Buy Emp Review – An Unsafe Online Pharmacy

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Buy Emp Review – An Unsafe Online Pharmacy

Buy emp is a Canadian Pharmacy with a web page that is located on an Australian website. The website is not fully functional and the pages are not fully highlighted. This is not a good sign that the company is no longer operating.

The domain has a record that dates back to 2014, which is great considering they are more than a year old. They are now using a new domain expiry date of 3 years on 7th April 2018, which again shows that the business is in good operational shape.

There is also no contact details that we can find for the company and that is because the company is not active or functional. This confirms what we have already shown - that this is a Canadian business.

Canadian Pharmacy With these regulatory approvals, the company can now move forward with selling their products across the globe.

This drug store is a Canadian online pharmacy that is available in 19 countries in South East Asia, Europe and North America. They also have licensed pharmacists in their pharmacy network.

Canadian pharmacy products can be bought at buy emp from the very start, with the launch of their store on 1st September 2014. Pills-International-Pharmacy has around 60 pharmacies worldwide, which is a good sign of how popular and successful this company is.

BuyEmp also have a wide range of alternative medication options, with their most popular products being anti-allergies, antibiotics, birth control pills, hair loss treatment, and erectile dysfunction medications.

Canadian pharmacy stores do not require a prescription upon placing an order, but they do need to make sure that the person receiving will be able to understand their site and their products. They do not make any attempt to hide their past performance to get your trust.

Buy Emp Generic Medicines

There is no shortage of medications available at Pharmacy 1C and the vast majority of them are cheap and effective enough to use. This is despite their large quantities. This is a good sign as they are probably recycling drugs from other pharmacies and that is a real risk of all the drugs being counterfeit.

Buy Emp

You do not require a prescription to order any medication on Pharmacy 1C. This is a good sign of a reliable and safe store since most pharmacies are using this false claim and they have no proof of authenticity.

  • Online: Due to the large quantity of drugs available from Pharmacy 1C, it is very popular to order from online platforms. These drugs are also found in other online pharmacies and may be purchased from buy emp using credit cards from the following credit card providers:
  • Check: Due to its very high demand, they unfortunately do not have many orders. They can only be bought from pharmacies that are a certified wholesaler, with constituents of European Union and Canada and have no other issues.
  • Check Express Mail: They offer a mail service that takes as long as 3 weeks to be delivered and they accept the following credit cards:
  • E-Check: They offer a debit card as well which you can use to pay your drug purchases and they also provide a mailing address.

They provide a lot of services through phone or email to its customers which are not covered by the this shop website. This includes the following:

  • 24/7 customer support with live chat support 19 year guarantee on their highly qualified products
  • Free shipping for every order

They have a testimonials page that is full of the pharmacy reviews from different customers. We have not had the chance to check the wording of these testimonials since we first visited the site.

They do not have any customer feedback on their website and this is not good since it shows that they have a tendency to steal reviews that come from other websites.

They are using fake customer reviews to deceive you and all the information that you provide can be hacked.

Mirror Sites

This drugstore website is a mirror site. There are many other fake online drugstores that are made up of thousands of mirror websites and you cannot tell where one website is from another since the web browsers they link to display different domain names.

The pharmacy has also been observed on other non-US server locations. This is not a good sign as it suggests that they are not operating from a reliable location.

Buy Emp

  • Credit cards: Yes
  • Personal and bank transfers: Yes
  • E-checks: Yes
  • Bitcoin: $10
  • Etherium: $20
  • Bitcoin Cash: $20

This pharmacy website uses two shipping methods, the Standard option taking between 10 and 21 days to arrive and the Express shipping taking between 5 and 9 days.

Do you have feedback about this store? Let us know by sharing your experiences and testimonials in the comments section below.

You should not trust this pharmacy website as they do not appear to be reliable with their customers. We do not recommend this store to anyone who is considering buying ED drugs because of the evidence available that links this drugstore to high risk.

Buy emp is an online pharmacy that claims to sell high quality generic drugs at low prices. They say that they have 3 years of experience in the business. They offer a wide range of generic drugs that are manufactured under stringent quality control and safety standards that are constantly monitored by the FDA. They also claim that they serve more than 3M Americans. We take a look at the site for this drugstore and find some positives, such as their customer service being responsive and helpful, but they must be avoided as they do not provide a lot of information about them.

The domain records that are now available online have a lot of information about them.

Scam Analysis offers a detailed analysis of this website on the site. The results from the Rapid7 and Scamner can be found in the graph below.

Although we were looking for a discount deal from this store, we soon realized that it is a typical scam pharmacy. They have lots of enticing deals in this store, like the chance of a discounted price of their medicines, a chance to get free pills, a discount on their shipping charges, and other deals.

The only difference between this store’s branded and generic products is the price. The branded items are priced at $10, while the generic items are at $5. There are no discounts on shipping. You also have to spend $10 more to re-register for the free shipping.

Buy Emp Generic Medicines

As for payment options, this pharmacy accepts all major credit cards from the major card processing companies.

This online pharmacy has a testimonial page full of the site reviews, all written by their customers. We have seen these testimonials before and they are all positive praises for the online store.

We have also seen these testimonials on other web pharmacies which make it seem like this is a genuine business. However, there is no way for us to verify these testimonials as they are all fake.

The drugstore is a great place to start as they have the same products at cheaper prices.


It is clear that buy emp came very close to being a fraud. They have no regulated license and do not have any legal approval. Their site is purely and simply a sham, with no real contact details provided for their real location.

BuyEmp is a drugstore website that claims to sell FDA approved medications. They also say that they have a 24/7 customer support team to listen to all customer questions and concerns during the purchasing process. When we checked this claim, we were able to find no evidence that this pharmacy website is based in Canada. Their main warehouse is located in China.

The domain wouldn’t even be operational until 2019, so they have only been around for less than a year.

The pharmacy website is owned by a business called Chonghua Drugs Co. Ltd. That is based in the city of Wuxi in Anhui Province, China. However, due to the non-reliability of this site, we cannot confirm whether it is being operated by a legitimate business or not.

On Scamadviser, this pharmacy website has a trust score of 91% meaning that the company's reputation is decent and safe.

We also found out that the pharmaceutical website is not using a valid SSL certificate from Microsoft. The site is also not being considered safe to use as it has been flagged as a rogue pharmacy.

The shipping charges vary depending on the quantity of the order and the location of the customer. Shipping to the USA only costs $7.95, while international orders have a cost depending on where the customer is shipping from.

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