific discount code only for their buyers.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Customer Reviews

The lack of reviews still holds true for canada prescriptions plus, as the company has no feedback from third party sites. What we mean to say is that the company is NOT trustworthy.

In addition, there are no reviews for the store from other independent sites. This means that the store is a scam and you should not buy from them.

Due to the low price of the products at this drug store, you will find it subject to a discount on some of the other drugstore. Discounts tend to be large, and you will encounter coupon codes such as the following:

This discount will run for a limited time, so it is nice to know that you can avail it if you will select the option of a discounted price on their website:

If you purchase Viagra 100 mg x 10, you will be given 2 free ED pills.

Available Products

You would need to pay your order in 48 hours to ship your order. They claim up to 40% on this shipping method, however.

There are no reviews available on the pharmacy site for this drugstore. They do not have any testimonials on their own site.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Customer Reviews

This drugstore is a safe and reliable store. They have a great testimonial and are not deceptive. However, they must be careful.

Their most recent testimonial is from Brian Johnson, who says that the pharmacy is a “good source” of drugs.

This site is not a scam and they are not violating the law by selling drugs online. The company that runs this pharmacy accepts most payment methods without any additional fees.

Many claims are made by this drugstore. They say that they sell only FDA approved products. This is a good sign since FDA approval of generic drugs is usually a lot cheaper. They also say that their products are safe and effective to use.

CanadaPrescriptionsPlus is a pharmacy that claims to offer 24/7 customer support for all of their service with all inquiries being handled in 24 hours. They claim to offer full refunds if the customer’s order is unopened and the customer has already paid for their order. As much as we want to believe in the power of good companies to be as successful as they possibly can, we must be careful in never doing business with a business that deceives so easily.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Coupon

If you were considering purchasing from an online store that offers coupons and special offers, you may be interested in this site instead. They have the same store’s pricing but they offer the coupon on their side.

Canada prescriptions plus has been in the online medical marketplace since 2002. It is known for its reliable service and for offering high-quality services. When it comes to their generic products, customers have the choice of getting a branded or a generics. What makes the brand-name products so expensive is that they are not manufactured by the brand name companies. Instead, they are produced in India by Indian-based companies who are owned by others, like GlaxoSmithKline and Ajanta Pharma.

Each brand name or generic pharmaceutical company that is no longer in existence has a drug in the store.


The drug store is not a rogue pharmacy, that’s why its existence isn’t known. It has been approved by the FDA and it uses an independent third party company to provide their services. In our review, we can confirm that this online pharmacy is legit. We give them a rating of 3.2 stars out of 5.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Coupon

The pharmacy is a drugstore which claims to specialize in young adult adult literature. They say on their site that they’ve been operating for 2 years, offering quality content that is tailored to each customer. They claim that they have a qualified pharmacist on staff to ensure that you will always know if a product is genuine. In this review we will be taking a look at their claims, and if they are indeed as good as they claim.

This site has a much longer history than the average online pharmacy. They have been around for over 6 years, and they have been operating their business for over 2 years.

Very well placed and have successfully covered their bases when it comes to providing customer service.

The site for this online pharmacy has a really nice looking website. It has a main menu where you can look at the different categories of drugs they have for sale.

A drug for hair loss, a drug to treat viral infections, and a viral infection. These are some of the best drugs we’ve found for a very reasonable price.

This pharmacy is using the corporate seal of a Canadian licensed pharmaceutical company to represent them. This is good because it means that our legal online pharmacy is marked as legitimate by that company.

There is a wide range of drugs available at this store, and you can find drugs for every medical condition that we can think of.

You can enjoy free shipping on orders over $200, with every purchase costing $5. They also provide you with a free pack of Skagen brand pills if you order in a quantity of $200 or more.

The prices of the medications are really cheap. They start from $1.95 per pill, and they only sell you the lowest price.

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