Affordable Drugs Review - You Should Not Step Into This Scam

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Affordable Drugs Review - You Should Not Step Into This Scam

Affordable drugs is the website for an online pharmacy network that started in 2007. It claims to have more than 80 licensed pharmacies from all over the world. It says that it operates from a scientific facility located in the city of Toronto, Canada. This can only be true in the most exaggerated manner possible.

In spite of this banner reading, the website does not seem to be live. This is a good sign because it means that it is not sure if the information provided by the user is accurate.

Affordable Drugs Reviews 2021

When evaluating the generic drugs offered by affordable drugs, we were not sure if their information is correct or not. The store has not specified where they are located or if they are in the United States or Europe. We cannot confirm whether the medicines are FDA approved or not since they claim to be generic only.

This store seems to be a scam. We have seen a lot of fake pharmacies pop up on the web after the models were approved by the FDA which is against the law. The problem with such stores is that they are not transparent about where they are located and whether they are in the United States or European Union.

On URL Void, there is also a warning about this pharmacy. You can also use the comments section to let your voice be heard as we believe that customers are more important than how these comments are presented.

This pharmacy has a history of selling relatively cheap price tags on the internet. It is not surprising then that we should expect them to have an online presence. They registered their domain in 2016, meaning it was only recently registered.

This fact shows that they must have been around for a while, but is less than ideal considering they are hiding their real contact details.

Affordable Drugs Reviews 2021

They give an address in Florida, USA. Using this address, we can find out whether they are owned by a real business or an illegitimate business.

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"This is a great website to shop from. I have been purchasing my prescription from this store for years. They have the cheapest generic Viagra I have found.

This drugstore offers a lot of benefits to its clients, from its hassle-free transactions to its low costs on the healthcare market. Though it might seem like they sell cheap prices for their generic Viagra, there might be some risk associated with buying from this store and it is best to consider alternatives in case of your need.

This shop is a virtual pharmacy that makes use of several useful tricks that allow them to access your personal and financial details. We review this pharmacy, and other similar stores that they have reviewed in the past, to find out if they are worth using in the long run.

The domain affordable drugs was first registered a few years ago on 7th June 2007, meaning the store has been online for more than a decade. This is great as most virtual pharmacies don’t have many years of experience.

The website is available in the highly questionable Mozilla "Web Platform" as well as various other web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome.


Therefore, they cannot be trusted to deliver the quality generic drugs you want, or you need. Instead, you should take the risk with them. Do not rely on them.

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The records of this domain are extremely interesting. It is registered for only twelve months. This is a long time and it seems likely that the site is a scam.

We would never do business with a website that was registered for less than a year unless they have already been in business for more than twelve months.

This pharmacy does not provide a business address. They provide an address in Washington, USA but we can see no proof that this is a real location for them.

When we check with CIPA we are able to find that they are their official licensing agent. They are allowed to use the seal on their site for CIPA members.


For a less expensive option, you can consider the Generic3rx website which aims to provide you with the best cheap prices for the medicines. It offers medicines for almost every medical condition and consideration and it also offers medication alternatives. Some of the most popular medications that they offer are:

The fact that this online pharmacy is currently operating without a license is a big red-flag and points you towards a possibility of being a scam. They should have been inspected and given a license before they are allowed to continue operating.

This makes it more likely that they are a legitimate pharmacy as they are likely to have the necessary licenses, certifications and approvals from other regulatory entities.

The address shows that the business is located in Canada. However, a postal address is provided in the United States.

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