All Day Chemist Review – An Online Resource For Detailed Information On Popular Online Pharmacies

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All Day Chemist Review – An Online Resource For Detailed Information On Popular Online Pharmacies

All day chemist is currently on the run. We don’t know exactly where it is located, but we do know that it is operating from Cyprus, in the United States.

If you are looking for ways to save on your prescription drugs you can use the following discounts to your advantage:

  1. Enjoy big savings of up to 70% off the regular prices you have been accustomed to pay
  2. Increased health care choices
  3. Discount offers

Due to medication shortages, the regular prices offered by this pharmacy are too expensive for most of its customers to afford.

So, because of the limited supply of their generic alternatives, the drugstore has been offering all sorts of offers. For instance, they are offering a chance to get discounts of up to 70% on their generic drugs!

All day chemist is a pharmacy that claims to sell high-quality medication at prices that are 80% lower than the regular price. However, we highly doubt the quality of their medicines since they do not have a license or any legal approvals. From these findings, we can deduce that this pharmacy belongs to an illegal affiliate program. There is NOTHING good about this platform.

All Day Chemist Coupon

This drugstore is offering free pills for every first order. However, you need to apply for the offer to be valid.

This pharmacy is a Canadian pharmacy that promises to offer 100% satisfaction. They say that they offer this free assuming you have a valid prescription. I spent some time looking into this store and I am very impressed.

They have it all—you can find anything from ED medicines to birth control pills, and they also offer a wide range of prescription drugs. The prices are low—they don’t overcharge you for your drugs, unlike other stores who are known to do so.

How many people do you think are checking this store out on an online platform? I was able to find a lot of reviews for this store on the web.

I found a lot of these reviews on Great-NIC is a pharmacy that sells Canadian-manufactured drugs but also sells medications from abroad.

They do not have a testimonials page for them to record these reviews, which could mean that they are not happy with their services.

Since the reviews for all day chemist were minimal, I decided to check if this pharmacy had received any feedback from their customers in the year 2010.

There were just a few reviews for the store on, but there were also no reviews from other independent sites.

The results from Scam Adviser and Scamner have both been positive. They say that does not have much trust rating, but the shop is safe to use.

US only—you need your prescription in order to take advantage of this offer. You can pay for your meds using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Shipping is done worldwide using Express Mail. This is usually charged $10 and takes 5 to 9 days. They also offer tracking for that shipping service.

Prescription Requirements

All citizens must submit a valid prescription upon arrival at the pharmacy although the store promises to waive the fee for customers who are unable to produce their prescriptions. As a condition of obtaining your refill, you must provide a prescription as well as your card details.

All Day Chemist Coupon

Accepted payment options are E-checks and credit cards from major companies including E-Check and Visa. Shipping is via Post Office Mail only which is supposed to arrive in 10-17 days and costs $10.95. Your order may arrive a maximum of 30 days after paying for it.

Therefore, they are not 100% guaranteed that you will be 20% or 30% accepted by the pharmacy. They do not really have all that much information from this website and we only hope that they will be able to provide more in the future.

Are you satisfied with the services offered by this store? Do you think that they are above average? Let us know your opinion in the comments below and we shall add them to our list of excellent providers of customer service.

All Day Chemist Reviews

The domain of this shop has been registered with the Canadian government for over 7 years as well as with the United States. They are also the domain owner of many other prominent Canadian online pharmacies as well. These facts prove that the company is genuine and is offering genuine drugs.

The domain has a valid SSL certification which guarantees the privacy of the customers. This is good because normally, rogue pharmacies do not run their own webservers.

Since they claim that the company is a Canadian business, they have to have a CIPA seal and a CPA seal on their websites.

The pharmacy is also approved by, an online platform that helps customers find the best online pharmacies.

They also have or “Canadian Pharmacy” on their sites. A check on their site confirms the status of their pharmacy as safe to use.

There is also a drug pack section where customers can purchase generic and branded pills alongside with the meds. The drugs available here are cheap and effective at the same time.

They have pills for fungal infections, cold sores, viral infections, pain relievers, eye drops, to name but a few.

Tax and shipping is free on this website but the payment method is not. They do not provide any details about it, however.

All Day Chemist Bestsellers

For the payment options, only credit card plans are accepted. Other payment methods accepted by all day chemist include:

  1. Local money transfers only
  2. Bank transfers only
  3. Paypal only is not mere an online pharmacy. It is a registered trade association that has a professional team of advisers and it is well-organized so that you know where to look for the products that you need. It has a customer service hotline that you can call if you have any questions.

Our research shows that this site is popular among more than one million online shoppers. So it seems like a legit pharmacy!

Furthermore, a survey conducted by Dr. Sildenbrand’s office shows that more than 90% of all the female consumers prefer the company.

There is no self-checkout policy when placing an order online. This is despite medications from the pharmacy being available for purchase on its side.

However, this privacy feature is no longer functional. It is only accessible by paying an extra fee and by using a VPN service that is anonymous on purpose.

All Day Chemist Overall Verdict

This site is an online pharmacy that sells generic and branded medications. They are based in the city of Montreal, Canada. They have a different website for each product they sell. The pharmacy is well-organized and their products are highly organized to make sure that medicines stay safe and confidential. They also have an online chat that you can use if you have any queries.

We do think it is safe to buy their generic drugs. However, we can’t recommend them based on the lack of customer feedback.

Overall Verdict

The domain was first registered on the 8th of May 2011 and last updated on the 5th of May 2011. The domain has been in use for 6 months.

The website has a text and video version of the WHOIS information as well as the WHOIS database. The video is in English.

The platform also seems to be related to many suspicious sites. There is a 50% discount code for the network as well.

I checked the contact details for this online pharmacy and they are completely wrong. I was apparently sent an email by an agent who was not there, but the platform was not claimed as a real-world pharmacy. It is strange that this drugstore website was not mentioned on any databases, and there were no phone or live chat options.

This pharmaceutical network claims to be part of the CIPA. This means that they are following the standards set out by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

Furthermore, the CIPA has reviewed this online pharmacy and found that they are operating within the guidelines set out by the association.

The CIPA is a prominent Canada-based organization which represents thousands of pharmacies throughout the world. I am very familiar with the review and I was given a link to it that was supposed to be private.

The prices of the generic medications are very competitively priced with the other online pharmacies who are selling the same brand or generic drugs.


We give an overall rating of 1.2 out of 5 stars for all day chemist. We further conclude that the company is not suitable for buying drugs so they have to go and get certified by the FDA.

This site is a relatively new pharmacy which claims to offer high quality generic drugs at very affordable prices. The pharmacy offers a wide range of drugs for different categories of health care products.

The drug store is a Canadian business that illegally operates from multiple locations around Canada. They also become a rogue business when they are not transparent about their ownership.

The company provides healthcare services to people who need it most. They say that their goal is to provide quality and affordable products to every customer they serve.

We are constantly bombarded with offers from various online pharmacies all the time. Most of the time, these offers are either disguised as coupons or online triples. But, they never mention the money-off offer. Perhaps, this is according to our investigation.

We have found out that they offer 100% cheaper products directly from the manufacturer. This is not negotiable and you need to get a valid prescription from a licensed physician before they will approve of your use of the drug.

You can also get a discount for the first time. The company offers limited time offer of free pills on every first order. This is a great way to get a cheaper drug.

This drugstore looks suspicious. The company is not transparent about who actually owns them, where they are located or how they got their drugs from their manufacturer. This is a big flaw.

They do not have a license and do not own a physical address. There is also no information available to the public about the actual manufacturer of the drugs.

About the Author: Richard Lee

Dr. Richard Lee is a gastroenterologist in Mission Viejo, Calif. He is currently licensed to practice medicine in the state of California. He is affiliated with Mission Hospital Laguna Beach.