Can Drugstore Review - An Online Store With No Reviews And No Clients

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Can Drugstore Review - An Online Store With No Reviews And No Clients

Can drugstore is a Canadian online pharmacy that offers a wide range of generic and branded pills for sale. This store has been working in Canada for over 20 years. However, they claim that they are operating from a Canadian office.

This pharmacy has a policy on returns and replaces pills. They require that the customer specifies in their 'terms and conditions' whether or not they are going to accept returns after they have shipped an order.

I tried to locate that part of the terms and conditions that require returns. They don’t indicate if returns are accepted.

If you don’t find the part of the terms and conditions that require returns, you can contact them using their phone hotline at 416.685.9794 or through their email .

They also provide you with information about the pharmacy that dispenses their drugs. I was unable to find that part of the information in their FAQ form.

Can drugstore has been around since 2005. They have a site for buying generic drugs, selling them at low prices and protecting your identity.

The reviewers were also happy that the website is secure and they can use their Wifi connection whenever they want.

However, there was only one negative review from a customer who was very dissatisfied with the prices of the drugs. He ordered from the pharmacy but never received his package.

The shop has been around for a few years, offering generic and branded drugs at the lowest price possible.

Even if a pharmacy is legit, there is always the risk of getting stolen money and that is not a good thing. In the case of the shop.

Can Drugstore Profile

The pharmacy has not been able to keep its promise regarding their return and refund policy. However, they promise "excellent customer service".

The pharmacy has also been approved by the CIPA and the PharmacyChecker guarantee program for both independently verified online pharmacies.

Canadian Pharmacy Bank offers different types of medications. They offer generic and brand name meds. Discount coupons are given for every product.

They also offer a few opportunities for you to win big savings when using specific product categories.

Can Drugstore Pricing

You can pay using MasterCard, Visa and Western Union. There is also a PayPal account that you can use.

The pharmacy offers two shipping options. They have Trackable Courier Service for $29.95 and International Registered Mail for $10.95.

The site does not have any delivery issues. They guarantee the customer that their customer service people are 100% dedicated to get to the customer's call.

The pharmacy offers a chance to win a bonus package. They are offering a $10 discount for every order that they receive.

This pharmacy is not going to be a favorite for buyers. They do not have any feedback or testimonials to provide.

The site does not have a testimonial page. However, you can leave feedback or a testimonial on the Trustpilot page.

The domain name record reveals that this pharmacy’s address is being registered by a business called SecureWeb Inc. This business is registered for a term of about two years.

This is a strong indication that the site is going to be a reliable and trustworthy online drugstore.

Can Drugstore Pricing

After comparing the two prices on the website, we will find out which is cheaper as well. This is the advantage of using a generic and branded drugs, both of which are generic medicines.

Brand-name drugs are expensive to purchase as they are, costing hundreds of dollars for each tablet. This is a significant expense, putting them below par with some of the world's most expensive brands.

The company claims to offer products for every medical condition, but this is just one of the claims made on this website and it is therefore not true. Buyers are only eligible for 1% off by purchasing with a qualifying offer.

Can drugstore is another scam in the market, an online pharmacy that wants to gain fame and profits by scamming their customers. They are also selling pills online at very cheap costs compared to the traditional market. These claims are very convincing and make the customer think that it is safe to enter his credit card details. However, we found that the company has been marked as a rogue and unsafe site.

The domain was first registered on the 6th of July 2010 and has been very inactive for more than 7 years. This means that the pharmacy was either not operating for 6 years or they were not seeking customers for a very long period of time.

The platform used to be live and active for more than 9 years before its registration was done on the 6th of July 2010. The platform has been marked as a rogue and unsafe by the country which registered it.

Can Drugstore Profile

The platform used to have at least 3 members of the Manitoba International Pharmacists Association in addition to the website. These members are called on the site as advisors and also assist them in managing the pharmacy.

However, we discovered that the company was not approved by the Pharmacy and the Pharmacy did not have the required certifications from the CIPA and from other regulatory authority.

Can Drugstore Reviews 2021

The drugs they sell are not FDA approved but they are approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and other member organizations.

The drugstore accepts credit card payments from the customers using Visa and MasterCard. They also take payments via bank wire transfers and money orders. The company also provides a mailing address in the footer section of their site.

Andy from Victoria has been on a mission to get more customer reviews. He has been getting lots of emails from clients that are very happy and impressed on how the company is responsive. He even received some customer service support from the pharmacy. He thanked can drugstore for a job well done. He added that the pharmacy is very easy to use and just like the store it has an online form that you can fill out.

The reviews are good but there is one problem that needs to be solved. There is no assurance that these reviews are genuine and reliable.

  • Unscrupulous business practices
  • Inconsistencies
  • Xmas Specials
  • Lottery Tickets

With so many problems that need to be worked out in this company it is hard to believe that they will be approved. However, with the support that the company is having from the Canadian Federal Government they should surely win approval. They should not waste their time as they need to get it approved quickly and sell it in Canada.

The shop has a lot of promise. They have a wide selection of medications from different categories and different manufacturers.

Can Drugstore Coupon Codes

They are also giving away a free sample of their medicines for their customers. You can also get a discount on your checking and savings accounts if you are a regular customer of their site.

Can drugstore is a great way to get low-cost medicines for your use. You can find cheap medicines anywhere at no cost, all at very reasonable prices. This online pharmacy is legit and safe to use. All they ask from their customers is a very low price and must be used by only one customer.

The website offers low-cost, generic and branded medicines. They accept several payment methods including Credit Cards (mainly Visa), bank transfers, and direct bank check. They also accept E-checks and checks. They don’t have a live support team and they don’t guarantee their products will be delivered.

Since they have dispensing facilities in every major city in Canada, there is a burden on their memberships to be approved by other Canadian banks and other bureaus.

Although their member testimonials are short, it is amazing how much positive feedback is available online. The testimonials are all positive, but you should read them all before making any purchase.

Can Drugstore Reviews 2021

This site offers their members a chance to find out if their customer service is reliable or not. They are asking for 30 days review period on their site, but if you want to be sure that you are dealing with a reliable pharmacy, then you can wait until the 30-day mark.

Since the member testimonials are short, and they are all positive, it is a good idea to check if there are more reviews written by members on the platform. However, there are no reviews available on any other reputable platforms.


Having previously experienced high-risk online pharmacies, we can say that this one is a bit risky. The real risks that this online pharmacy poses are not fully understood, which is why it does not deserve a recommendation.

Can drugstore is an online pharmacy that has been illegally operating for more than 5 years. They claim to offer the highest quality generic drugs at very affordable prices. We investigate these claims to find out if this is really a legit store.

It looks like the pharmacy is now operating from the United States but they could also be from Canada.

This online pharmacy has been around for a really long time. They say that they have been in business since 2004. This is a great sign as it shows that they are probably doing well.

However, the drug that they are selling is not FDA approved so it is up for some doubt if they are actually doing things correctly.

This pharmacy has several legal approvals from regulatory bodies such as the CIPA, MIPA, and the CPA.

For these legal approvals, this pharmacy only needs to show that they have received the approval. Otherwise, they should not be allowed to sell their drugs on the website.

This online pharmacy sells both brand and generic products. They claim to sell the drugs from Australia through fulfillment centers located in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.

The large majority of their drugs are generic drugs. This is not a surprise as we have found out that many high-risk online pharmacies do not have real-world contact information from their sellers.

This pharmaceutical website is approved by the American Board of Pharmacy (A BPI) and the Global Commission on Drug Registration (GDDR).

The A BPI is an organization that is dedicated to protecting the consumer interest by making sure that consumers are properly represented by the companies they work with. They are part of the Association of Certified Fraudulently Running Online Pharmacies (ACFIFOR), which means that they are following the standards set by the organization.

FDR has also made sure that the pharmacy site is certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).

This discount is not available online so they are limiting it to select coupon codes. The coupon code:

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