Quality Prescription Drugs Review – A Suspicious Online Pharmacy

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Quality Prescription Drugs Review – A Suspicious Online Pharmacy

Quality prescription drugs is a website which claims to sell the highest quality generic and branded medicines. From the site:

The shop is an online pharmacy which sells high-quality medicines. All the medicines offered by the store are Indian FDA approved.

We have closely checked the domain status of this online pharmacy and found out that it has been registered for one year. This means that the site is more likely to be a legit and safe platform for buying generic and branded medicines.

However, the pharmacy is not in an ideal position with regards to privacy as the information that they wish to protect could be in the domain’s domain.

There is no info regarding the exact location of the website. The website logo is available on the main site but the domain is quite new so it is likely that it will be inactive for a while.

This website shows no sign of being a member of an association which is required by law to be a registered member of a certain regulatory authority.

The pharmacy does not have a license for their activities which is an important issue considering the fact that they are claiming to provide high-quality generic and branded medicine. It should also be noted that the site is quite new so it would be more likely to be a scam in the long run.

Generic and branded medicines are available for purchase on the website. The pharmacy seems to primarily supply generic drugs but the website also sells branded drugs.

There is a very large section of the website dedicated to men’s health drug brands. They have branded Viagra and Cialis in their top three most popular drugs. The site also has some generic brands in the top five. All the products are manufactured in India and are covered under the Indian FDA’s approval.

The pricing of these drugs is very affordable and affordable drug companies on the internet are able to offer them at their current prices. This is great news for the customers who want to save more as the prices are very expensive when compared to the other way around.

They have a refund policy in force for all of their customers who have received their orders and received them damaged or incomplete. They also offer partial refunds for the cancellation of orders.

Payment Methods

The site accepts payment by VISA and MasterCard credit cards. Shipping from the site is free of charge.

A few reviews exist on the web. Looking at the testimonials they paint however they are fake. They say that Canada-based store which is clearly fake. They don’t have any customer feedback they can find online.

They have customer reviews to suggest they are a legitimate business. They have good prices that are affordable to other pharmacies. But there is too much fake testimonials to base their ratings on.

It is clear that the company like this is out to deceive. They are only trying to deceive people into using their services, let alone actually doing business with them.

When checking the domain information for this store we can see that the address is registered more recently than the domain is giving them an age of around 8 years.

It is also shown that the domain was registered using a Romanian domain registrar and that it has had a relatively longer age than most other pharmacies.

This pharmacy uses an online platform that ties in with the pharmacy store. It has a professional and professional designed design. The site has a logo as well as a contact page which includes a phone and fax numbers.

The site is very easy to use with a very simple interface which doesn’t seem to require any interaction with the site.

This pharmacy uses the name Global Rx Inc as their business name. They give an address in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

It is a well established fact that online pharmacies need to be registered in order to operate properly. This pharmacy is registered by the Health Resources and Services Administration here in the United States.

The organization that operates this pharmacy has also been approved by the GSA and by the NABP as a pharmacy business.

The store offers a wide range of generic and branded pills. They say they sell all areas of medicine to international customers.

They offer branded Viagra as well as Cialis and Levitra. The prices of these drugs are quite competitively priced.

Additional Customer Reviews

This store requires that you have a valid prescription when ordering online. They do not require a letter from a physician in order to validate your prescription.

Company Info

On the company homepage, there is a box that says ‘Responsive Services’. This is not only an indication that it actually works, but also a sign that it is a genuine internet drug store.

Online pharmacies should be registered with a government agency that is required to provide their customers with protection. This is to ensure that they are not involved in fraudulent activities.

On LegitScript, there is a warning about the fact that the company has not been able to successfully register since it was still in existence as a new business in 2016.

This online pharmacy sells different types of pills, although the most popular drugs on offer so far are generic erectile dysfunction medicines.

  • Viagra
  • Cialis
  • Kamagra
  • Malegra FXT
  • Credit Cards
  • Checks
  • Money Gram
  • Shipping

Shipping is regarded as one of the most reliable options for this online pharmacy. It comes with tracking for one flat rate of $10 when you choose to ship to the US.

This online pharmacy has received good reviews from its clients on the basis of the testimonials that appear on its official website.

This online drugstore is a rogue. This means that it is not following the rules and regulations that are required of internet drugstores.

It is also a threat to the integrity of the internet, as we have already highlighted that this scam is very similar to other rogue pharmacies out there.

To conclude, the pharmacy is a suspicious and unsafe website. It is not a registered member of any regulatory body and has an offline status.

Regulatory Approvals

A clean regulatory approval is required for all new drugs that are made available in wholesalers to ensure the safety of the customers. An example of this certification is the Pharmacy Checker program that is accredited by the FDA.

This website mainly sells men’s health products. Most of these are generic drugs which are sourced from the same pharmaceutical facilities that we’ve been using for years.

This means that all these products were delivered at the same time and we have also been shown the exact same pharmacy which dispenses them. This is a clear indication that they have been made in one of the many facilities that they claim to be independently owned.

There is only a small fee to pay using a Visa or MasterCard. This fee covers their security deposit and also possibly the delivery of your order from them.

Shipping costs $14.95 with shipping taking up to 21 days. This is a bit expensive but they admit that this is a 'very low' price. Shipping to some countries is not cheap and is also not available on all sites.

There are a small number of customer reviews on the online pharmacy’s page. All the testimonials are positive and open asking the customers to buy from them again.

Some of the testimonials are rather long and are actually copied from other sites. The fake Reviews show that they have been written by the same person, showing that this is a scam.

There is a lesson to be learned from this. The company can use these type of tactics. The fact that they normally have a website which is completely identical to several other websites indicates that they are one.

They have also been banned from selling prescription drugs in Canada. This is something that our Pharmacy Checker reports and shows that they have a real problem with this company.

On the website of this pharmacy website, there are two different contact information for the business.

Additional Customer Reviews

We have also validated the legitimacy of this pharmacy on scamadviser.com and found that it’s more likely to be a rogue pharmacy than a legit one.

A look at the domain name database tells us that this pharmacy is only a new domain. It was registered just last year.

Furthermore, the owner country’s fingerprints are shown on the front page of the website. This is a strong indication that the site is a scam.

Quality Prescription Drugs Prescription Requirement

But, it seems like they are not 100% satisfied with the product they are selling and are looking to rip off others. We have even found some suspicious mirrors, such as these:

  • A study is posted on the same day that the domain is registered as a new business.
  • A study is posted almost two months after the domain is registered as a new business.

The site claims to be an honest and reliable online pharmacy. The phone numbers, emails and a live chat seem genuine. However, when we checked, there are only three numbers they use: +1 87740827691, +1 877408276984 and +44 207204365689. These are all disconnected.

The pharmacy offers several options for payment. They accept credit card payments, ECheck and bank wire transfers. They claim to offer a fully insured shipping policy. Shipping is only charged at a flat rate of $30. All orders are delivered within 24 hours.

This company does not have testimonials on their website. We suspect that this is because there is no one who can attest to their legitimacy.

Some testimonials do exist on other alternative websites. They are very positive and seem genuine.

Prescription Requirement

You will need a prescription from a licensed physician to buy RX drugs online. A copy of the prescription must be provided by the doctor in order to be processed.

There are many regulatory approval seals on the back of every drugstore website. The seals are ‘certified’ and are found on more than 80% of the pharmacies.

Quality prescription drugs is one of the real-world pharmacies that have real-world seals. It means that they are complying with the law and are allowed to sell their products in the real world.

The seals are on the pharmacy store and are certified. However, because they have the same online pharmacy as the real store, it is doubtful whether they are also real as well.

The pharmacy uses a valid prescription to sell its products. A copy of the prescription must be provided by the physician in order to be processed.

The store has a valid SSL certificate to make sure your information is safe when you shop from the website. However, the store doesn’t use a secure payment platform.

There are a few testimonials on the online drugstore. These testimonials are not genuine and seem forged.

We highly doubt the authenticity of these testimonials and the fact that they appear on the same pharmacy store as another fake testimonials. What is more is that they seem to be placed just to deceive.

To conclude, it is highly likely that this drug store is a fake online pharmacy that doesn’t hold itself out as being a legitimate company. The fact that it is being operated illegally is going to be a concern for sure.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by their facade and fake testimonials. They are going to get you scammed, so don’t use them.

This drug store is a website that claims to be operating since 2001. They say they are a medical marketplace which markets its products to help anyone who needs it. We take a look at this online pharmacy and find that they are operating from a very dubious source.

The domain was last updated in 2001 and it is set to expire in 2001.


The pharmacy is not an approved member of any regulatory authorities and it is not clear where the drugs are dispatched from.

They don’t have a live chat feature but they advise that you call them through their toll-free hotline at +1 8668007281. They do also have email support but these emails are not marked as spam.

There are no reviews on the internet and there is no other reliable way to find out about this pharmacy other than checking on the website and checking the "Testimonials" tab.

There are testimonials on the website but they are all copied and pasted onto the website. The pharmacy has a very low trust rating with a mere 1% on scamadviser and eurablend.com.

I also checked scamadviser.com and found out that the site has a very low trust rating with a mere 7% on it as well.

Their site uses a legitimate logo and they claim to have 24/7 customer support but on scamadviser.com, they only have an online rep when it has been verified.

Apart from the discount offered by quality prescription drugs, they also offer a free shipping option for orders over $300.

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