Affordable Drugs Review - Beginner's Pharmacy To Filter Out Scam

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Affordable Drugs Review - Beginner's Pharmacy To Filter Out Scam

Affordable drugs is an online pharmacy that offers a wide range of products. They create their own branded to generic OTC medicines, offering drugs that go for as low as $8.90 USD for each pill.

The AMA and CMA are the two largest organizations in the American Health Care Association (ACHA) and the Canadian Medical Association (CPA), respectively. The organization is also required by the FDA to get approval from their respective Boards of Directors.

We did a comprehensive background check on the site to see if they are safe after all these years. The results are much in favor of them.

The site offers a 5% and 4% discount for every product that a customer would order from them, as well as free shipping for the first time.

Domain Information

They do not provide any contact details for their members and this is a major red-flag as it suggests that they do not care about their members.

On Scamadviser, this business is being registered as “unconfirmed”. A check with Legit Script confirms that this site is not registered as An approved Australian business.

They do say that they will dispatch your order within Australia, but there is no evidence that this is actually the case. offers a 0% discount on all drugs as well as free delivery through standard mail.

Domain Information

This website does not have any reviews or testimonials from customers online. They do, however, have a page for customer opinions and feedback. Many of these comments are very positive.

Prescription Requirements

You do not need a prescription if you want to order from this store. However, interested consumers may opt for a prescription from their doctor’s office for their purchase.

A valid delivery address is required in order to place an order from the store. All orders are dispatched worldwide using international courier services.

You may also contact the customer support team by calling their toll free number on +1 (877) 206-7895.

Pharmacies which are unknown to most consumers are considered as suspicious. Buyers must be careful when choosing a vendor online to trust since they are most likely to be a scam. Although the website was working, it was all too apparent that the store was run by a fraudulent organization. The reviews we found on UrbanBackpacker also raised suspicions about the safety and reliability of this drug store.

Retrieved data for this drug store revealed that their real contact information is hidden. The information is not available on any search platform. For this reason, we cannot be certain whether the details of the real owner are known.

To conclude, affordable drugs is a store which may not have been entirely satisfactory to use. We did not find all the features you would expect from a reliable online pharmacy. They did not provide us with enough information about the company, which was a red flag.

However, the data also shows that even with their online security intrusion, they had the right people around who were ready to help them. The sheer number of suspicious characteristics that they have, makes them a more likely scam pharmacy.

Affordable Drugs Reviews

The domain records show us that this pharmacy site has been online for over 9 years. This is a good sign of a legit business. However, there are a few problems with this information.

First, they may be over-reporting the age of the website. This could mean that they are operating their business illegally. They should not be trusted as the information is just a guess.

Secondly, we noticed that the domain has a unique country of ownership. The owner is located in Canada.

We have seen many pharmacy websites that look exactly like this pharmacy website. They are located in Canada as well as the USA.

Affordable Drugs Reviews 2021

The store this drug store accepts payments using Visa and MasterCard as well as having their products shipped to your country. The site also has a live chat support so you can ask any questions you might have. The site has a warranty of 3 years from the date of purchase however the guarantee is null and void if you do not receive the merchandise within the stated time period.

I am looking for a new store to get my meds so I would encourage you to check out the new stores on the web.

A lot of other sites are now offering good reviews online so I decided to check whether affordable drugs is any good for buying online.

The reviews are from different independent web platforms and I am going to have a look at those reviews.

Affordable Drugs Prescription Requirements

The reviews seem real, although they are from different sources. Apart from a single source, I did not find any other independent websites on which to base my judgment.

Sometimes, retailers give discounts to customers in an attempt to encourage them to subscribe to the newsletter they are sending.

There are discount codes some of the sites I have checked offer. These offer free shipping for orders that exceed $200 and they have a 5% on all new customers.

I let the store keep me updated on the latest social media activity and business dealings so that I would not be too surprised by the events of 2010.

I would much rather have a customer service representative than have a store with no customer reviews. I would recommend the shop to new customers to keep ordering their drugs till they reach their goals.

There is no mailing address, which is strange because mailing a customer a prescription is not a common thing to do.


The company has been operating for one year. However, it has been rated as a Rogue pharmacy. This means it has not been able to provide its customers with any legal approval, certification or approval which is a regular thing with rogue pharmacies. The site is not operating within the guidelines of the FDA and they do not meet the required verification standards.

The prices of the generic erectile dysfunction drugs are more expensive compared to the branded products but they are not as bad quality as the branded drugs.

If you have any questions, you can send them through their “contact us” form or you can call them at +4420 3129 6688. For their refund policy, they accept refunds by calling and emailing your return receipt.

I see a lot of positive reviews on both positive and negative websites about this e-commerce drugstore. However, I want to find out whether it is trustworthy or not. So I decided to check reviews in different online pharmacies.

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