Hq Pharmacy Online 365: A Competitive Source For Restricted Products

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Hq Pharmacy Online 365: A Competitive Source For Restricted Products

Hq pharmacy online 365 is a popular online drug store offering both generic and branded medicines as well as a wide range of medicines for a wide variety of conditions. The store is mostly operating from a warehouse in India, but the drug store is also an accredited member of several regulatory bodies in the United States.

The drug store is one of the few online pharmacies who have a genuine prescription service. They also offer branded and generic medicines in varying dosages and formulations. Quality is guaranteed, but they do require a valid prescription from your doctor before dispatching medications from the pharmacy. Please note, this is not a guarantee of the quality of their products, only that they are legal to use.

  • A 5% discount is given to customers who purchase large quantities of generic products.

This pharmacy is offered only in the United States. This online pharmacy claims to have been operating for more than five years. However, we know for sure that this is not the case since they have closed down their website almost 3 years ago. We also know that the location of the store is not known, so we can only rely on their word that they are US based.

Payment Options

Credit cards include VISA and MasterCard as well as American Express. Shipping is through standard airmail and is charged at a standard fee of $9.95. Payments are not accepted through the bank transfer and other payment gateway providers such as ACH.

It is generally agreed that this company is a reliable pharmacy, given its long service history. It merges well with its suppliers of quality medications with a note from their customers stating how pleased they are with the service and products they have received from the vendor.

What is also good to note is that all of their generic drugs are FDA approved, unlike most online pharmacies that do not bother to obtain these certifications from their suppliers.

The information over on this site is useful to decision makers in the medical field who may be thinking of making a purchase or taking part in the seller. They do not need prescription proofs from their customers or any other requirement you may need to get your medications on.

This pharmacy has a testimonial page for their customers who have recently commented on their experience with the vendor. There are no reviews being provided which is a sign of a lack of popularity on the site.

Hq Pharmacy Online 365 Reviews 2021

This current seller of generic drugs is quite cheap, offering a coupon code for $1 off any order. They offer free shipping to the US, UK and Canada.

This cheap offer makes it a lot more attractive than most other drugstore prices you might compare them to.

I was not sure if they were legit or not but the testimonials they have are enough to know that they may be reliable. They provide a few promo codes to encourage you to put your faith in them.

If you have a problem with your order that you are unable to resolve with their help then you should spend your money on other providers.


The pharmacy has been verified by FDA and other regulatory bodies for at least 5 years, according to LegitScript. It also has certified suppliers and dispensers licensed by FDA nationwide.

The majority of the store’s products are pill-based, meaning they come from manufacturers located in both India and the United States.

They also offer generic alternative to the popular Viagra products, such as Kamagra, which is better known as Malegra, Manduca, and Suhagra.

This store is not as good as it seems, as it is, for sure, a rogue pharmacy. They don’t have the required logos and have no relation to the real-world pharmacies they serve. They are probably there to defraud unsuspecting consumers, an act Priceonomics calls fraudulent in their review.

The websites of hq pharmacy online 365 are being hacked constantly, especially those located in Canada and the United States. They are also being targeted with spam, malware, and other malicious activities that compromise your computer and mobile data.

Hq Pharmacy Online 365

Hq Pharmacy Online 365 Coupon Codes

One coupon code is available with every order and can be found on the Edit Coupon page of the website. All orders come with a 10% discount.

Make sure to check for other online pharmacies who are offering great deals and service to the customers as they claim.

A wide range of generics is available at hqpharmacyonline365.com. Their medicines are manufactured by leading pharmaceutical companies which are known as Platinum Preferred Manufactures, ensuring the quality of their products. All of the products are approved by the Indian FDA and the World Health Organisation (WHO). There is also a medication quality assurance program that ensures the medicines are safe for use.

What they are offering at this pharmacy are generic medicines which are sourced directly from the manufacturers or they from affiliated pharmaceutical companies. Many online pharmacies have the ability to procure generic drugs from them but it is not yet a requirement. It is a matter of whether they are authorised and provided proper proof from their manufacturers that they are genuine and effective products.

Each medicine they sell costs $0.27 USD. This is a slight price increase compared to other online pharmacies that charge per pill.

If you want generic products, you can use their debit card which makes it easy and convenient. Simply fill the required information on their website and pay. This will send the payment using credit card which will be safe and secure.

Shipping takes up to 21 days in most cases and up to 30 days when the parcel is delayed. However, it may be slightly delayed in some cases.

If you have any questions, they are always happy to speak with a customer care representative via their phone numbers or live chat.

Hq Pharmacy Online 365 Reviews 2021

There are no reviews available online which suggests that this virtual pharmacy is a legit business. Even though they claim to be Australian based, they are actually based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


However, because of this fact, many people still use other pharmacies as a safe place to get their prescriptions.

The shop makes a great deal of effort when you look at their website. They offer you a 10% discount on your next order and a 5% discount on each subsequent purchase.


The drug store has many positives, including the good reviews and the low prices. However, we must keep in mind that these reviews are on the official website and are not genuine.

It is a great honor to review a company that has been working for more than thirty years, a recommendation.

This site is a Canadian online pharmacy. They are known for providing low cost medication to the public. Pricey generic brands are difficult to come by.

The company has been operating for more than 30 years and they have a wide array of products for sale. The pharmacy has a network of licensed pharmacy outlets in Canada and the United States. This is a good sign.

They offer low cost generic drugs that are safe to use. This is good and we should all be a part of it.

The drugstore is a Canadian pharmacy that claims to be targeting Canadian customers. They promise savings of up to 80% on your prescription drugs, as well as being guaranteed prompt delivery and shipping. We explore the details of the business in this article to help you make a decision whether to place an order with them.

The domain name records tell us that this pharmacy's address was registered just last year. This could be a sign of both a legitimate business and a possible scam.

The site looks very professional, with a coat of paint that covers the entire website. There are also placards on the site that clearly state the beliefs of the company.

There is a business name and address that they provide on their site, which seems legit. However, they don’t provide an address for the company. We have our doubts about this business.

On LegitScript, this pharmacy is rated as unapproved since there is no information available about where they are based.

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