Canada Drugs Online Review – Fraudulent Online Drugstore

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Canada Drugs Online Review – Fraudulent Online Drugstore

Canada drugs online is an online pharmacy that claims to offer 24/7 customer support 24/7. I have been unable to establish if this is an actual care facility as no real-time phone numbers are listed for the pharmacy shop. The store is also not clear on their website where they source their drugs from.

The business name on the website is “Online Pharmacy for Life”. They also provide a physical address which looks to be in Canada.

Their physical address is unknown and many questions abound regarding it. They do not provide a business name for the pharmacy nor do they provide a mailing address. Maybe this is just a coincidence but a big coincidence it is not!

CanadaDrugsOnline is not approved by any regulatory body which I can establish. They do not have a valid business license either.

Despite offering a significant range of pills, they require all clients to provide a valid prescription upon ordering. This is a requirement that is already an online seller. accepts Credit Cards (VISA and MasterCard) and E-checks. They also accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

Shipping is free and they guarantee your satisfaction. They offer free shipping within the USA and Canada. The delivery is done from the United States and has an estimated delivery time of 2-4 weeks. They offer different options for different countries of origin.

Canada Drugs Online Assortment

We have seen this pharmacy before, selling fake products and using fake addresses. This website seems to be based in Canada, however, which is not a requirement by any regulatory authority.

Canada drugs online offers a lot of products on its website, but we discovered that all these products are manufactured in India. This, however, does not change the fact that these drugs are mostly manufactured from substandard and unsanitary working conditions, and do not meet the standards expected by the health and hygiene regulations of the country.

The pharmacy does not provide any names of the pharmaceutical companies involved, choosing instead to use a pseudonym, which is not allowed under all qualified suppliers. The FDA is aware of the problem and has already expressed their concern.

It is very tempting to use coupon codes to get higher prices, but the reality is that this is a common ploy of scam websites. A fake website could not afford to offer discount coupons for its customers, therefore it would not be much of a scam at all.

Delivery can be tracked using regular postal service and you can hire a courier to deliver the drugs. You can also apply for a product insurance policy, which guarantees that your order will be delivered regardless of the circumstances.

Canada Drugs Online Reviews 2021

This site has a low trust rating, based on

This internet pharmacy does not have a great reputation, as they only received a 1.2 out 5.0 rating on They also lacked reviews and testimonials from other independent websites as well.

This website is a pseudonym for the The Pharmacy Store Unsafe. It is a great online drugstore that claims to be an online store with legitimacy in mind, offering FDA approved medications for consumers. However, their only redeeming factor is their low prices for the medications.

Vardenafil Hydrochloride

This is a drug that is made of ALCOHOL which is partly water and partly ethanol. This gives it the color of a deep egg white. This product is known to cause homeostatic depression and a reduction in the immune system activated by this drug.

Vardenafil is also known to cause aerodynamic and other body composition changes with very low effect on the overall health.

Canada Drugs Online

Remember that this dosage level should be used with caution as it depends on the specific characteristics of the patient in question.

There are also other medicines that you can take from this website. They are very popular with online pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies as they are very inexpensive for the average person to purchase.

The domain is registered and remaining active for nearly 4 years. This is not a long time to remain inactive when a domain has existed for more than a decade. I am not sure if this is just a glitch or if the owner of the site really does not want to be known.

The owner of this site has decided to hide their contact details from public view and may be using a privacy service. This is very suspicious of the owner as it shows that they are not serious about the business.

The web design of this pharmacy seems pretty dated, similar to other pharmacy sites out there. The site does not use a premium design that would make it look better but only use the same fonts as the generic name. This is a major issue as there should be some form of payment accepted on this site.

Site Analysis

There is no evidence in the website’s official website that shows that it is owned by any illegal organization. The company also did not have any social media handles or websites which are commonly found on illegal stores.

The store is located in the USA and offers a wide range of products ranging from Birth control pills to men’s health products. This seems to be a safe haven for the business as there are very few blacklisted websites in the internet space.

The company claims that it is a new merchant and has been operating for 2 years. This is a lot of time to claim a new business without actually having been in business for more than a decade.

The US-based company has been approved by the College of Pharmacists of Florida and the state of Florida as a licensed online pharmacy.

The company also has certification from NABP which means that it is a safe platform for buying prescription drugs.

The company sells mostly generic products for various health conditions. However, they also have a very wide range of drugs that is not available at the local pharmacy stores.

The prices of the drugs seem quite low which is somewhat surprising. Most online pharmacies charge exorbitant prices for their products.

  • Affordable products, the company is offering a good range of medications which are not available locally. This is in spite of the fact that the company has been around for close to 2 years.
  • Free shipping is provided to all orders that arrive with any products in as low as $10.
  • Drugs which are approved by the FDA are on sale.
  • Drug therapy that includes a range of drugs approved by the FDA are available.
  • Drug interactions that include skin, oral, and inhalation products are also available.

Two payment methods can be used to place an online order with this store. The first way is to pay using Visa or MasterCard.

The other option is to pay via a bank transfer. A third party verification service called SeychellesTrust is also available for this website.

The company has encrypted all of their customer’s information which is protected with a valid SSL certificate to keep your sensitive information safe when you checkout.

This online pharmacy has a testimonial page full of reviews from customers. This is far from being the most impartial site possible as it has been linked to scam sites and fake reviews.

Canada Drugs Online Assortment

Payment Methods

Payments through bank transfers, these are accepted if your order is in transit. Your order will be tracked and sent to the buyer’s address. However, this service is very expensive and can take some time, these are very long processes (14 days) unlike the standard mail service which only takes 3-4 days.

The other option is through Echeck. This is a payment method that takes a minimum of 6 months to account for its value. It also requires a valid prescription from the physician to be valid.

  • Use a credit card from a leading company.
  • Use a bank transfer too.
  • Use a debit card from a leading company.
  • Use a gift card from a leading company.

The company that provides tracking services is called Tracker. It has reliable service for $20.00. If you need a refund you can ask to call their support team for a maximum of 24 hours.

As a website that sells a wide range of products, we would like to hear testimonials from customers who have used it. However, for the sake of this review, we are only going to be able to check what they have posted on their website.

This is a real time pharmacy and they have been approved by the FDA. Some of the staff that work for them are doctors and they provide them with the highest quality medication. The drugs that they sell are full of all the ingredients you would expect from a genuine pharmacy.

They have a customer service team that is taking lots of customer calls and they have an online store that provides them with much in terms of shipping and ordering.

Canada drugs online is a pharmacy that promises high quality medication at affordable prices. They have a Pharmacy Checker seal on their site. They claim that they are a 100% safe store that has been approved by the FDA. We look into the details of this store to see if they are as good as they claim.

The domain name information found in the database suggests that this store is not a genuine pharmacy. It is being operated from a location in New York state, USA.


When you consider the existing negative feedback and reviews about CanadaDrugsOnline, you'll realize that it is not as good as others might believe. It is also not as popular as those competitor sites. Moreover, there is no evidence to back these claims. All the testimonials are generic, and they have been shared hundreds of times on other website without any kind of verification or comments.

The domain name information of this website shows us that they haven’t been online for very long. It’s been registered less than 7 years and this is very surprising for an online pharmacy that claims to be in it for more than 10 years.

There isn’t much information about the web platform that would suggest it's a legit pharmacy. This may be because this is a new domain with limited experience.

Another issue with this site is that the company that is managing it isn’t being transparent with how much they are spending on the domain. This should be a concern to any customer to keep them away from this pharmacy.

Part of the issue with this drugstore is the use of electronic payments which they claim to be secure. They say that they have a security team ready to go with a customer’s information when they need it.

They don’t provide an address to contact them in the UK. They only provide a telephone number that is just for their UK operation. There is no contact information for the company that are providing the drugs.

This drug store currently uses a seal on their site from the UK government saying that they have the necessary certificates to make their drugs available in the UK.

The pharmacy offers a wide range of pills. They sell ED drugs, a drug for impotence treatments and a drug that helps you gain weight.

Many other drugs are offered in the pharmacy that are treated by the same active ingredient as the Viagra.

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