Pharm Net Reviews- Annotated

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Pharm Net Reviews- Annotated

Pharm net is a mystery online pharmacy which has been closed—the domain is out of action. The domain was last updated on October 2011, and the data in the database suggest that it will not be renewed.

However, it is not known who owns this domain, and the business name currently used by the website is not available.

Recently, we have reviewed several rogue online pharmacies. The PharmNet review we found is an example of one such website. There are many similar stores, and it is also extremely easy to get started with this store if you are familiar with the more than 200,000 pharmacies that exist online.

There is no evidence to suggest that this pharmacy is a legitimate one, and it seems likely that they are operating from another country. They have been listed on the dark web as a Rogue pharmacy.

We conducted a comprehensive background check on to determine the credibility of this drugstore. We found that the domain has been listed as a rogue by multiple international agencies, and they believe that it is operating from a high-risk country.

While their business name and business address are hidden, we have found out that the email address they use is a free one.

On their homepage, they are offering a 30% discount on all future orders, and free delivery for their customers. There are also additional discount offers on all orders.

Pharm net claims to be a Canadian online pharmacy that is selling high quality drugs. They have an online store with information about their business and also offers pharmacy consultation so you can make sure that the drugs you receive are genuine.

Pharm Net Reviews

Our investigation of the domain’s history, though, help to show that the problems are new. Many other stores claim to have been online for more than 14 years but only 3 years now. In essence, there are 23 stores of this name on the internet.

The pharmacy store is filled with products and is very likely to be genuine. They sell a good range of drugs from A to Z and also high-quality generic pills. The prices are cheap as compared to the local pharmacy prices but the quality of their drugs is questionable.

The only positive traits we can find regarding this store are that they are transparent about their identity and location, unlike many other stores who are not. This is a good sign and points to them being a reliable store. However, we need further confirmation.

There are a variety of medications available at the pharmacy. They sell generic as well as brand name drugs from renowned manufacturers and are supplied from various points on earth.

They do have a procedure to make sure that your prescription is valid that you can find on many other pharmacies. The process is easy to do and they only require a few hours of consultation with them.

This store is very simple to use. You only have two options for payment. They are credit card and debit card. They also have a money sink.

You can use a credit card on this site to pay for shipping. They do seem to have a money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the drugs you receive, you can return the parcel within 30 days. The return shipping will be free of charge.

This store has a pharmacy check up in detail. We also find some issues with the pharmacy site. They are trying to paint a good picture there. The site has a professional online customer support team.

Pharm Net Domain Details

Pharm Net Coupon Codes

The discount offer of 1% on every first order is great, but there are some other coupons that can be used too.

As you can see, the offer is valid till the 30th day of July 2019, so you better get in quick if you want to save any more!

This website is a leading provider of generic and branded drugs at very affordable prices. The pharmacy has been in operation for nearly 7 years. It has a very wide range of drug categories from A to Z. The drugs are approved by the Health and Protection Branch of Canada since 2005, and they also take pride to be a partner of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, Canadian Pharmacies Against Fraud, and the Pharmacy Checker program.

As a customer, you will have complete freedom to order whatever you want. They are not limiting the medicines they sell for prescription. They do not require a prescription from a doctor prior to dispensing Rx medication. This drugstore does not share your medical information and you are required to complete an online purchase to get your prescriptions refilled. You can pay using your credit card.

I was curious, and so I checked the reviews for pharm net from trusted sites. Here are some of the reviews I found helpful:

Aaron from Florida loves the 'friendly' customer support team he has worked with. He also rates them highly as a legit online pharmacy. He said they had the lowest prices he has seen as well.

Jacob, who is 14 years old, praised the 'great prices' and requested a renewal from the store if they will be his next customer. He was also impressed with the pharmacy’s responsiveness to his inquiry.

I wanted to know why reviews were good for this pharmacy, so I checked the customer review for the pharmacy from Here are the reviews I found helpful:

Mark and Rob from Florida both make their purchases from a single website which is great for online sales.

Domain Details shows us that the website is very new with just over a month of age. This means that the platform has a very low trust rating.

This pharmacy has been approved by Legit Script as a “Rogue” website. This means that it does not have the required legal approvals to operate within the law.

The’prescription policy will allow you to request to add an Rx if you have it. This is right at the checkout of the site.

They have a 50% cut of your purchase on every purchase that you make. This is a great way to save and it shows how much they value their customers.

The pharmacy can be purchased via major credit cards from the big credit card processing companies such as Visa, Mastercard, and bank Pills. They accept eCheck payments and debit card payments as well.

You can find logos for Target, Home Depot, Dollar General, and the JCB, as well as Dovetail, from the drugstore.

The store doesn’t seem to accept insurance claims for your business. They do provide a few vouchers to help pay for their services.

Pharm Net Reviews

This pharmacy provides phone and email support for their customers. They have a mail account with Mailchimp.

Several reviews are available online. The reviews are all positive, claiming that this drugstore delivers high quality service to their customers.

To conclude, pharm net is doing a lot of things right. They have a great selection of their drugs on their website as well as their customer service team. They offer a success rate of 90% which is great. However, we have found some problems with this pharmacy that should not be taken lightly.

This drugstore needs to make sure that they aren’t sending fake items which may put the health and safety of their customers in greater risk.

The reviews from the customers are great, but there isn’t much information about the site that we can gather to fully judge them. Although, they have a lot of promise, there aren’t too many negative things which suggest the site is a fraud. They need to make sure that they are properly regulated to ensure the safety of their customers to take their business online.


We can confirm that the site is an active online pharmacy. There are no known reasons why they are closed down but it may be related to their illegal activities. They do have a contact us page where they ask for your contact information. This page is live and operational but the phone numbers aren’t working.

It is best not to transact with these types of websites as the information they provide is very valuable. They don’t even have an address on their site which is a red flag for a potential buyer.

This pharmacy is a drug store that claims to have been in business since 2017. They sell mainly generic drugs but also provide branded drugs. On their website, they are giving away a 10% discount on their selling prices.

We took a look at what other online pharmacies had to say about them and found out that they were all positive reviews. This means that there isn’t much competition and that they are operating as a group.

The domain was first registered in 2001. However, they have since since been running their business under the name “Online Canadian Pharmacy”.

This isn’t as great as it might first appear. They have a verified domain name and are using a domain privacy service to make sure that no one can see what they are claiming.

They use a modern website that looks professional and easy to use. There is information about where the store is based, a contact form, as well as a video chat. They also say that they have 24/7 customer support.

However, we noticed a distinct lack of customer reviews available on their website. This could be partly explained by the fact that they are required to post the details of their customers on their site. They do not have feedback from customers around the world, whereas we would expect someone to report a problem to them in order to get help.

Pharm net has been approved by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia as a licensed pharmacy.

Furthermore, they have been certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPARx) as a safe and reliable internet pharmacy.

There is a wide variety of pills available from this store, including generic and branded drugs. What is really interesting though is that they do not require a prescription from their customers. This is a good thing in our view as it shows that they really care about their customers.

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