Med Store 24 H Review – A Rogue Online Drugstore With Linked To Illegal Websites

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Med Store 24 H Review – A Rogue Online Drugstore With Linked To Illegal Websites

Med store 24 h is a drugstore with a long running service history. They started their service in 2017, having closed down in 2017. They continue to sell their products to this day, with discounts on some of their products.

The site are not an online pharmacy by any means. They are a registered trademark of CIPA, though they don’t provide an operating address for their pharmacy. CIPA charges a 5% fee for all online purchase transactions and this helps to cover the costs of their administration, as well as their staff.

The pharmacy are certified by the NABP and the Pharmacy Checker. They have received their certification from these organizations, though they are not actively reviewed by them.

The website has received mixed reviews on the web. Some reviews come from independent review sites, though, as well as other credible sources.

They were also reviewed by many other users who had been using the store for many years. Many of the reviews even talk about the service that med store 24 h provided for their business.

These testimonials are just a few of the many positive testimonials that this shop received.

At this point I am surprised that the store is still active and listed on the web. After all, they have been completely legal since 2017.

Since the store still exists, I checked the year they closed and found that the store is no longer listed on the NABP.

However, from this information alone, we can calculate that the pharmacy has only been active for 3 years.

This shop offered free delivery for orders above $200, with delivery being made to some parts of the world.

They also gave you 20% on your next order, though they did not say where the drugs would be dispatched from.

They only provided you the cheapest generic Viagra I have seen so far, which is cheap and effective.

This is, of course, after all they were a registered trademark of the pharmacy. They also have a logo on the store but I couldn’t see it clearly because they do not allow logos on their store.

Med Store 24 H Coupon Codes

No prescription is required from the customer whenever they place an order and in the checkout page, there is no mention of it. This is good as a customer should not be required by any doctor to use an in-depth understanding of any medicine to avoid any side effects that may come from that being taken from the site.

Med Store 24 H Coupon Codes

It is possible to pay for their medicines with either credit cards or debit cards and all the payments are safe since they use secure sockets layer certificates (SSL) that encrypt all the data sent and received by the customer. It also means that all the personal and card details are encrypted and secured by SSL certificates, protecting the customer’s information from outside sources. has not had any customer reviews or testimonials on their website apart from the ones that are placed by them on their own website. For your reference, here are some testimonials from previous customers of the pharmacy:

According to one customer, who requested anonymity, he had been using this pharmacy for several years and was happy with its convenient shopping. He was also glad that they offer medicines of a way that is convenient for the customers and one that is safe and safe to use.

Another customer also thanked the vendor for the delivery. According to him, he received his package in 10 days that has the amount of his orders which is much faster than the standard shipping methods.

With these testimonials from their customers, it is quite evident that this vendor is doing a lot of things right. They are clearly looking forward to future business with this vendor as it is a legit business that plays by the rules.

According to, med store 24 h has received an average trust score of 45% which is not bad at all considering it has been running its business for more than a year. The vendor is also liked by many as a reliable online vendor that is safe and trustworthy.

Med Store 24 H Reviews 2021

This drugstore also provide branded Viagra as their generic alternative. They charge a flat rate of $13.95 for each pill instead of their branded counterpart. This is a saving of $7.95 for their generic penicillin.

  • Their generic erectile dysfunction products are just as impressive as the branded ones which is partly why they are so popular. They are only 200 pills long and costs $160. This is way cheaper than the branded Viagra that costs $325 for every pill.
  • They have a wide range of generic ED drugs. They include Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, and many more.
  • Their generic ED drugs are just as impressive as the branded ones. They come in either male or female forms.
  • There are different branded ED drugs that can be ordered at this pharmacy.
  • They offer fast and free shipping. They only charge $7.95 for the standard option and $19.95 for the express mail option.

The pharmacy has received a certification from CIPA® that they are a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. Certified members enjoy special discounts and have their products delivered faster.

The CIPA certification is an assurance that pharmacy businesses operate within the same stringent standards as the member drug companies in Canada.

They are also sworn by CIPA and the FDA which are two of the best pharmacy agencies in the world that uphold the highest standards for the business.

There are many ways to save when using this pharmacy. They offer a great deal of benefits for their customers and people from around the world.

Med store 24 h is a pharmacy that is very popular with online buyers for their quality products and services. They also offer an effective, safe and low cost alternative for men who are looking for men’s health products.

Branded Vs Generic Ed Medicine

The site is an online pharmacy that sells a lot of different medicines, but has a serious problem. Their main product line-up is ED drugs, but the website also sells generic medicines like all-natural hair loss supplements, anti-allergy products, antibiotics, as well as anti-fungal. They offer 24/7 customer support and are very transparent about it. Why do they say that they have been in business for seven years? Do they have an SME (standing for Support Manager) and if so how much? This website is not of a proper standard, and people who have been using it for more than eight years are going to have a point. I would strongly recommend anyone to avoid this business if you want to save any more.

Med Store 24 H Prescription Requirements

They don’t give any information about where the drugs are dispatched from and they are using a secured SSL website. This means that people shopping from them will be at greater risk, as well as them not being able to receive payments from their customers.

Prescription Requirements

You do not require a prescription to acquire RX drugs from this online pharmacy. This is in clear violation of medical laws in several countries.

The pharmacy accepts payment by Credit Card and Debit Card. You may also pay using a bank transfer. The website does not have any hidden fees.

There isn’t a lot of regulation and the site has a very wide range of products. They say that they dispense meds across the entire world but there is no independent verification to back this claim. They have a license and they have a pharmacy in Canada that dispenses Rx products. All this seems to suggest that they are legitimate and that they shouldn’t be considered a threat to customers.

This drug store is a pharmacy that actually provides genuine services to its clients. They also dispense medicines across the globe and this is a major plus for them. This online drugstore offers a lot for the price they sell. They provide medical advice which is excellent and they are also kind enough to let you know about coupons and other special offers. Here are some of the things you can expect from their pharmacy store:

Due to the vast majority of their pharmacists being women, they are able to offer 60% cheaper pricing for their meds. In addition, they offer free shipping to the Netherlands and worldwide.

There are no prescriptions required in this online pharmacy and their prescribers are certified by the World Health Organization. However, you are advised to seek their advice before using any of the drugs they offer online.

Customer Testimonials

Mike from Scotland gave a detailed review of what he believes to be the reliability and quality of services from the company. He described the services as “awesome” and explained his experience of getting “zero copies” of the medicines from other Internet sales.

Edward also gives a detailed review of his experience in using the store, explaining his surprise of how fast his order arrived. He thanked the store for being able to process so many orders in a very short period of time.

Most reviews are different depending on the country of origin, but all of the comments give the store high marks for its customer service. This is a good sign as it shows that the company is responsive to customer concerns.

Scamadviser has rated the pharmacy poorly from the vantage point of their analysis. They stress that the drugstore is new to the internet, therefore making their rating dependent on the success of the drugstore.

There are a lot of reasons for the pharmacy to not be popular, but mostly bad things. Their location is somewhat questionable, as most American pharmacies are located in the states of Georgia, Florida and Texas.

They only have a 1% chance of success rate, and it is built into the site’s structure that is unknown. Their site even comes with a certain amount of risk.

Med store 24 h deals in a wide range of drugs. Their best-selling product is erectile dysfunction drugs. They offer generic and brand Viagra, Cialis, meds for weight loss, Propecia, Levitra, and a generic Levitra.

Branded Vs Generic Ed Medicine

They also offer generic Priligy, Kamagra, and generic Propecia. The pharmacy uses credit card processing companies that are:

  • Mastercard
  • Discover

The pharmacy uses insured courier for shipping. Shipping takes 3 weeks up to 31 days depending on the location of the delivery. Items are only offered for sale until the 27th day of March 2019.

Med Store 24 H Profile

The shop has medicines for hair loss too, as well as products to help people suffering from impotence. Apart from these, there are also products for impotence treatment, which is an indication that the drug did not have enough effect for the consumers.

  • Aurogra, a drug that helps males to recover faster from drug withdrawal and also increase their performance, especially when it comes to bodybuilding
  • Cycling Synth, a drug that helps to unwind sleep disorders by releasing endorphins and increasing the body's levels of physical activity, especially during the night
  • Female Viagra, a female generic version of the popular male drug Sildenafil Citrate (Tadalafil) available in 10mg and 20mg, both of which are approved by the Indian FDA

For payments, there are two methods available from this pharmacy website, the first is using Credit Cards from the leading credit card processing company Visa and MasterCard. The second way is using Airmail which has a flat rate of $10 for shipping.

There are no reviews available for the site on any third party websites. It is frustrating to know if only a certain pharmacy website is online which you can trust and you decide to buy from them anyway. It is not easy to place an order online, especially because this website only works with one credit card.

Since this pharmacy website is no longer up to date, I decided to check what other internet pharmacies were saying about it.

This led me to the pharmacy site which is called This site seems legit and has all the features of a legitimate pharmacy.


From our findings, there is no doubt about it; the drugstore is a rogue online drugstore. This means that it is running a fraudulent business. Additionally, we have found that they do not meet the verification standards available on the Addiction Checker website.

Med store 24 h is a drugstore that seems genuine. The store is located in Canada. Upon further inspection though, we found that this drugstore is owned by a group of scammers.

The domain age of this online pharmacy is about 2 years. This is a long time for a pharmacy to be in operation when they are using fake business details. This also shows that the business is not operating legally.

Although the owner country is from Canada, there is no mention of whether they are located in Canada or in the United States.

This pharmacy is not part of any regulatory agency. They do not have a certificate of approval from CIPA. We don’t know whether these standards are safe for online pharmacies.

20% discount on the course costs you $10 per pill. The store offers free shipping for orders over $250 and “5% discount on subsequent purchases”.

There are two shipping methods and each costs $10. Shipping takes 2 to 3 weeks. There is also free shipping for orders over $250.

This pharmacy has a customer testimonial page that has over 200 comments. All the customers seem very happy.

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