Emergency Department

713 Oak Street
Sundance, WY


Phone 307-283-3501



Oren Pedersen's medical interest started at the age of 16 when he started volunteering with his small hometown ambulance service just outside of the Vancouver, Washington area. He continued to pursue his interest in medicine through the public emergency medical services arena.  He spent years volunteering as a firefighter.  Professionally, he worked as a Paramedic from 1999 to 2011. 

In 2011, Oren started at the University of Washington School of Medicine’s Physician Assistant Program and graduated in 2013.  His first job after graduation was practicing medicine in post acute hospital rehabilitation.  He then did a short stint in primary care and inpatient hospital medicine at a Critical Access clinic/hospital.  Since the Critical Access job was located to far from home, he started working in an emergency department at a large hospital in Spokane, WA.  Oren worked there from November 2014 up until moving here to Sundance. He is currently seeing patient’s in the Emergency Department and Hospital.