Access Rx Review – Fake Store With Poor Ratings And Scam

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Access Rx Review – Fake Store With Poor Ratings And Scam

Access rx is a Canadian pharmacy that aims high.. With the kind support of its patients. They have great customer service, and their drugstore is secure. Their customer reviews are always online, with testimonials from their customers on each review page.

The customer service team assured him that they will be happy to assist him with any queries that he may have had, and that they also ensured that his orders were processed safely.

There is a lot of bad things that can happen to a business if they have no customer reviews for them. The number of fake pharmacies online is increasing every day, and this makes it less likely that they will be safe. This is why it is important to look for reputable stores before sourcing your prescription drugs.

Most of the pharmacies we found on this website are located in Canada, but we also found some pharmacies from Pakistan, India, and Mauritius. While they try to hide their real contact information from the public, you can use the pharmacy's online form to get in contact with them.

Interested in seeing if this store is worth your while using them? Read all about the positive reviews available on this pharmacy website.

The drugstore is a Canadian pharmacy which says they’ve got your back. They provide high-quality medication and offer the assurance that they are just as good as the brand name drugstore offering. They sell family of drugs for men at prices that are cheaper than the market price. We review this company to find out if they meet your expectations.

The domain name record shows us that this pharmacy’s been running their pharmacy business since 2008. This shows that they are more likely to be a legit business.

Prescription Requirements

We haven’t been able to find any coupon for this store. However, it seems like they offer a discount offer to the loyal customers.

This Canadian online drugstore is a safe site for ordering your meds. They have customer support services to deal with complaints from their customers and they have have a solid customer review.

Access rx are offering a money back guarantee for the items that are not delivered and will reship any item that is not delivered in the specified timeframe.

This pharmacy is currently offline but will be re-opened once the buyer support team has more time to provide feedback.

Access Rx

The feedback collected during the course of this analysis is highly subjective and could be manipulated to get a better idea if this pharmacy is legitimate or not.

They also have a Pharmacy Checker who is constantly checking for the authenticity of this drugstore.

Delivery Timeline

On our very first delivery, we received the package within four weeks of ordering. After that, we received two additional packages within six weeks. The next delivery happened seven days after and it was still intact and effective. So far, all of our orders have arrived. The last one arrived about a week ago and its package was very defective. It has the marker of being lost.

The customers have been very pleased with the service of Enron Philippines Pty Ltd. They have expressed their satisfaction and hoped that it will continue next time.

We also encouraged them to get in contact with us and we will be sending out a special offer for their customers. So far, they have managed to contact our support team very easily. They wanted to know how we were and what we had experienced.

Here is a list of some reviews that have been posted on the official website of this online pharmacy.

Kathy who lives in the US has said how satisfied she was with the service that they provide which is "excellent". She added that she was also satisfied with the products that they offer.

We also found a testimonial from a customer named Pamela who said that the pharmacy "works well with other pharmacies as well". Pamela is also pleased with how the company responded to her queries and provided her with the answers she requires.

We also found an award for this company from a customer named Jason who said that he had received his package in 10 days and "highly recommend" it.

We do not know the location of this company, but based on the feedback we have received, we believe that they are located in the United States.

The drugstore is running an interesting website. They claim to offer high-quality pills and they promise very cheap prices. But why are they offering branded pills instead of generic ones? Is it a ploy to deceive people who are not familiar with generic brands or is there something else in mind?

Access Rx Prescription Requirements

Access Rx Reviews 2021

The fact that the domain has only been registered for a few years, with no real record of who has actually managed its service makes it more likely that this is a scam.

To start with, the company has not provided its real name on any publicly available records. This, coupled with the lack of a real contact email address makes it more likely that this is a scam website.

They also have a seal from VeriSign on their store that suggests that they are members of the VeriSign regulatory association.

Access rx offers a good range of products from a number of different pharmacies, all sourced from Canada, although the pharmacy does not offer prescriptions for some of their medication.

They claim to have the assistance of a licensed pharmacist to authenticate their products and, therefore, ensure you know how to properly use these drugs. They also provide their customers with additional information to help in their decision making as well as drug safety.

There are a number of payment methods that this company supports. The first option is to pay using credit cards from the leading providers such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

You can also pay using a global load including check, bank wire, and personal check.


This shop has a wide range of different drugs and pharmaceutical products to choose from. The pharmacy network mainly deals in generic drugs but offers brand name formulations of meds such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

After careful consideration, I decided to try a run-down of this site in terms of reliability, as well as for the idea of savings. It was actually too bad that the drugstore had the same domain name as the other virtual pharmacies I have reviewed previously. This is unfortunate because I really like to see new and unfamiliar pharmacies alike. I like to think of access rx as a unique pharmacy network with a unique web presence.

Aside from the low prices on this pharmacy and all of their medications, they also offer a 5% and 5% discount respectively on their products and prices when combined.

When booking an order, customers also enjoy a 10% discount on their next order, and 30% discount on successive orders. In addition, only 100 pills of Viagra go for just $9.95.

After a thorough assessment of this online pharmacy network, I would say that they are probably a legit operator. They have been approved by the CIPA for their network and have a sales representative in case of questions.

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